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  1. Thanks Tony, brilliant, enjoyed reading your post i cant bear the thought of it. Regarding the half wheeling stakes, i don't half wheel, as Dave Mortimer would say i just have a longer bike than others!! Likewise, looking forward to a return with you in the peloton to give me a kicking, it might make me sleep at night. Remember Tony it was you who first introduced me to the Thursday group, when i was making a comeback to cycling after a 40 year break from cycling and racing in the North West, that was 10 years ago. I was riding on my own when you came alongside and suggested that i should come to Tardebigge at 10am on a Thursday. I've enjoyed it ever since and met several good like minded people in the Midlands, all thanks to a brief encounter with you on the bike.
  2. I don't want to see Ivor doing another rain dance. But seriously, completion of my move is imminent, it's all hands to the pump! It may be quite a while before i'm back in the saddle. My upside chain collapsed and we are having to rent a property for 6 months which means putting the contents of a bucket into a pint pot and a lot of hard work with 2 moves instead of 1 . Enjoy your summer cycling. It's long holidays in warmer climates for me whilst in temporary accommodation and then i will training hard to keep up with "others" on electric wheels. Best wishes Barry
  3. Seniors included Chris, Ken, Ivor and me, Destination Twisted Spoon. The Place was packed but a young man found a table because we were Oldies. The usual good food, Chris moderated i think he is enjoying Sunday lunch at Leigh's too much ! Got as far as Droitwich on the return and the rain started in earnest, to say the least b- - -dy soaked .Chris was the wise one, he went east from the cafe and retraced his tracks, he will no doubt say, what rain, in future we ignore Ivor he can't read clouds, particularly black ones moving West to East slowly ! The roads in Barnt Green were dry! and five minutes after i arrived home the Sun came out and dried all my clothes, including base layers, i think that's what is known as s- - -s law, but good company and ride. The unofficial Seniors press officer 😳 getting good John even an Emoji, worth 2 points?
  4. Bishampton was the cafe stop for Ivor, Ken and myself, we had just settled down to eat our Jumbo toasted hot cross buns, bread pudding for Ken, when two young ladies ( relatively) joined us, they had jumped ship, said they prefered the company and speed of older men, i reminded them that i was their carer and didn't want them to get too exited. Anyway Moira and Bev made welcome company and joined us for the return. The speed couldn't have been very high as they talked together all the way home. One mile to go for me and the heavens opened and that's how our ride ended, another good day in the saddle, improved by the presence of the ladies. Points for them also please John, even though they left your group in search of experienced men !!.
  5. I will be at Tardebigge 9.30, subject to weather, forecast questionable
  6. Tardebigge 9.30 but not for me if raining. Just testing John to see if i have followed instructions correctly to add a new topic!!!
  7. As nobody else is giving a press release, here goes. The seniors included Ivor, Ken, Pete and I. We were paced by John's group as far as Priest bridge and then onwards to Hillers. I think we broke the record for average age 77.5 on this run,. i being the youngest but acted as a good carer for the others. Great run out and banter at the cafe, no doubt i will get some stick for this post. I think we each deserve 2 points for breaking a record!!
  8. Seniors I will be there 9.30
  9. Seniors I will be at Tardebigge 9.30
  10. Leigh failed to mention that we had a very disjointed ride out which Ken and I took a lot of time and phone calls etc to organise, but those of us who arrived together at the agreed cafe (official points destination) included Ivor, Ken, Leigh, Pete, Chris K and me. A much more orderly return into the wind and another enjoyable day on the bike. Good debate about the state of the nation and the B word and we pledged our allegiance to Nigel F.
  11. Ken and i are meeting at 10 and picking up Tony S at the end of Flying Horse lane with an intended Evesham direction, why not jion us? home via Droitwich to drop Tony off.I tried ringing your mobile Chris, left a message, i don't have Leigh's number.
  12. Don't forget Pete, i know we our seniors and sometimes forget where we are going,
  13. The Senior run. Ken, Ivor and myself met at 11.15 and proceeded to Stourport. Cafe very busy but we sat at the table of a ex racing motorcycle rider which provided an interesting change of conversation. Home into the wind but a great day out in good company, both on the road and at the cafe. We really must keep the Senior run going forward, hopefully with more club members.
  14. Seniors,------ Any riders for a chilly one at 10 ??? otherwise i won' t bother turning up and maybe do a solo later.
  15. The Seniors are increasing in numbers thanks to Tony Shardlow who joined us on the route out. Great to see him after a long absence and in such good form, others included Ken, Ivor Chris K Leigh and me. Bishampton cafe/shop was the destination with good banter lead by Chris. We returned via Droitwich as a reward to Tony for joining us, his presence also reduced the average age of the group which Chris had calculated, it astounded some other cyclist at the cafe when Ken told them. Another good day out. Points please John it makes up for our average speed.
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