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  1. Thanks everyone, a great ride home, almost exactly the reverse of my ride out. lovely pics.good company, great ride. what more could one ask for?
  2. Starts on Sat.14th Aug. on Quest channel 12 P.S. Earlswood is shut! you cannot get past the lakes at all ..even walking ! They are working on the damn.
  3. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    All the best Barry Not too many miles and not too much wine take it easy all the best Ivor and Polly
  4. Well done all it’s quite a lumpy ride over there No sheep walk I notice just being nice to the ladies?
  5. rovi

    No 2 run 18th July

    Well done all of you. Sounded like a good old fashioned ,all day,club run. No stop for tea??
  6. As I said it is difficult to choose i set a limit of £90 but mine was about £65
  7. Just fitted a Selle SMP Medium saddle. Just like an armchair. Perfect for an old “bum” It’s difficult to know which one of the 39 types to choose.
  8. Eurosport coverage of stage 4. 6.5K to go left hand side of the screen…..A Saracen jersey come on Chris who is it?
  9. Very glad you all enjoyed it Hope you enjoyed itJulie. we’re not a bad crowd in the Saracen you are most welcome any time. ivor
  10. Well, what a lovely get together. Thank you all for coming and your kind thoughts and comments. I ask you “Ivorsurvivor” ...I quite like it. Thanks it was great to meet up again . Ivor
  11. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Mike Ivor
  12. Thursday 3rd June Anybody fancy a cuppa It’s 11-15 at Whitlenge cheers Ivor
  13. rovi

    Giro highlights

    Quest channel 12 at 7 pm enjoy
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