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  1. Club Run 4th November ??

    Well, I did make it Upton and praised myself for being first for once and getting served very quickly. Now I know why. I only had some rain on the way home. Well done Tess.
  2. Club Run 9th September ??

    Where abouts in Mickleton please?
  3. Club Run 26th August ??

    A very good idea. For realism it would need to take place in the middle of the winter, outside in the car park when its 2C and raining, with a rear wheel covered in mud.
  4. Club Run 8th July ??

    Yes I do look somewhat knackered but It was a tough climb on my own in the heat up from Aston under Edge.
  5. Club Run 27th May ??

    It would have been far simpler if you do as I do., keep your bike in the lounge.
  6. Club Run 27th May ??

    You should have no problems with that 34T rear sprocket.
  7. Club Run 15th April ??

    which cafe in evesham, Raphaels?
  8. Club Run 4th March ??

    Talking of nuts, I hope everyone is feeding the birds.
  9. Club Run 7th January ??

    For those of you planning to head this way it's 08:35 and -1.5C outside and the bird bath water is frozen.
  10. Club Run New Year’s Eve ??

    What you need to keep busy is an old bungalow to do up.
  11. Seniors 26/1/2017

    I hope you enjoyed your Xmas and a happy new year to you and your carer.
  12. C run 13th August

    Will see you all at Revills 11:20/30 The road from the Stock Green turn by us is closed down to Himbleton. There was a trench right across the road but I don't think you come up that road. Alan.
  13. What is this called?

    Sean, I've only just seen this thread, The end cap is used to pre-load the bearing, the round plastic tool allows a very very small torque to be applied using your fingers before clamping the two crank arm pinch bolts. Should you need the installation checking, don't hesitate to call in as I have all the workshop tools for fitting and removal of b/bkt, crank arm and a torque wrench for torques as low as 7.5 Nm. Alan.
  14. Club Run 2nd April ??

    I'll make my way over to the Wayside. Do you have an ETA?
  15. Club Runs Sunday 5 Feb ???

    and not forgetting Tony Shardlow jigging around the lounge to Jump Up by Vanilla Ice.