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  1. I would have joined you today but i am waiting for an “electrical “part for my bike it is on it’s way from Germany. Turbo instead. see you soon Ivor
  2. Many thanks for the “Philpotian” experience a quintessentially English afternoon May your garden grow and your pipework flow Thanks Ivor.
  3. Can we see you there? do they cater for older folk?
  4. Well got out Sunday first time for 10 days 27 miles in the sunshine was lovely hope to meet up soon ivor
  5. rovi

    Giro sunday

    Chapeau to Cav. and his lead out team. A perfectly executed sprint. Well deserved.
  6. Oh pity the poor peasants Pete and I went to “LORD MORTONS TEA ROOMS” Can you believe,they’d run out of “TOAST”!! Come back Broadacre.
  7. What a finish to the Tour of Flanders!
  8. Good to hear you all had a good ride Pete and I finished at the cafe in great Alne lovely tea cakes Julie see you all soon ivor
  9. Still a couple of places left. Book with Ivor please.
  10. Glad you all had a good ride makes me very envious never mind, went out this afternoon( a bit warmer) 34 miles non stop (furthest this year ) see you all soon! Ivor
  11. Yes thanks the birthday bash was a great success. who else but Chris would use a classic Colnago on a turbo.! well done Chris keep it up! See you on the road soon. Ivor
  12. Sorry I missed you all but had arranged Togo out with Pete Cooper what a gorgeous day! Makes one realise why we ride a bike.
  13. Sorry folks ,late night, bit of a birthday bash for Polly. Enjoy!
  14. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    All the best John ivor
  15. rovi


    Yes, I thought there was a definite improvement.
  16. rovi


    Did they give you more room today?
  17. There are 4 bikes for sale they currently belong to an elderly member of the club who unfortunately has had to stop riding. The bikes would suit a smaller person and although of good quality would not be expensive .They comprise…….. 1 mountain bike. 1Scott mountain E. Bike 1 Trek road bike. 1 Hybrid road bike. Anyone interested, just let me know to arrange a viewing.
  18. Sneaky miles? left it till after lunch to warm up then the sun went in! still the sun wasn’t too bright .A steady SNEAKY ride.
  19. rovi

    Wednesday lunch.

    Due to the current circumstances the Wed. Lunch booked for January has been postponed until 2nd. March. if you had already booked for January please let me know if the new date is acceptable. if you would like to come anyway, please let me know a week before at least. Ivor.
  20. Shall do my 1hr turbo session this afternoon see you at B.A.
  21. rovi

    Family Trees

    Boring winter evenings. Anyone interested in their family tree. let me know and I will see if I can research yours. Ivor
  22. Well done Julie ,a good write up. glad you all enjoyed the ride. I went out the lanes were in a mess.
  23. Happy new year everyone. get well soon Moira see you soon. ivor
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