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  1. Halfords, Elite Bottles 550ml with cover £4.45 order online collect from shop.
  2. See you at Tardebigge weather permitting , could be icy !!
  3. See you in the morning weather permitting.
  4. Hope to be at Tardebigge in the morning weather permitting.
  5. Tim

    electric bikes

    I need one now !!!!!!!!!!
  6. Went to Tardebigge expecting to be the only one there, but Ken turned up and we went for a steady ride to the Post Office at Bishampton Sat outside in the sun and then had a very pleasant ride home.
  7. OK with me, only not going to be there much for a few months !!!!
  8. See you in the morning, Upton could be busy Beacon A run are going there.
  9. Went back to collect water bottle and got stuck talking to a couple at the table where we had been been sitting, could never have pulled you back so went home at my own pace and route !!!!! did not know you all waited.
  10. See you at Tardibigge
  11. See you in the morning.
  12. Still on holiday hope to be out next Sunday, it's 38C here and roasting !!
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