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  1. First off there was no John this morning as whilst shopping last night at Asda John and Ann were walking out with there trolly when Ann suddenly fell to the floor in great pain which resulted in her going to A n E luckily nothing was broken but she has a bad sprain in one ankle and the opposite knee is very sore . She’s home now after John collected her at midnight . I’m sure you’re all with me in wishing her a speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹 So at TB this morning was only Julie and me we were a bit worried as we had no man in case we got a puncture (as you men do have some uses 😝 Luckily we were soon joined by Barry so the problem was solved . At one point when we were in the sun it was quiet pleasant but then we went into the shade and the wind and we cooled down. We did go to Bidford I’d initially told Julie we’d cut shorter but as she never has a clue where we are she didn’t realise that we’d gone the longer way. On arrival at the cafe Leigh was already there tucking into tea and tea cakes after arriving at bit late at TB and coming a shorter way . He soon left and Chris P arrived and sat on his warm chair. I must say the tea cakes were lovely and the service has improved too. Quote of the day from Barry ‘ I didn’t realise Tess was from South Africa 🇿🇦 I know he is hard of hearing in the one ear maybe that’s it !! 😜 The four of us set of for home it was still cold so Barry cut it shorter . Julie perked up nearer to TB as she’d parked her van there so Chris and I continued on and soon saw another Saracen top approaching us in the opposite direction. It was Ivor who obviously been sensible and had waited for it to warm up a bit before venturing out. A nice ride despite the cold good company but I did miss my mate John 🥰
  2. Don’t know the lanes to Bedford so best stick to Bidford 🤪
  3. The forecast looks promising for the morning so fingers crossed we get out on the bikes. The venue will be Hillers Cafe I think everyone knows where that is . Barry we will be coming out via Feckenham up that steep little hill to the staggered cross roads then in via Bedford . 10 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  4. We’ll done Richard have a safe ride . John I’m going to say it I told you the roads were icy glad you saw sense and turned back for home . See you at BA. I’ve just done a good yoga 🧘‍♀️ session so won’t feel guilty about eating a BLT 🥪
  5. At last I’m feeling a lot better so hoping to get out tomorrow but will make the final decision in the morning as the temperatures at the moment for the morning say feels like 1 / 2 degrees so need to see what the roads look like when I walk Oscar . Either way the venue will be Broad Aces aiming to get there 1130 - 1145 am so we can meet the Philpott’s who will be coming in the car . Either John or I will post in the morning if we’re not going out so please check the website before leaving home . If we don’t go out we’ll still drive there to meet the Philpott’s . 10 am TB 🤞🏻🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  6. Happy New Year 🎉 to you all and thank you for all the well wishes hoping to be back out the end of next week just can’t seem to get rid of my cold. You’ve had a lovely day for a ride the sun was out I felt quite jealous not being out with you but I’m sure the real Boss is doing a Stirling job maybe he should have it back full time 😜
  7. I made it out after wimping off the last couple of weeks . Starting from TB Me obviously Bev , Mick , Leigh and Richard we picked Barry up en route . A nice warm day all going well until I had a rear puncture again as had one on Thursday too .Oh no John not out so luckily Deputy Mick took pity on me and did the lion share of putting new inner tube in. While this was happening Dave M joined us . We then set off again and decided to cut it short due to my puncture delaying things but really as we all had a bit of Alan Philpott’s disease CBA . So we turned left at the end of North Piddle Lane and went the quick way to the cafe. Just as we got there the Philpott’s arrived having walked there very impressive Alan deciding it was better to walk than got the bikes dirty !!! Initially it was full in the green house area so we had to sit outside but then a table came free so we made a run for it and managed to squeeze 13 chairs around the table as Ivor , John and Ann arrived in there cars then Roger not Rodger 😝 and Tess came without the Birthday Boy Mr P who apparently has a cold . On his birthday too what a shame. We had a little cake with candle for you and a card too as the photos below show. Hopefully Tess will deliver your card to you. Unfortunately Julie couldn’t make it as she has a cold too . Couldn’t resist the last Photo of John in his hat 🤪 What a motley bunch we are. A nice day and a nice ride .
  8. The forecast looks good tomorrow and warmer than it has been for the last couple of weeks so we should get out . I’m planning on going to Springridge (Crowle) yes John I do like it there despite the slowish service. Now John won’t be riding tomorrow but is hoping to meet us at the cafe by car . I will be going out via Priest Bridge Barry and out past the Philpott’s house so hopefully they will join us too 🤞🏻( have a day off from painting Alan 😝) 10 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴 I must say a big Happy Birthday 🥳🎉🎂 to Chris P who will 75 yes 75 years young tomorrow. I heard he was planning on doing 75 miles on his 75 th birthday tomorrow so good luck with that but as you and Rodger have been braving the harsh weather conditions I’m sure it will be a breeze . Xxxx
  9. I’m hoping we will make it out in the morning it will be cold so wrap up . We will be going to Bewdley aiming to go to the cafe at The Seven Valley Railway if it’s open if not we’ll head to the Riverside Cafe. We will be meeting at 10 am on the Car Park of SANDERS PARK.🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  10. Surprisingly I’m not going out tomorrow so if anyone fancies a ride feel free to post the details . Having just walked the dog it’s bitter and the temperature isn’t set to rise tomorrow having spoken to John we intend to meet up for a cup of char at a Rowberry’s Nursery Chaddesley Corbett about 11 am so if anyone else would like to join us that would be nice .( Partners too )
  11. Sounds like a nice ride out and a good sing in the cafe but not sad I missed the headwind home .
  12. The Boss is back but as you’re all probably aware the Deputy is the real Boss as I consult him prior to going to press. The plan is to go to the Raindeer Cafe at the entrance to The Vale Golf Club just outside Bishampton I have it from a very reliable source that it now open again on Sundays 🤞🏻 We will leaving TB at 10 am going via Priest Bridge where we will turn right and then the first right onto part of a time trial course into Himbleton then Crowle etc depending on how cold it is will decide the exact route. Aiming to be at the Cafe 11.45 to 12 noon. 10 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴 I’m just going for my COVID booster so hopefully I will there in the morning failing that the Deputy will take charge.
  13. I want Mr P on my team on an Easter egg hunt . He found it straight away when we couldn’t well done Chris x Nice write up Julie xx And thanks Mick for lending me the team glasses 🤓
  14. Let’s go to Springridge Garden Centre Crowle a nice long loop round aiming to be there between 11.45 - 12 noon. I’m keeping away from Clives as when I post there it rains so fingers crossed we will be safe tomorrow. Barry going out via Dormeston so see you near to Priest Bridge. 10 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  15. Alan thank you for the offer of tea and toast but I’m going to give it a miss this morning as it’s still pouring down here and forecast says rain most of the morning . Yoga instead 🧘‍♀️ A couple of photo’s if I could cycle in the above gear I might not get to wet !!!! Even Oscar had a coat on too
  16. Well like most people due to the hour going back your up . I’m getting ready to take the dog out even he won’t be too keen as it’s raining quiet heavily so we’re in for a soaking. I have looked at a number of the weather sites and they all bar one say rain all morning with high winds so at the moment it looks like we won’t be getting to Clive’s again . That said it got out lovely yesterday 9.30 so final decision will be made at 9.10 as that’s the time Julie needs to leave by. So watch this space x
  17. Love your new helmet Mick 😝 Barry direction of travel as per the last 2 weeks going out via Dormeston .
  18. Third time lucky yes you’ve guessed Clive’s at Cropthorne the weather forecast isn’t looking too good but until you open the curtains you never know 🤞🏻 Keep an eye on this page in the morning as I will post by 9.10 am if I’m not going out and also the route may be subject to change a bit like the weather ( if it rains may do a shorter ride ) Don’t forget the clocks go back tonight so see you hopefully in the morning 10 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  19. Yes third time lucky Chris next week 🤞🏻
  20. Well what a day we got wet then dried out and got wet again . I initially met Bev at the end of our drives who had her cycle gear on but Kevin’s crocs on it was drizzling so fair weather Bev cried off preferring the turbo instead. At TB was me , John and Mick so off we set in the drizzle we came across Mick H in FH Lane who stayed with us for a couple of miles before turning off as he was recovering from a virus not the C virus though. We were joined by Barry , Alan and Christine P and almost immediately Alan got a puncture and as he was only 1.5 miles from home and it was raining they both went home after inviting us for tea and toast . We decided to put a couple of loops in the second one as we were sniffing distance of Philpott Towers as Barry wanted to get his miles up which meant we had to go up the little steep hill at Himbleton much to John’s annoyance. But once at Philpott Towers in the warm with lovely tea and toast prepared to perfection by myself and Chris , none of this warm bread it was well toasted. Alan then put some music on from the 50’s which got John smiling we didn’t want to leave. Luckily the rain had stopped so off we set singing ‘ a teenager in love ‘ John knew all the words the rest of joined in on the chorus so no wonder it started to rain again !!!! A nice damp ride with a fantastic cafe stop thank you both Alan and Chris for making us so welcome.
  21. Richard I’m sorry about last week but with the rain it wasn’t worth going out but it did brighten up later. It is always worth checking the website on a wet day before heading out . My apologies if you turned up and no one else did not very good of us for a potential new club rider. Right the forecast 🤞🏻Is looking okay for the morning so let’s try and make Clive’s at Cropthorne second time lucky. Barry as planned last week we will be going out via Dormeston so see you by Priest Bridge. It will at 10 am start yes 10 am start as It’s now colder in the mornings and John has told me it takes his older bones longer to get going in the morning 😝 10 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  22. Right I’ve just spoken to John and we have decided that we are NOT going out as weather forecast doesn’t really improve until midday so if you do venture out have a good one x
  23. Just in from walking the dog and I got wet still raining now so sorry John going to be really radical let’s met at 10.30 am and we’ll do Broadacres instead as the forecast isn’t looking too good. The Philpott’ s arenot coming out %
  24. Don’t shout at me John but looking at the weather there is a chance of rain at 9 am so I’ve made a decision to meet at TB at 10 am for tomorrow only. 10 am TB please confirm you seen the new time 🚴‍♀️🤪
  25. Lets hope this lovely weather we’ve been having last for a bit longer so we can get some nice rides in. I thought we’d go to Clive’s at Cropthorne tomorrow going out via Priest Bridge Barry and then through Dormeston so hopefully we’ll pick the Philpott’s there before we do the right turn for that little hill. 9.30 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
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