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  1. 9-30am at Tardebigge destination to be agreed
  2. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday both Ivor
  3. rovi

    Watch the Giro

    I am reliably informed that the Quest channel (channel 37) will be showing highlights of the Giro which starts 11th May ----enjoy!
  4. Seniors had a good ride to TheTwisted Spoon Unfortunately we had to leave Kay at the cafe to meet her sister Chris Leigh Barry Ken Kay and self all enjoyed the refreshments and chat We are really blessed
  5. 9-30 for the seniors for a ride out to the Twisted Spoon
  6. I just don't know how we manage it with our limited resources A regular surveillance of the 25 mile radius of the surrounding countryside Advice to governments Sound advice to M P 's Assesment of local establishments Etc. Etc.
  7. Sorry Pete A senior moment or too much wine
  8. Picture this A ride out to Hillers in beautifull sunshine A Chat round the table with some excellent company A lovely ride home with the temperature gradually increasing A scrumptious roast lamb dinner and a bottle of wine all prepared by one's favorite partner In your dreams? No ! Today's reality . Many thanks to Barry, Ken , Kay and Chris for an idyllic day out!! And Polly for the meal.
  9. Senior run 9-30am Hillers sounds good (with a new return route)
  10. Probably do a solo later
  11. Yes a good ride today Thanks for your company Even the sun came out at the end Signed...A senior member of "help the aged"
  12. rovi

    Derek Harrison ???

    So sad that we weren't able to contrbute R I P. Derek
  13. What a wonderful day Came out of the cafe straight into the wind (bit of a shock) thanks for the company!
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