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  1. Sorry John got side tracked ironing , walking the dog and making tea . Plus my dog walking friend persuaded me to go to the pub obviously needed to catch up . So thanks for doing the write up for the super 6 and a big thanks to Alan who did more than his fare share on the front in the wind . Sorry we lost you Leigh . A week off and I must say my legs are aching walking like John Wayne . John does love his Victoria Sponge and had a massive slice this morning x A few pictures. Mr P and Roger and possibly Tess where did you get to in the wind today x
  2. Let’s hope the wind isn’t as promised see you in the morning be gentle with me I’ve had a week away 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  3. Sounds like you had a good ride despite Mick’s singing!!!! I had a lazy day sitting in the sun at the side of Lake Garda even went in for a swim . Off on a boat trip tomorrow. Sounds like you didn’t navigate back Julie thought it was third time lucky 😝 see you Sunday x
  4. Clive’s of Cropthorne is the venue tomorrow we haven’t been there for a while . We will be going out via Little Inkberrow into Radford then Rous Lench hopefully that name won’t put people off as we will go right before the big hill towards Fladbury etc . 9.30 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  5. Well good luck just got home a bit worse for wear . A positive it wasn’t raining. Have a good ride and fingers crossed if Julie I navigating 😝😫😍
  6. A nice surprise to see Gordon and Micky D at TB along with John , Leigh , Bev and myself . I think the promise of a short ride brought out all those recovering from an injury . It was more like a cold 🥶 winter day Bev and I unfortunately were dressed for sunshine which was sadly missing this morning. To add insult to the cold we got rained on too luckily it was only a short ride to the cafe. As Gordon turned off for a shorter ride Barry joined us . Johns’s computer said it was 7 degrees no wounder we were cold and wet. On arrival at the cafe we saw Dave Mitchell sitting outside under cover . There was no way I was sitting outside as I was freezing . Luckily we found a couple of tables inside next to each other and a Bruce’s Bonus one was right by a little ceiling fan heater which was on . Bev and I defrosted under the heater . Tea and tea cakes were ordered with some confusion over Bev’s tea cake which didn’t arrive. Lovely tea cakes though . Leigh ate and ran . Dave went home the way we came the rest of us headed out along the Ridgeway for a change into Feckenham . I must admit it did warm up to a barmy 10 degrees I even pulled my arm warmers down. John says his back felt fine so let’s hope that lasts . Micky was demonstrating a back exercise to him at TB on the road sign John was worried he couldn’t get his leg that high !!! ( unfortunately no photo of that )
  7. Barry we’re going out Priest Bridge way not Feckenham x
  8. The venue tomorrow will be Hiller’s cafe a shorter ride as John will be joining us and wants to test out his bad back . Intending to go straight there via Inkberrow and Redford so for those driving there we will be earlier than normal. 9.30 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  9. An excellent turn out this morning must have been the promise of the pop up cafe at Philpott Towers . Starting from TB Julie , Leigh , Tim , Kevin Young and me . We met Barry and Steve at the traffic lights on the Ridgeway they both bottled out of going up Astwood Bank they had some complications with road closures having to get off there bikes so they have should have come our way up the hill 🤪 I had a momentary navigation fail in Sambourne as we were going the opposite way to normal and it confused me I’m only a simple sole 🤔 luckily Kevin was there to shout up the right way. A good ride towards Purity Brewery makes a nice change not to be last up the hill . I’d forgotten how nice that road was. We turned right at the pub into Alcester . Leigh left us and went up the hill at Arrow not sure if he realised exactly where he was heading . We continued into Bidford and then a little loop to Grafton Flyford . Julie and I both thought that the boys ( Steve , Barry , Kevin and even Tim ) all had testosterone for breakfast as there was a lot of change at the front continually they even abandoned us at one point to race up to the Philpott’s house I don’t know who won 🥇 On arrival at Philpott Towers Ivor ,Pete and Dave M were on the top table already tucking into tea and toast. Kevin and Tim had a quick pit stop and then raced off home together 😝 The comment of the morning was from Barry who wanted I quote “ I want a quickie “ he then disappeared into the kitchen with Christine and came out smiling 2 minutes later . Alan didn’t seem to mind he was on music . Alan was also trying to catch wasp with a child’s fishing net apparently so far this year it’s Alan 0 and the wasps 150 . I had a lovely tea cake with marmalade the table was all set and ready I was on table 2 . The service from Christine was excellent ( as Barry will confirm 😛🥰) She even had time between service to give Ivor a guided tour around her lovely flowering garden. Chris P and Roger then arrived and we all sat having a lovely chat . Alas time to go . Julie and I made a sharp exit as we saw Ivor and Pete on there electric bikes and Chris and Roger the fast boys were all going our way and we’d already had the testosterone 4 on the way there . We must have gone really well as they didn’t catch us maybe Christine slipped some of Testosterone stuff into our coffee . If she did it’s good stuff we’ll have some again 🤩 please . A very big thank you to Alan and Christine especially as she did all the work !!!! for hosting and making us very welcome and spoilt us I think it could become a regular cafe stop. A few photos below I especially like top table with the black and decker work bench .
  10. Yes Rovi see you there . Oh dear Mick get well soon x
  11. Sunday’s venue is a new pop up cafe which apparently is excellent. It’s called Philpott Towers, Grafton Flyford aiming to be there 11.30 - 11.45 am . For a change we haven’t done it very a while John you will be surprised I’m going this way but what the hell I now love uphills 🤪 sorry Julie. Planning on going up Astwood Lane to the traffic lights onto the Ridgeway then through Spernal ( up Purity hill ) to The Mother Huff Cap into Alcester.. Barry / Steve see you at the junction of Crofts Lane at Astwood Lane ( bottom of that little hill ). Chris , Roger and Tess it would be nice to see you too the Chef will be there this time with her able bodied assistant ( me ) Leaving TB 9.30 an 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  12. Mick 3 puncture’s that’s good going all on the same wheel ?? At least you bumped into Lee opps sorry Leigh so you had some company . It will be nice to see you next week . Chris that cafe looks nice as do the cakes 😋 Good write up as usual Julie hopefully more will be out next Sunday 🤞🏻
  13. Mick stay positive we might be okay for the morning after a glorious day today 🤞🏻
  14. Sundays venue will be Springridge Nursery Crowle as they now have big tea pots . We’ll be going out via Priest Bridge past Philpott Towers then Bishampton . Aiming to be there 11.30 - 11.45 am depending wether we go the longer way or not down to Julie who’s had a week away boozing and eating . If she went to the gym every day it’ll be the long way if not the shorter way 😜😝 9.30 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  15. Yes Julie the true Boss has always been in charge but behind the scenes more now . John has a busy Sunday morning he is a Marshall on a fun run around Bromsgrove but he says it’s not that much fun standing in his fluorescent jacket trying to work out if the last runner has gone past his location. So good luck for the morning John. We had the super six ( six being a point of contention later !! ) out today starting from TB John , Bev and me . We picked up Steve not Tony and the Philpott’s on the way .A lovely ride out with a tail wind and the sun shining . We haven’t been that way for a while . On landing at the cafe which we have used previously we were told by the owner that only 4 or less cyclists were allowed due large number of rude cyclists causing him to do that. Luckily we put on the charm and he served the super six as we were polite and older !! Me being the youngsters at 58 🤪 Unfortunately he’d run out of tea cakes so we all had granary toast which I must say was very nice . He gave us extra too and we felt obliged to eat despite running out of tea. A major discussion as to how we are spoilt at Defford by Darren by being able to have as much tea and hot water that we want. So with all this going on Julie I must confess I forgot to take any photos . The sun was still out on the way home but we had the head wind in our faces luckily the electric duo did more than fare share on the front. John Bev and I were glad to get home the longest ride this year for us all . (65 miles for me ) Sorry Micky D if you were going to join us tomorrow you’ll have to go out on your own instead 😂😂 Have a lovely holiday Julie see you next Sunday . Saturday’s are nice for a change but the traffic is far worse so back to Sundays .
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