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  1. How about Coffee One Pershore or Tower café Halfpenny Green Airport ?
  2. I'll be at Tardebigge 9.30 prompt.
  3. Yes there was an A run on Sunday, went out via Holt Fleet to Cobhouse Fisheries, arrived in time for breakfast, returned through Great Whitley and Stourport. Good ride through some very mucky lanes. Riders were: Mick Hazelwood Owen Hazelwood Kevin Sargeant Lee De Gray Kevin Rodgers Tim Brueton Hope I've got everybody's name right.
  4. Hi I will be on the B run on Sunday if there is one.
  5. How about Bromyard if the weather is good?
  6. Tim

    C Run Monday 25th May

    Good ride today to Bromyard 70+ miles covered thanks to DaveM for a great route.
  7. Thought this might be of interest Blackwell Bridge opens on Saturday afternoon (23rd)
  8. Lumpy route to Stourport is ok with me.
  9. How about Kinver or Halfpenny Green Airport ?
  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes. See you at Tardebigge.
  11. How about the Touchdown Café at Wellesbourne Airfield good café and great views.
  12. Hi as the last post asked is the B run going via Tardebigge?
  13. Hope to be at Tardebigge on Sunday.
  14. Tim

    Tuesday Run

    Got a delivery today will not be at Tardebigge.
  15. Tim

    Tuesday Run

    See you at Tardebigge 9.45.
  16. Tim

    Tuesday Run

    Is there a run tomorrow ?
  17. Hi Mike hope to be at Tardebigge in the morning first ride for a few weeks.
  18. Hope to ride with you all again soon been in hospital again!!
  19. Tim

    Tuesday 17th

    Hope to be at the Man on the Moon for 10.00 am.
  20. Tim

    Tuesday 17th

    Tuesday 17th sounds good, meeting at Rubery?.
  21. Tim

    A gentle run sun 15th

    Will meet you at Waseley, want to be home earlier today.
  22. Decided to go to Stourport, want to be home early today.
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