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  1. Seniors 13th Jan

    10.00 o/clock
  2. Seniors 13th Jan

    Anybody fancy TheTwisted Spoon
  3. Club Run 6th January 🐝🐝

    It might be too cold but I will try to see you at Broad Acre
  4. Birthday greetings

    Have a good one Chris What a way to start the NEW year Ivor
  5. 23rd December Annual Boozers Run

    14 of us turned out for this annual "bake off" (Who needs cooking programmes) When it comes to feeding hungry cyclists D.I.Y.rules!!! The carefully prepared heating, to just the right temperature, The pristine cooking utensils, loaded with just the right amount of carefully selected extra virgin oil, and ingredients; produced culinary delights only ever surpassed on" Master Chef" What can one expect, after 12months of diligent preparation.? (You do need something to soak up the beer.) A Merry Christmas to everyone . Ivor and Polly.
  6. Tess rides Stourport cyclo cross

    Well done Tess Ivor
  7. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday you two Have a good one Ivor and Polly
  8. Club Run 16th. December 🐝🐝

    Sorry folks not out this week
  9. Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Chris. Have a good one Ivor and Polly
  10. Club Run 9th December 🐝🐝

    we haven't mentioned anything about Rowberries this year, perhaps it will come up tonight.
  11. Senior run 2nd Dec.

    well,you can all rest easy in your beds this week. we put the world to such right this week in the cafe,it's a wonder that we got home before dark. Ken Barry Pete and self had a most enjoyable ride to STOURPORT, windy on the way there, but great on the way home. Not bad at all for December. See you next week, weather permitting.
  12. Senior run 2nd Dec.

    10-00am if the weather is O K Maybe Stpurport??
  13. Senior run remembrance

    We WILL remember them.
  14. Senior run remembrance

    Stands a good chance