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  1. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    Well , the best laid plans ....... Overslept till 8-30. Didn't get out till after 10 Temmperature only 8deg. All the winter gear on. Whit Lenge into the wind.. Back home with 35 miles in. What a change from last week.
  2. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    9-45 at Tardebigge. Let's see what the wind is like Flyford looks fair.
  3. ‘C’ Run Sunday 15th October

    Another lovely day Thankyou gentlemen for your excellent company and scintillating conversation.I am suitably refreshed/knackered for the week ahead.
  4. ‘C’ Run Sunday 15th October

    I am up for it Really hope to see you tomorrow Chris. The forecast is good what's not to like
  5. Charity rides

    I have been asked for some advice on promoting a charity ride. As I have only ridden audaxes my experience is zilch. Anybody know anything? Distances, routes, cafes, entry fees,raising funds, etc. If you know PLEASE let me know.
  6. Senior run 8th Oct.

    What a smashing day. Leigh had a solo break Barry missed a holiday Tony not feeling good Richard Kent never brought superman Ivor got round with usual aches and pains But you still can't beat a great bike ride Thanks folks
  7. Birthday greetings

    Have a good one Sean Hope to see you tomorrow
  8. Let's start a new column.

    There once was a club with a poet Who was often reluctant to show it But just now and then He'd get out the pen And show us all how to do it.
  9. Senior run 8th Oct.

    9-45 At Tardebigge for discussion. weather permitting.
  10. Sat.7th Il Lombardia

    It's on this afternoon !!!!!!
  11. ‘C’-Run Sunday 1st October

    Well ,35 miles solo in the dry. A lovely wind assisted ride home. I don't think I'll say anything about the ride out. I'm afraid we are approaching that time of year when rides have an element of" make do" about them. Still, morning, lunchtime, or afternoon when ever you get the chance. JUST DO IT!!!!!
  12. ‘C’-Run Sunday 1st October

    Have to wait and see
  13. 'C' Run:- Sunday 24th September

    Exactly Chris. Saracen and Sagan What a satisfying day Thankyou all and thank you cycling.
  14. 'C' Run Sunday 17th September

    Well the whole world will run without any fluctuations whatsoever for at least 24 hours. The members of the C run put the "world to right" in no uncertain manner today . What a great ride excellent company good weather and something to talk about. Thanks friends. Ivor
  15. 'C' Run Sunday 17th September

    Sounds O.K.to me