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  1. Have just returned from Droitwich, Himbleton is flooded and lots of huge puddles everywhere. If Bishampton PO is full you could try the golf club. The cafe is around the back on the lower level and cyclists are welcome.
  2. It's 18:00 (sat) and Caroline, who has just arrived for her fish fingers and chips, says the main bridge in Pershore is officially closed. There is some lying water on the main road through to Pinvin from this end which is ride around-able. Have a nice ride as I will not be out.
  3. I’ll see you either on route or at the Barn.
  4. Moira and I bailed out just after the bridge in Stourport, and like Leigh, took the very lumpy road to Holt Fleet via Shrawley. We did shout we were turning off but not sure if we were heard. After a tea and toast stop at the Garden Centre in Holt Fleet we headed home taking in the lanes from Sychampton, Elmbridge and Stoke Prior.
  5. Will you be going via Stourport or Ombersley?
  6. John, will you be heading out via Bradley Green?
  7. Talking of Chippings the following roads were due to be surface dressed my 30th June. Stock Wood to Withybed Lane; Withybed Lane itself; Part of Cockshut Lane (Stock Green to Dormston); Some of the road that passes the Golf club on the way to Fladbury; From Shaftlands Cross to Crowle; From Crowle to the T junction which is left to Worcester and right to Tibberton. Tony S may have the latest update and Steve Tonry has confirmed Shaftlands Cross to Crowle has been done. This stretch could affect Tuesday's Defford route. If you were thinking of going via Astwood Bank the main road from the Neville Arms through Cookhill is also closed but cyclists may be able to get through.
  8. Thankfully, The Jazz festival is next weekend. I'll meet you there.
  9. Pete Cooper stopped for refreshments in Stourport High St. Bev, Kev. Chris T and myself peeled off at Great Witley and stopped for refreshments at a Garden centre in Holt Heath before heading back via Droitwich.
  10. From the Cambridge dictionary 'happening in a smooth, gradual, and regular way, not suddenly or unexpectedly'. Unfortunately there is no mention of the speed. Hopefully will meet you there.
  11. Just incase you do not know Defford is also open and might be less busy.
  12. Well, I did make it Upton and praised myself for being first for once and getting served very quickly. Now I know why. I only had some rain on the way home. Well done Tess.
  13. Where abouts in Mickleton please?
  14. A very good idea. For realism it would need to take place in the middle of the winter, outside in the car park when its 2C and raining, with a rear wheel covered in mud.
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