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  1. See you at Tardebigge if it's not raining
  2. I'll see you at the Forrest unless it is icy. Dave 9:45 Dave
  3. We're off to London to see a granddaughter. Don't fall off on the ice. Have fun Dave
  4. See you at 9:45. I'm going stir crazy in doors. Dave
  5. Waz zappening? It's *issing down with rain and forecast to be 4C at 10:00.....possibly nothing. Merry Christmas everyone. Dave
  6. yes. first time out this week Dave
  7. Dave and ruth


    ok. Its 5C here. Grass and car are wet not frosty. Garage roof frozen. wrap up warm Dave
  8. Dave and ruth


    Tim and I will be at the Forest at 9:30 if anyone wants a steady ride. Dave
  9. No is the obvious answer Leigh. Time to hibernate Dave
  10. If it's not raining I'll see you at the Forest Dave
  11. Ok. If the weather is dry. Dave
  12. I will not be there this week Dave
  13. Flyford, I thought you said Fladbury!
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