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  1. TOUR OF WORCESTER SPORTIVE 2017 inc Church Lane, Wyche cutting, Ankerdine, Abberley, Hillside (Martley), Heightington... yours truly... a tad overcast at the start, but not cold, or raining, or even very windy!!!!... Tri legs....probably... feed station at Martley, (the Cliff bars where in the van, and you had to ask, then you were offered a choice... of one...) sadly, no medals, but I did get a cup of instant coffee...
  2. British Camp (easy side) Bromyard (roughly) Harcourt road, (old hill climb course) standard pre ride Kev.... Actual start line, a bit damp and breezy... the feed station...(i like my bananas a bit more spotty, so I had two oreos!!) they were very happy at the finish!!! so was Kev!!!!!
  3. SARACEN OPEN 10mile TT.

    Kev posted 25.01, the fastest i've been all year!!! le number... le cog... le feet!!! great day out, thanks to the marshalls and organisers, and all the people that made it happen!!! I believe Kev Rogers did a 23.37 (?) (!)
  4. SARACEN OPEN 10mile TT.

    Hi Mike Could you bring the Saracen skinsuits along to the TT on Saturday, i'll try them on before the event, it's gotta be worth a good few seconds, right??!! Kev
  5. Skittles evening

    Bonus material...
  6. Kev Update

    Hi Saracens I just wanted to post a quick update about recent disappearance...I think I already mentioned about a lack of early season form, I had a string of DNSs, DNFs, last but ones etc, so my cycling has fallen off a cliff, thats for sure, and at one point struggling even to ride to work in double figures, I'm not joking!!! So something had to give, therefore my job and my cycling (my actual life!!!) is all in the process of change... Starting July 1st, Kev has a new job!! Good bye Speeds, hello Bromsgrove Body Shop, thats cars not people!! I've been in the bike trade on and off for the last twenty plus years, starting with Ernie Clements in a tin shack in Ledbury...so it's the right time for a change for me... As far as the bike goes, I'm taking the rest of this year off the bike, (apart from the commute) so I can can get my head around the new job, (and the new me) in my head I wanted to be a brilliant tester, but the truth is, I'm not, and riding to finish last is no fun, trust me, I've done it, and I have had a 4th cat license, but that didnt go too well either, such highlights include leading the peloton down the wrong road, knocking my own teammate into a hedge, getting dropped in the neutral zone, etc... I did win the prime over Hollybush ( the actual prime was on The Camp!! oh well...) So, I'm not going to make any plans, and just go with the flow next year , time will tell!!! see ya around Kev.
  7. CLUB RUNS on SUNDAY 28th MAY.

    (not) Speedy Kev peeled off at the Harvester, so didn't get anywhere near the cafe!!! LDG got lost at the end Micks drive, never to been seen again!!! nil poi.
  8. Club Run 30th April ??

    Hi all After a disastrous Spring campaign, Kev has decided to take a hiatus from all forms of cycling (and running) He be back at some point in the future. probably... have a great summer on your bikes!! Kev
  9. SARACEN RC AUDAX 2017 Hilary and Ed meet and and greet the incoming cyclists with big smiles... Dave superglued his fingers to the table... traditional Audax machines, thin frame tubes, box section rims, loads of spokes etc... Leigh... Olly and Rich... Audaxers basking in the sun, just prior to the start... I'm so deaf, I couldn't hear a word he said... Pardoe and purple Pinarello, but who's photographing who???... Like lambs to the slaughter... Kev Kev and Chris made it to Raphael's, sorry about the tongue, it just fell out... after a slight diversion, we made to Charlecote... This lot from Kenilworth where very happy to see us... maybe something to do with the beans???... Dave points to the spot where he glued his fingers to the table... the que for the grub... situation normal, for the Bees... Mavis, Eddie, Pat and Audrey Hepburn serene at Julies... Saracen RC Audax, great day out, blue skies, great company, great event!!! ps. thanks to all helpers and organisers for making it happen!!!
  10. Ha! my photos are identical!!!! although mine feature a few more baked beans and socks!! ps I'm supposed to be working... will post more of the same photos later... kevvv
  11. WSJJCC Open 25TT 2/4/17

  12. Slowy Kev posts 20.57....

    ha ha!!, I'm the worst swimmer in the world!!! I float like a twig!!! the world of triathlon is safe... ps, running the day before a TT is a bad idea, trust me...
  13. Slowy Kev posts 20.57....

    Hard to believe, but Slowy Kev just powered his way to a 20.57!!! http://www.parkrun.org.uk/worcester/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=307&utm_medium=email&utm_source=resultsemail&utm_campaign=systememail finishing 36th out of 577 other Park Runners, 4th in his age group... 45-49 his logic is that cycling helps his running, so, the running must help the cycling right??? maybe he should try running round the next TT, prolly be quicker....
  14. Club Run 2nd April ??

    TTing tomorrow, so Slowy Kev wont be there... have a great day out!!!
  15. Club Run 26th ?? March

    Dave C, Kev Y and Kev S waited at the Harvester for ages for Chris P, only to find out later when he appeared at Upton Marina that he had overslept... The two Kevs and Dave had a wind assisted run down to Upton, seeing the Peloton at Pinvin a couple times, Dave even crossed the finish line hands the air, even though he is 20 years too young to be in it, and going the wrong way... Kev Y, Dave C, Alan P, Moira B, John S Tim B Kev S Chris P... eventually We all set off together on the way back, but the wind took its toll, we split up into two groups, Chris P turned off to head home, and on the way to Droitwich, my own doors fell off... Life is soo much easier when its sunny, great day out. Kev