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  1. Sneaky miles? left it till after lunch to warm up then the sun went in! still the sun wasn’t too bright .A steady SNEAKY ride.
  2. rovi

    Wednesday lunch.

    Due to the current circumstances the Wed. Lunch booked for January has been postponed until 2nd. March. if you had already booked for January please let me know if the new date is acceptable. if you would like to come anyway, please let me know a week before at least. Ivor.
  3. Shall do my 1hr turbo session this afternoon see you at B.A.
  4. rovi

    Family Trees

    Boring winter evenings. Anyone interested in their family tree. let me know and I will see if I can research yours. Ivor
  5. Well done Julie ,a good write up. glad you all enjoyed the ride. I went out the lanes were in a mess.
  6. Happy new year everyone. get well soon Moira see you soon. ivor
  7. No Richard, this is the annual fry up in the woods. bring your own frying pan and food. ivor
  8. Never mind see what next week brings.
  9. Anybody fancy a chat at the visitors center up the Lickeys say11o’clock?
  10. Oh dear, how things change with age we are all so SENSIBLE!!! we used to be UNTOUCHABLE!!!!!!!!
  11. Tony ,thanks for the reminder. Conventional clothing will be worn at Davids funeral by request.(no club colors) Ivor
  12. Funeral arrangements for David. 16th. December at 11-00AM At the Vale Crematorium WR10 2QR. the crematorium is on the A44 west of Evesham, (just down the road from Craycombe, towards Pershore) R.I.P. David.
  13. What a friend. what an intellect. what a gentleman. what a friend and support to the sport of cycling. I will miss you Dave. love and condolences to Judith and family. ivor and Polly
  14. Well done Julie ,looks as though we have ourselves a resident journalist/chorister.
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