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  1. Rouse Lenche What climb? Easy Peasy on number 3 Good cafe good company Thanks for your company At leastthe motor is useful into the wind
  2. rovi

    Senior in 20th

    The cafe the other side ofHillers on the Evesham road
  3. rovi

    Senior in 20th

    9-30 at Tardebigge 40-50 miles wrap up Ivor
  4. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Sean the birthdays with a 0 on the end are always the best Have a good one Ivor and Polly P S sorryIreland lost
  5. Haven't been to Hillers for ages 9-30 weather permitting
  6. See you in the "drytime" thats Aborigine for whenever it might stop b..... Raining
  7. Sorry to hear about Leigh Keep us posted please Chris
  8. Sorry folks not out tomorrow anyway Have a safe ride (Hoppe the battery is waterproof)
  9. rovi

    Senior run 15th

    Went to Craycome Excellent service Not sure if it's changed hands staff all seemed different. Tim Barry Self and one other had a lovely ride in some warm sunshine Conversation centered around our various health issues(I really must get out more) Nevertheless an excellent day thanks to my fellow riders P.S.the throttle was kept under control ( at least no one complained)
  10. rovi

    Senior run 15th

    9-30 at Tardebigge (or should it be Bentley Pauncefoot now) for a STEADY ride.......we can decide then
  11. rovi

    Senior run 8th Sept

    Well surprise surprise Hellen and Steve turned up for a very steady ride out to the Twisted Spoon and a ride back through Droitwich What a lovely day ; only 25% battery used for 40miles. Got home. Fresh as a daisy. (Well almost)
  12. We should have 2 ladies riding tomorrow I have agreed to take them for a ride Possibly Twisted Spoon or De Beers Probabally not too quick Discuss tomorrow
  13. Sounds as though you lost the battle but won the war RESULT!
  14. rovi

    Electric wheel

    Well, 26 miles on the wheel today Sooooo......Easy.....What hills? The onlyproblem I can see is that I shall forget how to ride normally So?.
  15. rovi

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Kay Don't forget the gin Ivor and Polly
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