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    France for summer 29th May 2015.
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    Family, Friends, Cycling, France, Cars.
    Want to get fit and compete in Sportives.
    As CP has said to me 2 years ago "become a professional cyclist at last.....". Some hopes.........

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  1. Hi Roger - sorry belated Birthday greetings. Trust you had a great, safe and healthy time.
  2. Great to hear you guys are all getting out. I’m doing a little like 100 miles a week! However, here in France it’s a lovely ride and nearly always non stop! I try to complete 40 miles a ride. Hope you all keep safe in these trying times and look forward to riding with you soon.
  3. Hi John/Ann - belated congratulations. Can now get in the private room.

  4. Well done Tess. Keep it up.
  5. Congratulation Jack. Well done and enjoy your future life.
  6. Late, happy birthday. When are you coming over?
  7. Thanks everyone. Still suffering in Brittany with the rain that's supposed to be over the UK. September is usually very sunny and warm over here but currently Wearing my thermal top with shorts! See you all around Christmas is the latest plan.
  8. Great ride. Your still showing what a great rider you are.
  9. I'll see you at the cafe as NO MUDGARDS!
  10. Hi John - still full of head cold. All being well I will meet you at Hillers. I'll do a ride and get there around 11.15.
  11. T Tommy Godwin Sportive- Mike McClure Tommy Godwin Sportive - Mike McClure
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