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  1. Excellent condition. £40. 07903 951812
  2. Medium size frame and in good order for a used bike. Suit starter. Sensible offers
  3. Will do thanks, what's the best number to get you during the week?
  4. Replacement front wheel. 700c to take 25mm tyre Currently running DT Swiss, though Mavic is ok
  5. Interested to know the price you require. regards,
  6. The Stuart Hall twitter feed has quite a few pics. A few of the pics include Kev, Bev & Moira
  7. Anyone used 'Shipmybag.com' or similar to have a bike box shipped overseas?? Appears to work out quite a bit cheaper than some airline baggage charges and takes the hassle out of lugging around an airport both ends of the journey any feedback or suggestion welcome
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