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  1. John I’ll see you in the morning glad it won’t be as windy as last week . It’s be ages since I’ve been in Hillers used to go there regularly with Lionel Onions a former Saracens member god rest his soul .
  2. There was 4 of us this morning John , Gordon , Leigh and myself . We headed off to Bewdley luckily avoiding pig hill. On arrival it was very busy by the river and they were queuing up outside The Riverside Cafe with no tables available . I know a fisherman quite well who fishes Bewdley regularly who had told me of mobile breakfast van that sat on The Waggon and Horse pub car park what he forgot to mention was that they had taken the top surface off the road to it so a very bumpy ride to get there . It was well worth it lovely bacon sandwiches. Opps that was hot !! Yummy lots of mushrooms with my bacon We’re not being anti social The Land lady said we could only sit in the garden if we social distance. What a lovely bike . My sunflowers .
  3. Looks like a good cafe hopefully we’ll make it there ons day soon 😚 . John is going to arrange to meet up with you lot next week .It would be nice to catch up . Xx
  4. Thought I’d better post something to show that we are actually going out . We met at The Reindeer cafe this morning but unfortunately the reindeer wouldn’t come up to the cafe end . We had a very brief glimpse of them but on seeing Mrs Philpott with her camera out, they went off in the opposite direction !! Johns first real outing since finishing his treatment he is going well . Nice to see Pat and Ken too we had a lovely ride back with them . Chris and Michelle joined us briefly on Flying Horse Lane but they were going into Broad Acres for refreshments. This cafe is now shutting until the end of October . A few photos below of our motley bunch .
  5. Hi Sean I am unable to get the private members section despite being logged in . Moira x
  6. Moira

    Birthday Greeting

    Hilary hope you've had a lovely birthday and Chris has run round looking after you πŸŽ‰
  7. Very impressive Ivor 🌷🌷🌷 they look lovely x Chris I definitely know G (H ) is wrong the old and new pub so come on someone please help me out before Chris posts the answers 🌷
  8. Ivor my tulips are looking good. Chris P good one here goes ( The letters on the pictures and questions don't match no G on the pictures which then puts I and J different on the questions ) All in my neck of the woods and I have been most of them !!! A. The Sun Romsley and Blue Bird Toffee B. You're in Clent looking over towards Malvern I think C. The Vine Clent (a motley bunch is that Mr Shelley on the right ? ) D. The Fountain Clent E. The Frech Hen Clent ( sells a lovely half of 1664 larger ) Orginal name The Woodman F. Anckor Caunsall H (G) The Old Ticket Office new name The Tap House ( not sure on this one ) I (H) The Lock Wolverley J (I) Swan Chaddesley Corbett The pub at the bottom of Day House Bank which is now a house was The Manchester Inn. I reckon you did 47.5 miles . Looking forward to next weeks pub quiz 😝
  9. Looks very good John almost like new . The garage door looks good too have you painted it recently ? Solo riding what fun it is !! Find it hard to motivate myself to do more than 30 miles no wheel to follow and no John to fix my punctures ( I seem to get a few on my winter bike ) Went out Monday just coming up that little hill towards TB rear puncture bloody hell I thought even after my lessons from John and Philpott and the card I carry with step by step instructions on I still can't get the last part of the tyre on . Plus being on the back wheel never can get it back on as that chain gets in the way and never sits right !!! (hopeless I know ) . So I rang international rescue and Mark my husband came to get me. I did fix the puncture myself found the piece of Flint in the tyre but had to get Mark to get the last part of the tyre on but couldn't get the wheel back in luckily Kevin Rogers was about . Kev suggested I changed both tyres as they have wire in them apparently , on the bike when I bought it which is probably why I can't get them on . So he put my 2 new tyres on for me which hopefully after some thumb exercises I will get fully back on. Been out today no problems thank goodness. Saw loads out luckily it wasn't too windy so had a good ride .
  10. Sounds like a plan John let's hope the rain stops by 9 am πŸ™
  11. Love your optimism John but have you looked at the forecast !!!! Let's hope it changes overnight and the nice weather fairy comes out to play 🌞🌀 🌦🌧
  12. Got to the cafe in the car with John and Mark (my husband) to find one very brave cyclist there waiting for us . Phil Carver braved the elements on his new winter bike . He tried to stay on the main roads saying it wasn't to bad but it was foggy from Kidderminter to Chadsley Woods. Well done Phil for getting out. I was worried about coming off but on rushing to get yo yoga trying to get food into the slow cooker I nearly sliced the end of my left middle finger off when skinning a leek . Still went to yoga though .Would have probably been safer on the frosty roads !! Yes Mr Pardo us ladies have to prepare food as well as cycling 😝 Just back from the minor injury clinic at the Princess of Wales hospital. They did a better job than me at dressing it .
  13. It's frosty again so I'm off to yoga and a stretch class instead. John I will pick you up just after 11 am . Hopefully see some others there too ride carefully if you brave the cold 😨
  14. The forecast is pretty similar as it was this morning which was frosty and cold . When I walked the dog this morning between 9 - 11 the lanes especially those in the shade were frosty and slippy . Can I suggest Broadacres fishery meeting there around 11.30 ish that way if it is frosty you can leave later or even just drive there . If it is frosty I shall be going to yoga at 9 then I will collect John S and go to Broadacres for breakfast with him . Please post if you are going out then others will know whether to wait at TB for you. Sorry Phil I hear you turned up last week bang on 10 and I went at 9.57 as I was wet . Hopefully the forecast will be wrong and it will be a frost free day so we can get out 😜
  15. On opening the curtains this morning it was dry and sunny, so off to the shed to get my bike out and to set off . As soon as I stepped out of the house it started to drizzle, no problem I thought, it's not heavy . Luckily I had put my waterproof on as within a mile of setting off the heavens opened with very heavy rain I pressed on questioning my sanity . On getting to TB I resembled a drowned rat and surprisingly no one else was there but it had stopped raining. Set off to meet the Philpotts and Barry was there too. They were bone dry no rain their way, amazing. We pressed on, did a loop round to The Vale Golf Club only to find the cafe had closed 5 minutes prior to our arrival . Back up the drive we saw Ivor at the Raindeer Cafe which we'd missed on the way in but that was closed too !!!! Bishampton was shut too with the front windows boarded over but we found a lovely new cafe called Philpott Towers excellent service you might even recognise the girls serving. They even provided dry socks and slippers for my wet feet and plastic bags to put over dry socks for the way home. Highly recommend this place they serve baileys too . A lovely stop got warm excellent food and service. The boys did allot of talk about electric bikes as Alan's was in the hall. A few photos below.
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