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  1. At the request of our Chairman Chris Pardoe I have today added a 'floating banner' to this website. The floating banner appears on all pages across the Saracen forum, and the floating aspect refers to the fact that the banner moves down the pages as you scroll.
  2. I regret to say that unfortunately someone wearing a Saracen jersey has caught the eye of a local today because they were riding in a group of three during the current lockdown. This in turn has generated a number of negative comments on Facebook. I can’t stress enough how important it is to only ride solo or with members of your household. Riding with neighbours, friends and club mates is not in keeping with the governments guidelines. Riding as a group, even if you think you are observing the 2m distance, is unfortunately only going to look bad. Both Conservatives and Labour leaders support a complete ban on outdoor exercise if the current movement restrictions are not adhered to. Here is the original post from Spotted Bromsgrove on Facebook: “Hi , I'm a cyclist and swimmer and have been for many years, I'm rather dismayed to see Bromsgrove people flaunting the new rules on exercise, it's not clever cycling 3 abreast down coalash lane and wearing a saracens cc shirt one of you. Especially when people are walking, also seen to other groups of 3 , trust me they were not family members I been cycling long enough to recognize this . PLEASE go out on your own or with a family member not meet up with your mates on copyholt lane, Please ride in single file when you see people walking STOP being so arrogant knob heads.”
  3. Owen and I are incredibly saddened to hear of Eddie's passing, and our thoughts are with Mavis and the family. As younger members, we can honestly say that Eddie was an unforgettable character. He was incredibly sharp, highly intelligent, witty, and attentive to even the smallest minutiae of details. A man who appreciated procedure, protocol and all things proper. He had a presence in any and all rooms he was in. He will be missed dearly, even by younger members that did not know him for as long a time as other members here.
  4. Morning all, The organisers behind Tour of the Black Country have announced a new sportive - the Bournville Classic! The sportive is to be held on Sunday 21st October. The 68 mile route starts and finishes at the Cadbury factory and takes in a lot of local climbs, boasting a total of 6000ft (1800m) of climbing. The Bournville Classic is £25 to ride. More info and tickets can be found here: http://cycleclassics.co.uk/bournville-classic/ I'm sure a few Saracen riders would be up for entering this!
  5. Evening all, Mick has asked me to put a post up here with information related to the club 10TT this coming Saturday. Important: Mick has asked that all volunteers/marshalls/timekeepers arrive at the HQ at 1pm. If you have offered to provide assistance and can no longer do so please contact Mick ASAP. Date: Saturday 4th August Course: K33/10D First Rider Off: 14:01HRS HQ: Crawford Memorial Hall, Salford Road, Bidford-on-Avon, Warwickshire. B50 4EZ Thank you to everyone that is able to provide event support and we look forward to seeing you on what will hopefully be a sunny (and quick!) Saturday afternoon. Thanks, Hannah
  6. For a minute there Moira I thought Mick had said he'd spent a lot of time on the front! but now I realise that it's you - you champ!!!! Good to hear he has some sense! Someone's gotta keep an eye on that Rourke! Yes we're both down this weekend and looking forward to seeing you all! The Philpott tea and toast experience sounds awesome!!!
  7. Hannah

    Birthday greetings

    Happy belated birthday John!!!
  8. Hannah

    Sunday 12th Feb

    Evening all! Just spent the last hour catching up with the adventures of you all since Boozers! It seems that the rain and ice has either kept you all indoors, or on short rides... or in the pool, in the case of Leigh Fishit (the cat comment made me crack up!!!) Tales of tea and toast at the Philpotts sounds lovely! And reading about how you have all braved the elements to ride together makes me smile :-) I shan't bore you all with the tales of the horrendous weather up north! Suffice it to say: a) I could count the number of times I used my winter Campag jacket in the Midlands on one hand - it was rarely cold enough to justify wearing it. Here it's seeing the light of day at least twice a week! b) The log burner in our living room is an absolute lifesaver! Anyway, I digress! We've missed you all terribly and we're coming back to the Midlands this weekend as my nan turns 70! We'll be staying at Mick's from Friday 10th through til Monday 13th - and we're both up for a club ride! O's managed to get out a couple of times with the local bash, but between commuter mileage, the cold and adapting to the new job the only miles I am doing are to and from work - a 24 mile commute in this weather approx 4 times a week is enough for me atm! But with this and tales of the cold and short Saracen adventures in mind O and I quite fancy a ride on Sunday to our favourite place - Pershore. Currently, the forecast looks cold and dry for Sunday, but I appreciate this will probably change as Sunday draws closer. Anyway, I thought I'd mention it and see how everyone feels about it :-) Looking forward to hopefully seeing you - fingers crossed for some fairly decent weather!!!
  9. What part of 'lay off the bike or at the very least go easy when you ride' was completely and utterly lost on you Rourke?!?!? God help you if you're still coughing when we arrive this weekend!
  10. I hope all had a lovely time at the annual dinner last night and I'm sorry Owen and I couldn't be there. It's been an expensive month with the move, work on the car's gearbox and insurance renewal!!! But I hope everyone had a blast! I've been commuting to and from work by bike the last two weeks - it's a 20 mile round trip. Honestly, we Midlanders have NO concept of cold. I don't recall ever going out on a club run and complaining of a cold derriere! But that's exactly what I get most morning on the commute to and from work. At least my Campag jacket will get a lot more use and the cold weather does give us a good reason to have the log burner going each evening; a welcome treat after a cold ride! Thank you again to everyone that has sent cards and well wishes, they've all been much appreciated. The last three weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind but we're getting into a bit of routine slowly but surely. Miss you all and hope to see you soon!!!
  11. Love the photos Speedy!!! You have such a eye!!! I hope you're up for Victorian Christmas fayre @ Worcester next month!!!! Thank you for the well wishes Ivor! We will be back in Bromsgrove before you know it but we're both really looking forward to this new chapter in our lives! Thanks for letting us know Leigh, Kenty I hope you get better soon! Would have loved to have seen you before we go but your health and wellbeing must take priority. Take good care, get well soon and we'll be in touch when we're back in the area.
  12. A huge thank you to everyone who came to meet us at Pershore today! It was so lovely to see you all before we leave for Darlington next weekend! We didn't get chance to speak to all of you, but it means the world to us that you came. I hope Sean and Chris K are ok as we didn't see you guys. Do let us know that you are both ok! We hope to be back in the area end of November and of course we'll be back for Boozer's Run! Thanks all for the cards and well wishes, such a lovely send off from our Saracen family xxx
  13. Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!
  14. Thank you for your kind words Leigh! Will be great to see you before we go! I know there's talk of Speedy Kev, Lee De Gray and Mick Dalton coming over and I hope to see a few more faces! If there are any concerns about bike storage outside the cafe I've been told the cafe often allows cyclists to take their bikes through to the courtyard at the back. I can ring Coffee 1 tomorrow to confirm this if there are concerns about numbers/bike security. Owen and I plan to be here from 11am and we will stay for a couple of hours, sampling their lovely coffee and cake!
  15. As I'm sure many of you already know, Owen and I are moving on to pastures new this month after I accepted a job offer in Darlington. We are sad to leave Speeds and Bromsgrove behind, but we will continue to be Saracen members. We'll wave the Saracen flag up north whenever possible! We are due to leave for our new home on Sunday 30th October; so Sunday 23rd October will be our last full Sunday here. The last three weekends we have been house hunting and as such have not been out on club rides, but this Sunday we'd like to see as many of you as poss before we go. Given that the days are growing shorter (and colder!) and given that Coffee 1 in Pershore has always been one of our favourite haunts we'd like to suggest making this cafe the destination for this week's club run. Owen and I will be driving there (we're conserving energy for the packing and the 200 mile move!) with a view of getting to the cafe for about 11am. Let me know how you feel about that and if it's something the club would like to do that's fab. If anyone has got any other suggestions let us know!
  16. Over the course of the weekend we had apols from Lee '50 Shades' De Grey (aka Phelps),Speedy Kev, Dave C and Mick H. Owen (who's nursing what I suspect is a trapped nerve in his back) Alec and I decided this morning to make our way to Pershore for a steady ride. Along the way we caught sight of the back of the B group and we caught the C's, with whom we shared the road for a little while. Kevin Young caught us too, and had a ride with V Sprint for a change! We arrived at Coffee 1 to be treated to pecan and blackberry crumble (which was absolutely lush and well worth the extra 40p to have it warmed through and served with cream!!!), Welsh cakes, lovely tea and more. A cold start but an otherwise beautiful day spent with very good company. Not entirely sure it qualifies as a club run as our ride wasn't advertised in advance on our lovely forum - but I'll leave that to the discretion of the lovely, wonderful and utterly charming Sean One final word - the Tommy Godwin sportive is on next Sunday. Owen and myself have already entered, as has Pardoe and I believe Mick McClure! Alec, Speedy Kev and Fae will also be potentially riding the event (TBC!!!). Here is the link to the event here on the Saracen forum: http://www.saracenroadclub.com/index.php?/topic/17636-tommy-godwin-challenge-raising-funds-for-marie-curie/ And here is the link to sign up online: http://tommygodwinchallenge.weebly.com/ We had an absolute blast last year at this event. Funds raised go to a very good cause and the event was well marshalled/signposted with lovely cakes! Hope to see you there :-)
  17. Owen and I have signed up Chris and I believe Speedy and Alec are doing the same. PS .... Mick McClure looking dashing as always there! A happy belated birthday to you my dear! Big hugs when I see you next! :-)
  18. Anyone got any suggestions for the A and B run destination/s for tomorrow? Despite the awful weather today forecast looks reasonable for tomorrow! I'm open to suggestions - preferably somewhere not too hilly for the B run as I'm still regaining fitness and I do believe a certain someone who hasn't ridden his bike in a little while may be joining us too! With that said if a hillier destination is preferred by the majority a few of us in need a gentler ride can always go and do our own thing! Just thought I'd get the conversation started! ;-)
  19. I'll be there for 9:30am... weather permitting!
  20. A fab night for a very good cause. Sue, you TOTALLY rock the shaved look!!!! Everyone had an absolute blast and it's phenomenal the way you were able to organise such an awesome event. Still can't believe Kenty's beard has gone though!!!!
  21. Just going to suggest some new nicknames following events witnessed last night... John 'mover and shaker' Shelley and Chris 'random pink slips' Pardoe.
  22. O and I are going to ride to Pershore - hope everyone enjoys their ride!!!!
  23. Hannah

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Pat! Hope you've had a lovely day! xx
  24. Evening all, as per my post on the other thread, I will be joining the C's tomorrow as I recover from this cold and rebuild lost fitness. I'll see you at Tardebigge Kenty for what I assume will be a 9:30am start! Se you at Hillers Sean if not before :-)
  25. Hey guys, given that: a) I haven't got a geared bike setup that I'm happy with and b) that I'm getting over a trip to Dundee and back this week (which involved 2 coach trips - one lasting 11 hours!!!) and c) that I'm only just getting over this ruddy cold I've decided to give the B run a miss this week. But, I will instead gently stretch my legs and rebuild a little lost fitness by joining the C run out to Hilliers. Sorry not to be joining the B run but no sense in pushing myself too hard and taking steps backward rather than forward!!!
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