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  1. Waited at Radford and rode up and down the road back towards Inkberrow to the Worcester Rd from 10.20 until 11??? Then did a Billy/Barry no mates solo Senior ride..
  2. Thanks John, Radford it will be.2 mile from home.
  3. Hi John Subject to weather can i meet you somewhere and at what aprox' time. Do you cross the Worcester road and at which point or suggest a place i may know, clearly i don't expect you to wait, just ride through and i hope i can be there to meet you. Or will you go via Priest bridge going towards Alan P's house and onto the Worcester Rd, i can be between those two points.
  4. Sorry guys not risking it, nearly fell taking rubbish to the bin.
  5. Subject to temperature at 11am i will cycle to Broadacre fishery.to be there for 11.30 or i will post tomorrow at 10.30 ish if not.
  6. Highly recommended. Thanks Chris and Alan for providing an excellent cafe stop at short notice and an informative discussion on electric bike technology and tyre's. Also to Moira for her perseverance, leading in adverse conditions as well as assisting Chris in the Kitchen and photography
  7. Hope to see you on the road between Priest Bridge and Flying Horse lane 10.20 ish.
  8. Great to be out on 2 wheels again and a welcome break from problems associated with moving home. The world is a much better place out on the bike in good company!! even in pain. I came home with a message from Lesley, there's a tin of rice pudding in the fridge. Why haven't i got a Polly? She was even out spending my money. There is only one way to put the financial world to right, simple. Get rid of the cost center!!
  9. Sorry Guys for my absence for the past few weeks, weather, preparing to move and moving to our new abode in Inkberrow Monday. Never again!!! out in a box next time!! Hope to see you in the New Year, when no doubt it will be suffering the pain barrier again, Trying to "1/2 wheel" or even, keep up with " Ivor the eeee engine" Happy Christmas to all. Barry
  10. Ivor and i made a later start, destination the cafe/shop in Bishampton, Mike Mclue came by car and joined us for a drink. Great ride, roads not too bad. Met a Saracen member at the cafe, can't remember his name but much reminiscing. Also saw Ken & Pat out, but we had passed in opposite directions, should have stopped.
  11. Agreed with Ivor 10.30 Tardebigge I will meet at Chesgrove crossroads 10.45
  12. Hopefully see you at the Chessgrove crossroad, I should be there 9.45, if not don't wait.
  13. Yes Tony you are correct, but we agreed on departure from Tardebigge that had we met you en route, Flying horse or Priest bridge, we would have taken a less hilly route. You were missed, sorry you didn't join us.
  14. Good ride with Ivor and Tim, over the hills to Church lench, Atch lench and onward to the farm cafe on the Evesham road. Electronic Ivor waited at the top for Tim and I. Note, the word Steady has been erased from Ivor's vocabulary!! i think we averaged in excess of 16 MPH
  15. Hi Tony. Ivor wont be going over the Lenches even under Turbo boost, try and join us at either Flying horse lane or Priest Bridge, it would be good to see you! and i promise to give you plenty of room!!
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