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  1. Hi Ivor, if Roger can't help I have one hardly used and I have the riser for the front wheel rather than using a brick or encyclopedia. Give me a call.
  2. Best wishes Tess, hope you have time off to enjoy your day.
  3. Happy New Year to all my friends and fellow Saracen Members. Best wishes to all.
  4. I have just heard the news that Grant Thomas has sadly passed away. I know he was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago. Very sad news. RIP.
  5. Never mind Laura, you was still smiling looking at your photo. We had some magnificent tea cakes on Sunday at Wellsbourne, pity you was at home nursing a hangover after your night out on Saturday.
  6. Thanks for your company today Chris good to catch up with Roger and yourself and it was great to see Laura out and clearly well on the way to getting back to her former fitness. You should have kept me out longer though Chris as arriving back home realised I didn't have my keys to get in the house, Sandra had gone out and I didn't have my phone. Jazz my faithful dog realised I was home but has been trained not to open the door to anyone, including me. Oh well only had to wait an hour.
  7. I'm innocent, I was out today but I totally the opposite direction. Not the first time I've had it said about small group riding with a Saracen Jersey present.
  8. Yeay !!!!!!!. I can taste my breakfast already.
  9. Perfect timing for us at Croome Park today, a plentiful choice of tables to sit at. Just felt sorry for all the other visitors who could not enjoy a pot of tea as we had most of the pots on our table.
  10. I was thinking I might see you at Auntie Rita's Chris, but I didn't go out until gone 11am and you wasn't out anyway. Roads were very quite and a pleasant long ride in the sunshine was had. Just got home before the rain started.
  11. Not out tomorrow guys, have a safe enjoyable ride.
  12. Only time we went fast today was running in the cafe to get warm !!!
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