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  1. Yes third time lucky Chris next week 🤞🏻
  2. Well what a day we got wet then dried out and got wet again . I initially met Bev at the end of our drives who had her cycle gear on but Kevin’s crocs on it was drizzling so fair weather Bev cried off preferring the turbo instead. At TB was me , John and Mick so off we set in the drizzle we came across Mick H in FH Lane who stayed with us for a couple of miles before turning off as he was recovering from a virus not the C virus though. We were joined by Barry , Alan and Christine P and almost immediately Alan got a puncture and as he was only 1.5 miles from home and it was raining they both went home after inviting us for tea and toast . We decided to put a couple of loops in the second one as we were sniffing distance of Philpott Towers as Barry wanted to get his miles up which meant we had to go up the little steep hill at Himbleton much to John’s annoyance. But once at Philpott Towers in the warm with lovely tea and toast prepared to perfection by myself and Chris , none of this warm bread it was well toasted. Alan then put some music on from the 50’s which got John smiling we didn’t want to leave. Luckily the rain had stopped so off we set singing ‘ a teenager in love ‘ John knew all the words the rest of joined in on the chorus so no wonder it started to rain again !!!! A nice damp ride with a fantastic cafe stop thank you both Alan and Chris for making us so welcome.
  3. Richard I’m sorry about last week but with the rain it wasn’t worth going out but it did brighten up later. It is always worth checking the website on a wet day before heading out . My apologies if you turned up and no one else did not very good of us for a potential new club rider. Right the forecast 🤞🏻Is looking okay for the morning so let’s try and make Clive’s at Cropthorne second time lucky. Barry as planned last week we will be going out via Dormeston so see you by Priest Bridge. It will at 10 am start yes 10 am start as It’s now colder in the mornings and John has told me it takes his older bones longer to get going in the morning 😝 10 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  4. Right I’ve just spoken to John and we have decided that we are NOT going out as weather forecast doesn’t really improve until midday so if you do venture out have a good one x
  5. Just in from walking the dog and I got wet still raining now so sorry John going to be really radical let’s met at 10.30 am and we’ll do Broadacres instead as the forecast isn’t looking too good. The Philpott’ s arenot coming out %
  6. Don’t shout at me John but looking at the weather there is a chance of rain at 9 am so I’ve made a decision to meet at TB at 10 am for tomorrow only. 10 am TB please confirm you seen the new time 🚴‍♀️🤪
  7. Lets hope this lovely weather we’ve been having last for a bit longer so we can get some nice rides in. I thought we’d go to Clive’s at Cropthorne tomorrow going out via Priest Bridge Barry and then through Dormeston so hopefully we’ll pick the Philpott’s there before we do the right turn for that little hill. 9.30 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  8. Starting from TB were me , Bev , Julie , John , Mick and Tim then Barry joined us on the way . A nice ride out with a tailwind . Tim turned off at Bidford the rest of us headed to the cafe. As we were approaching the cafe Julie said I know where we are near to Defford ( not ) We haven’t let her navigate since she last got lost from The View . The good news was that the service had improved greatly we were already enjoying tea and tea cakes as the Philpott’s arrived . Chris P then turned up and had a quick millionaires short bread which Julie and I were hoping he would share but alas not . We’d already help Mick with a slice of his toast as the tea cakes were lovely but on the small side or are we just greedy ??? A headwind home but it wasn’t as bad as has been on previous times. A lovely ride in the sunshine ☀️ with a clear blue sky and good company . Chris P has some photos to post later. Leigh I hear all went well with your operation and you’re not recovering at home behaving yourself we’ll no doubt see you out on your bike soon take care x
  9. Thought we’d go to The Potted Pantry Blackminster to see if there service has improved 🤞🏻 Barry we will be going out via Feckenham up that little steep hill onto the Ridgeway where we normally meet you. 9.30 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  10. Well what can I say a very windy ride out which made it all a bit disjointed not in our normal perfect formation 😝 From TB me , Bev , John , Mick , Gordon and Tim . Tim turned off after Flying Horse Lane we then met the Philpott’s not far from there house. Still trudging into the head wind .I must admit we did cut a corner off as the wind was so strong . On arriving at Springridge we saw Ivor sitting in a poly tunnel enjoying tea and tea cake . It was lovely and warm in there no wind and good ventilation. After getting some extra chairs we settle down. Chris Poole and Chris Pardo then arrived and joined us. i must admit there was a bit of a wait for the toast and tea cakes as they only have one toaster apparently so if anyone has an old one you know to donate it !!!! Alan kept us entertained about mobile phones as John wants a new one so Alan was trying to explain in great detail the workings of his IPhone which he is hoping John will buy off him. I did notice that John’s eyes were glazing over the amount of information Alan was telling him so we banned talk of mobile phones. We had a good old natter and eventually the food arrived. A lovely ride home as mainly a tailwind. A few photos below. I think Mick wants to star in Bill and Ben the flower pot men 🤣 Typical stayed dry on the bike had my shower and now it’s raining and Oscar is pacing to go for a walk x
  11. We will be going to Springridge (Crowle ) in the morning doing a longer route out . Alan we will be coming past your house and then going along North Piddle Lane towards Pershore. Barry I think you’re still away but if not see you normal place. The weather looks good 🤞🏻So 9.30 TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  12. No club run today probably for two reason first the Tommy Godwin ride that four of us were doing and the rain ☔️ It was wet first thing when I collected John and Alan (who came up from Dorset especially to do the ride ) off we went 3 bikes in Marks fishing wagon ideal . Still raining when we got there but we found some shelter then Mick Dalton arrived. We decided to enter the shorter route 48 miles for a change . A very wet start but we did go out a different way it did stop raining after 15 miles and the stop at Bealey was in the sunshine ☀️ lovely. The boys got a bit excited well John and Mick as the photos will show. Off we set part two in the sun Alan soon got a puncture !!!!!! many boys make light work of it. At Earlswood Mick was off in chase of a group of 4 younger men he caught them and I eventually managed to catch up so a bit of a sprint finish for us. Unfortunately John got a puncture a nail through his tyre so they came in a little after us. John’s new shoes got very wet we all had trench foot. A lovely day out despite the rain good company and a nice ride. The organisation was brilliant lots of Marshall’s and great food at the start , the stop and the end . Some photos and a competition for the best caption for the first one please. What is he doing !! Best caption wins a prize. Sorry the pictures are back to front you can’t get the staff 😝
  13. Mr Shelley it’s your job so no giving it away 😝
  14. An excellent turn out this morning starting from TB John , Mick , Gordon , Leigh , Tim , Julie and me . Barry joined us near to Feckenham. A nice steady ride out. On arrival we managed to get one of the lock gates tables the sun was shinning and we had a lovely view . Talk turned to the route home when Julie piped up I know 2 ways home from Wootten Wawen I’ve been here loads then Barry jumped in wanted exact detail of the route home as for once he was going to have cycle further home than the rest of us. You have to remember that Julie and Barry have one thing in common “ They have no sense of direction “ . Thinking it could be entertaining we decided that Julie would navigate us back to Weather Oak Hill. Whilst these discussion were taking place Ivor arrived and joined us lovely to see him out on a Sunday. We set off Julie on the front full of confidence and bumped into Chris P and Rodger at the end of the driveway they decided not to stop and come back with us. As we came out of WW we didn’t do our normal turn but carried on with Julie directing promising us we’d go home via Studley and then on a cycle path . To our surprise and Julie’s we ended up back on the main road when she said quietly to me I don’t recognise this. We did a right turn to a place name she had heard off Barry carried straight on as he wanted a shorter route home ( but with his navigation skills who knows where he ended up ) Chris P came to the rescue and navigated us to Weather Oak Hill where we separated. Ivor went with Julie to make sure she found her way home !!! We never made it to Studley . Joking apart a great ride and nice to have 11 Sarcens members out riding together . There are pictures below one in particular showing John’s new cycling shoes which have been a discussion point for the last couple of weeks .
  15. John is back in the saddle thankfully we will be going to The View in the morning. 9.30 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴 Barry we will meet up normal place top of the steep hill on the ridgeway .If I remember correctly you were last up the hill on the previous occasion and the fact that your chain came off is no excuse 😝
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