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  1. Best wishes on your special birthday John. At 75 you can now look forward to life on the bike getting harder, welcome to the 75+ club !! I look forward to the end of lockdown and our group riding together again. Best regards Barry.
  2. Happy New Year to All. Let's hope it's a good one for bike riders in the near future, with cafe stops as the norm again and Ivor riding with us. Best Wishes Barry
  3. Belated Birthday greetings Chris, like John looking forward to group riding again. Boring on your own for 2/3 hours. I hope your day was good. Barry
  4. I agree John, another enjoyable day in the saddle. I did get my new to me Winter bike wet and dirty, within 2minutes after leaving you the rain came down heavy and I arrived home very wet, on a dirty bike. The joys of cycling. It was also nice to see Dave Mitchell for a brief chat on our way to Evesham, I think he was out training, getting the miles in to race next year maybe !!! ??
  5. Thanks John will do, as previously top of the short steep hill on the A422 Inkberrow road. !0.45 ish
  6. Thanks John for the info' but I think its a miss for me also. Hope to see you Tuesday for Clives. Are you going via PB?
  7. Lancashire Lad

    60 years

    Congratulations Ken and Pat, an achievement to be proud of. Barry & Lesley
  8. See you between PB and Flying Horse lane
  9. Keep it up Chris, as an ex racer you know how to go through the pain barrier. Look forward to seeing you back with us on the road.
  10. Hi Tim. Can I have the short sleeve summer jersey. You can ring me on 01386304483. Hope you are well. Barry.
  11. Thank you for your best wishes. Hope there are many more with the club. Barry
  12. This must be one in a million, husband and wife same birthday date,10 years apart!!! Hope you had a good celebration and look forward to seeing you both tomorrow. Barry
  13. Great photo's Chris and a marathon ride. Well done at your age!!! I thought you said previously you were doing 40/50 a day?
  14. You know me better than that. My names not Andy Wish I could manage that, even your 40/50. 30/40 per day 100/120 per week
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