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  1. Club Runs points table for 2017/18

    That means we are a quarter of the way through our year. Slow down a bit will you!!
  2. New member

    Welcome to the Saracen Tess May your membership be both long and enjoyable. Ivor.
  3. Seniors Run Sunday 28th Jan

    Envious. Wish I could have joined you. Feeling better but still no energy sleeping lots.... See you soon .
  4. Senior run 21st

    Sorry folks flat on back with flu.
  5. β€œSTEADY-RUN” Sunday 14th January.

    Sorry friends but looks too cold for Ivor. Have an good ride, look forward to joining you soon.
  6. Senior run

    If it's too cold 10-45 at the Lickey visitor centre.
  7. Seniors run 31/12/2017

    Happy new year Leigh. See you next year.
  8. Sat.30th Dec.

    Went to Stourport today. Party tomorrow night. I bought some waterproof socks fromAldi beforeChristmas. Tried them out today GREAT warm cosy and comfy . Happy New Year to everyone see you on club night (2nd. Jan.)
  9. Sat.30th Dec.

    Does anybody know if Aunty Rita is open on Sat.
  10. Club nights and AGM

    There will be a club night on Tues. 2nd Jan.at Wythall. The AGM will take place on Tues. 6th Feb. At Wythall, Please try to attend, it is your chance to have your say and influence the clubs direction for the next year. Happy Christmas to ALL our valued club members.
  11. Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Chris Bet it's the first snowbound birthday. All the best Ivor and Polly
  12. Club Run 10th December 🐝🐝

    9 1/2 inches in rubery diggihg our way out should be out for Chtistmas.
  13. Club Run 10th December 🐝🐝

    Gift horses spring to mind
  14. Club Run 10th December 🐝🐝

    Can you fit sledge runners to a bike I wonder I know someone with snow bike tyres Have you got enough bread and milk?
  15. Club Run 10th December 🐝🐝

    Might be worth a meet at the Lickeys Let's see what happens