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  1. Went to Crowle yesterday Not a bad ride but bβ€”β€”y cold
  2. Glad you had a descent ride Hopefully see you next week Ivor
  3. Sorry folks not out tomorrow stay safe
  4. rovi

    New cafe

    Went to the cafe/shop at Crowle today Very good and a good price It is situated at the Worcester end of Crowle next to the village hall and allotments lady said they were open on Sundays.
  5. Yow worn’t lernt props how lot
  6. First aid,spelling bee.You learn it all in the Saracen. Jenny. Jinney ? Mmm. I wonder?
  7. Sorry folks not out tomorrow got a family β€œDO” Stay safe Ivor
  8. Indeed a truly excellent cafe Food and drink superb service par excellance wonderfull venue not so sure about the opening hours though sombody said β€œit’s owned by CYCLISTS” oh well; it was jolly good for us.
  9. See you at 10-00am weather permitting
  10. rovi


    Easy peasy thanks Chris
  11. Set off with the others but Barry Gordon and myself went to the Twisted Spoon to put the financial world to right. Nice ride a bit cold Gordon had a puncture. But... Beat this if you can..... Got home to a WARM EGG and BACON Sandwich ready and waiting.,!!!! Talk about "Hit the Spot" ooooooohhhhhh'!!!!!.... Didn't she do well!
  12. rovi


    How do I send a message to someone on the website? i seem to have lost the link
  13. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Phill. Ivor and Polly
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