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  1. rovi

    60 years

    Congratulations to Ken and Pat 60 years married today!
  2. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday David.
  3. rovi

    Senior Moments.

    Too many to count
  4. Keep pushing Leigh ItWILL do you good
  5. rovi

    The comeback kid.

    Keep at it Chris fitness stands you in good stead I KNOW!!
  6. rovi

    Virus News Page 5

    Well done Chris you keep some of us in touch with what we’re missing thanks Ivor
  7. rovi

    Virus News Page4

    How am I supposed to get the old grey matter working in lockdown here goes A. Earlswood lakes B. Cider.? C. Wedges bakery at Cheswick Green D. pack wood House Packwood Lane E. Baddesley Clinton F. Chadwick End G. Jaguar Land Rover The Boot Honiley H. West to Wroxall I Wroxall J the Fleur de Lys at Lowsonford 46 miles
  8. rovi


    Be careful if you wear a mask for the first time it restricts your lower vision. I put mine on for the first time today and fell up some steps maybe it’s just me. we had fish and chips for tea today Cant remember the last time what a nice change Sorry no more news Stay safe We WILL meet again
  9. rovi

    Virus News Page 3

    Sorry Chris I knew most of the answers but didn’t want to appear too flash Keep on trying
  10. rovi

    Made it

    All down back to Bromsgrove.........
  11. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy (better late than never) birthday Chris Ivor
  12. rovi

    Early spring

    I see the Hawthorne blossom (May) is showing That must be a good 3 weeks early Lets hope the summer lasts longer as well Stay safe everyone
  13. rovi

    T.V. Cycling

    Netflix.....”The Least Expected Day“ 6 half hour episodes ....The inside story on Movistar. Pete Cooper says he is enjoying it
  14. rovi

    Club news

    Sorry Leigh they’ve gone out of fashion
  15. rovi

    Club news

    Hasn’t ANYbody got ANY news. please....... How many people do you know personally who have contracted it.? we know 2
  16. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy “late” birthday Ivor
  17. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    We remember it well Happy birthday son Mom and Dad xx
  18. You missed your vocation John well done. We’ll meet again............
  19. 7-00pm tonight interview on facebook or youtube different cyclists each wednesday at 7-00pm
  20. rovi

    Derek Harrison

    Browsing Facebook and found this... P. E. Z cycling news An excellent article by Ed. Hood about Derek It lists most of his career from junior to retirement together with most of his successes worth finding Ivor
  21. rovi

    Birthday Greeting

    Happy birthday Hilary Better late than never Ivor andPolly
  22. We have said it before “RIDE ON YOUR OWN” Any Saracen member caught breaking this rule will have their subscription returned immediately and their membership of the Saracen Road Club terminated Ivor Myttion (treasurer)
  23. I could send a photo of the others but these are my smallest
  24. Practice makes perfect Moira How are the tulips?
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