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  1. Food looks good Tess and I went to broad acres and they had a private lunch so no bacon sandwich
  2. Great day with super friends. Thanks moria
  3. We are leaving at 8o clock tomorrow to make sure we get to you ?
  4. Hi all looks by the dress it’s cold glade you had a good its about 28 degrees so I will be back out tue See you soon
  5. Hi John. Iam with you,sounds a good plan
  6. Ivor. I would go ahead and speak with Mick H as I’ve no idea when I will get mine yet Rog
  7. Hi Ivor. Glade to hear that all is getting better after such a massive ordeal. you are a real inspiration for us all any way back to your request I may be able to help but not immediately as my replacement is out of stock at most places but I will keep you in mind Roger
  8. Thanks all look forward to see you hopefully very soon in the meantime just stay safe. Rog
  9. Happy birthday day Ivor glad to hear your starting to get about hope to see soon
  10. Hi Tim are the gp4000 still for sale call 455 0838
  11. Hi Tim do you still gp4000 might try and do a deal
  12. Hi Tim hope you are well do you still have the long sleeve top my summer top is large but med should be ok give me a call 4550838 or email. Is Rog.bick@icloud.com I don’t use this all the time

  13. The Lone Ranger out again riding tonto my winter horse went past purity but the trof was dry and yes closed did not stray of my route this time as I was on a C P route great morning bit chilly at first may have to have a slow ride the weekend as Diane may come out.?
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