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  1. Might see ou there but looks too cold
  2. See you at 10-00am I'll probably come as far as Bishampton
  3. Just home in time to miss the fog A good ride thanks for your company Ivor the (small)engine
  4. 10-00am it is bring your foghorn
  5. rovi

    28mm tyre

    Has anybody got an old 28 mm tyre I could borrow. I want to see if I have enough clearance for a new 28mm Ivor
  6. 10-00am if it's not too cold could try twisted spoon
  7. Thanks John Mightsee you there but looks too cold Safe journey
  8. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Pete Polly and Ivor
  9. Sorry folks not out tomorrow got a birthday bash Ivor
  10. rovi

    Senior run 26th Oct.

    Yes a good ride Dave Hale and a friend were at the cafe a good natter about years gone bye weather lovely only flood was at Blackwell
  11. rovi

    Senior run 26th Oct.

    Weather and temp. Too cold now 10- 30 at Tardebigge
  12. Could try Bishampton might have to negotiate a flood or two 9-30 Tardebigge with mudguards
  13. Rouse Lenche What climb? Easy Peasy on number 3 Good cafe good company Thanks for your company At leastthe motor is useful into the wind
  14. rovi

    Senior in 20th

    The cafe the other side ofHillers on the Evesham road
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