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  1. Can six people ride together now?
  2. Hi Mike sorry for delay fixed up with a turbo thanks see you soon ivor
  3. ITV 4 (Chanel 7 -00pm each night
  4. A friend of mine (just got keen on the bike) is looking for a turbo Anybody got one for sale? Ivor
  5. Happy new year to all Saracen members and their kin let’s hope for a healthy one Kindest regards Ivor and Polly
  6. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Mike Ivor
  7. rovi


    have a look at the spring powered superwheel in the cycling feeds section looks like "something for nothing" to me What do you think? Ivor
  8. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    keep "em" comin" Roger Ivor
  9. Well there was a Job Pardoe in the early 1800’s Didn’t say whether it was Odd Job NoJob proper Job or lousy Job BUT it is a Jewish name!!!!!!!
  10. Looking at the lamp in the window, they sold one like that on Bargain Hunt for seventy quid last week. wait and see what the “Pardoe Saga”reveals Episode two to follow shortly!!!!!!
  11. If you manage to get out watch out for the WET slippery leaves they can be treacherous at this time of year stay safe Ivor
  12. rovi

    60 years

    Congratulations to Ken and Pat 60 years married today!
  13. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday David.
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