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  1. Sounds like a plan John let's hope the rain stops by 9 am 🙏
  2. Love your optimism John but have you looked at the forecast !!!! Let's hope it changes overnight and the nice weather fairy comes out to play 🌞🌤 🌦🌧
  3. Got to the cafe in the car with John and Mark (my husband) to find one very brave cyclist there waiting for us . Phil Carver braved the elements on his new winter bike . He tried to stay on the main roads saying it wasn't to bad but it was foggy from Kidderminter to Chadsley Woods. Well done Phil for getting out. I was worried about coming off but on rushing to get yo yoga trying to get food into the slow cooker I nearly sliced the end of my left middle finger off when skinning a leek . Still went to yoga though .Would have probably been safer on the frosty roads !! Yes Mr Pardo us ladies have to prepare food as well as cycling 😝 Just back from the minor injury clinic at the Princess of Wales hospital. They did a better job than me at dressing it .
  4. It's frosty again so I'm off to yoga and a stretch class instead. John I will pick you up just after 11 am . Hopefully see some others there too ride carefully if you brave the cold 😨
  5. The forecast is pretty similar as it was this morning which was frosty and cold . When I walked the dog this morning between 9 - 11 the lanes especially those in the shade were frosty and slippy . Can I suggest Broadacres fishery meeting there around 11.30 ish that way if it is frosty you can leave later or even just drive there . If it is frosty I shall be going to yoga at 9 then I will collect John S and go to Broadacres for breakfast with him . Please post if you are going out then others will know whether to wait at TB for you. Sorry Phil I hear you turned up last week bang on 10 and I went at 9.57 as I was wet . Hopefully the forecast will be wrong and it will be a frost free day so we can get out 😜
  6. On opening the curtains this morning it was dry and sunny, so off to the shed to get my bike out and to set off . As soon as I stepped out of the house it started to drizzle, no problem I thought, it's not heavy . Luckily I had put my waterproof on as within a mile of setting off the heavens opened with very heavy rain I pressed on questioning my sanity . On getting to TB I resembled a drowned rat and surprisingly no one else was there but it had stopped raining. Set off to meet the Philpotts and Barry was there too. They were bone dry no rain their way, amazing. We pressed on, did a loop round to The Vale Golf Club only to find the cafe had closed 5 minutes prior to our arrival . Back up the drive we saw Ivor at the Raindeer Cafe which we'd missed on the way in but that was closed too !!!! Bishampton was shut too with the front windows boarded over but we found a lovely new cafe called Philpott Towers excellent service you might even recognise the girls serving. They even provided dry socks and slippers for my wet feet and plastic bags to put over dry socks for the way home. Highly recommend this place they serve baileys too . A lovely stop got warm excellent food and service. The boys did allot of talk about electric bikes as Alan's was in the hall. A few photos below.
  7. John has asked me to post the rides for the next two Sunday's as he isn't out giving the rest of us a chance to get some extra points on him 😝 The venue will be The Vale Golf Club near Bishampton apparently it has been done out and the you don't have to go into the golf house to get to the cafe. I will be leaving TB at 10 am (prompt ) and will be doing a steady ride to meet Mr Philpott at the junction of Flying Horse Lane at the Saltway at approx 10.20 am. Alan and I will be doing a steady loop round toThe Vale so if there are fast boys out wanting to go faster we will see you there that way we can all go at the pace that suits us . So hopefully will see some of you in the morning . 🚴
  8. Right Ho great leader Mr SHelley , Bev Kev and I are coming out but we're being a bit naughty and are going to meet you there as we are going to go out the way we go on a Tuesday ( as Kev wants to go steady as he's worried about his back and I'm happy with steady too so you and Roger can go fast 😝) We're leaving at 9.40 so see you there oh great leader xxxxx
  9. Yes happy birthday 🎉 to you both hope you've had a lovely day xxx
  10. Sounds good lets hope it stops raining by the morning as its pouring down as I write this !! Fingers crossed see you in the morning x
  11. Don't think I've been to the Cowshed before . See you in the morning with a foghorn 😜
  12. Yes I must admit I saw by the bridge at Pershore and then the surrounding area the other night on the news and there was a lot of water hopefully the majority of it will be gone by tomorrow otherwise we could get wet feet !!! see you in the morning at 10 am promise to be on time oh great leader 😀😇
  13. Well it's still raining but just looked at the forecast for tomorrow and all looks good so will be there in the morning providing its dry when I open the curtains. Mark fished at Bewdley today the river is up he caught a few fish but did no good overall said it was a most enjoyable day ( not) sitting in the cold and rain .
  14. Well done South Africa in the rugby they out played us no doubt Tess is happy unlike my husband !! Not out tomorrow at a yoga workshop with my sister in Twesbury have a good ride .
  15. As the clocks will be going back does that mean winter bikes ??? See you in the morning .
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