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  1. Hi y'all. Listen carefully to the last few seconds... stay safe. Alan ps. Haven't done this before so hope it plays ok. 98980561-6D15-4736-828A-5A095C301B00.MP4
  2. Happy Birthday old fruit and many more to come. All the best, Alan and Ann.
  3. Many happy's Chris (blimey you're old ?!) Don't over do things but have a great day. Regards Ann and Alan (Dorset).
  4. Great pictures Chris. Altogether a totally tremendous day all 'round. Thanks to everyone. AlanT
  5. Sherpa

    Lousy jokes

    ... Brussel Sprouts and French Letters may also be at risk shock horror!
  6. Sherpa

    Its a cracker

    I say, I say, I say... Q. What’s the difference between a magicians magic wand, and a policemans trunchion? A. one is for cunning stunts and the other is for ...
  7. Sherpa

    Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Don. Every best wish for a cracking day (don’t suppose you’ll remember me, we were fellow members of the Bourneville all those years ago). Hope you’re keeping well. Best regards Alan (Townsend).
  8. Sherpa

    Birthday greetings

    Have a great day Mick. Looking forward to seeing you in the Autumn. Happy Birthday. Alan.
  9. Great photo’s of a great day. Thoroughly enjoyed myself in great company. Big thanks to everyone who made it all possible. Alan T.
  10. Sherpa

    Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Hilary. It’s party?????‍♂️⛓????time... love Ann and Alan.
  11. Great pics Chris (as usual). Good to see John being sensible and staying close to the disabled toilet. It’s the first thing I always look out for... Alan.
  12. Sherpa

    Birthday greetings

    Hope you had a great day Chris. Were you out snowballing and acting your age? Take care and enjoy. Alan.
  13. There was a young Hindu named Ghandi Who went to a bar for a shandy With his great loin cloth He wiped off the froth and the barman said ‘blimey that’s handy’
  14. A very, very good day (and evening). Brilliant pictures and write ups. Thanks to everyone for excellent company and support. Love to all, Alan.
  15. Sherpa

    Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Mike. Keep on smiling. ? Love from Alan.
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