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  1. 19 NOVEMBER

    Forgot to say that we past Ruth and Christine twice and that on leaving the cafe a mile down the road we came across Alan P loitering with intent so he joined us for a while . We also cycled past Brain and his friends walking twice they were a long way from TB but the question is did they walk all that way .Second time we saw them they were just approaching Bishampton.
  2. 19 NOVEMBER

    Five of us left The Forrest Me , Bev , Kev , Dave S and Tim we were missing our leader Mr Shelley who had a house guest from last night meal which was a very enjoyable evening with excellent food so thanks to Hiliary and Chris for organising yet another good night out. Anyway back to cycling I had a puncture on the way out which Kev sorted for me never seen anyone do a puncture so quickly . We went out via Bishampton arriving at the cafe in good time so we were able to get a table by the window looking out. As soon as we sat down Mr Shelley arrived saying he'd worn his cycling kit at breakfast and had clomped around the house prior to this to ensure that Alan and his wife were up so he could get out on his bike. And there was me thinking that I might actually gain a crafty point on him 😇. We were just enjoying our tea when Chris P and Tess arrived . CHris made a grand entrance which Philpott would have been proud of. As he was just turning in on his bike right in front of the window we were sitting him he very gracefully fell off his bike and ended up in a heap on the floor . Of we didn't laught too loud honest 8/10 for style and 10/10 for entertainment value. We were then joined by a large number of the Beacon and even had to give our table up for them leaving Chris and Tess there. As we were leaving Miixk H turned up and as we were cycling down the road we saw Pat , Ken and Bob doubt they got into the cafe as some were sitting outside as it was so full. An enjoyable ride back until I got another puncture on my rear wheel again this time changed by John. Since getting home Kev has very kindly put a new tyre on for me so hopefully I might manage a ride without puncturing on the rear.
  3. 19 NOVEMBER

    Change of plan see you at 9.30 .
  4. 19 NOVEMBER

    Oh no just agreed to meet Bev and Kev at 9.45 am so won't be at the Forest until 10 so we will see you there x
  5. Senior Run 12th November

    Come and join us better than riding on your own x
  6. Club Run 12th November 🐝🐝

    Mmm have we been to Defford ever before I'm not sure if we have or not 😜😜 See you in the morning Mr Shelley x
  7. Club Run 5th November 🐝🐝

    Not long in from agility and I'm glad to say Oscar and I got first place in the jumping 🏆 Will be out and John I like the sound of the steady ride !
  8. Club Run 8th October 🐝🐝

    Well it sounds as though you had a lovely sunny ride. A quick report from very sunny Mallorca Alan and Christine P full marks were both out in full Saracens kit but it seems Alan will be cutting the yellow cuff from the shorts like legs de Gray as they were causing him some discomfort but he never moaned once honest !!!! Alan Bev Kevin and I went to Petra with the medium pace group a lovely ride sun shinning nice road surface . The fast group were going back by a climb Salva 7 k apparently which Kev persuaded our leader to do too but luckily for me especially as you all know how I love those uphill there was a flatter way back and I was joined by Alan and Bev too. A lovely ride 68 miles in the sun can't beat it. Christine went to a place beginning with B can't remember the name sorry but there is a big bike shop there and had a good ride too. Have a good week and not too many 🍺 John S X
  9. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Kevin hope you had a good day and that you did the 100 miles event x
  10. Club Run 10th September ??

    Bev and I will see you in the morning xX
  11. Club Run 3rd September ??

    Fingers crossed then just looked at forecast and rain may be earlier than 12 lets hope they are wrong ? See you in the morning Mr Shelley ☀️
  12. Club Run 27th August ??

    Are you feeling alright John not going via the Lenches !!! See you in the morning ? Just in from agility with Oscar there are tales to tell in the morning.
  13. Club Run 20th August ??

    Yes see you in the morning ?
  14. Club Run 13th August ??

    Yes an enjoyable ride despite all those hills Mr Shelley !!
  15. Club Run 13th August ??

    I'll be there too ?