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  1. Sounds like a plan Moira Good luck
  2. Better ask your other half
  3. A talk by sir Bradley Wiggins Birminham Symphony Hall Fri.20 th Sept. tickets £33.50 (don't shoot the messenger please)
  4. I didn't know downhill racing was popular in those days
  5. Some teams in today's TTT are using 62T chainrings I want one it would make a good dinner plate
  6. Remember Moira no pain no gain
  7. Enjoy you lucky lot ivor
  8. Well done I wondered if the wind might pose a challenge obviously not to such a staunch bunch as yourselves.
  9. Enjoy the ride and stay safe wish I was with you
  10. Sorry not this week Kay.
  11. Where did you go? I went out at 9-30 got back at12-00 just before it rained No need for a rain dance this week I hope your boxes are waterproof Barry The electric wheel is getting closer........try half wheeling that....... HEE....HEE....
  12. I might take a raincheck
  13. Me make good rain dance Make food grow
  14. 9-30 at Tardebigge
  15. Whatever their reasons the ladies company was most appreciated It certainly added a new dimension to our usual conversation Ladies. You are most welcome any time
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