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  1. Great day out guys and the best cafe stop this year thanks to Alan and Chris. Good banter and conversation, not to mention the nostalgic music provided by Alan the disc jockey, appreciated by the old amongst us and Moira and Mick the youngsters? It was so good we didn't really want to get back on the bikes. The smoked salmon and scrambled egg was served to perfection !! along with the toast. A big thanks to Alan and Chris for their hospitality.
  2. Good, 10.30 by the time you get to me is easier on even older bones and legs!! Electrics for Winter??
  3. Hope to see you en route subject to no reaction from the Flue and Covid booster jabs done together this morning.
  4. I will see you en route before the junction as usual.
  5. Another great day on the bike, but Moira, I think you backed the wrong horse returning from The View. Inspite of my questionable navigation skills I arrived home via Studley. I rest my case. Hope to see you on Tuesday for Defford, I even know how to get there now.
  6. See you en route. Yes Moira your memory is good, better than mine! Let's see if my chain comes off tomorrow!!
  7. Alan thanks for your comment, I'm just an attention seeker! The only hurt was my pride, trying to get off the bike. I have difficulty getting my "leg over" these days, it's an age thing!
  8. Hi Moira. Will do, en route it is.
  9. Sorry Alan i was on the front, hardly leading the charge!! i did ask the question, and was told the "Philpott electrics" would catch us. I also asked if we should wait as we left Pershore and was informed that Alan knew a shortcut in the town and would be in front of us. clearly not the case and we never so you again. Very sorry. Good ride though and thanks to Mick for the home made energy bars!! perhaps because of them we were going faster than we thought.
  10. Thanks Moira. I will meet you at the junction or en route to it from Feckenham. Subject of course to an improvement on todays weather! Hope John is able to join us at Clive's.
  11. Thanks Moira for the info' but sorry, visiting family in Bristol, went out today instead. Enjoy the ride, could be a long one if you get lost, but even John has been known to in that part of the country. Regarding the hill, it's short enough to sprint up. No problem for a youngster like you !!
  12. Thanks for your Best Wishes, Just going out to get wet on the bike! Barry
  13. Hi John, i will ride towards you en route.
  14. Via Radford ? Will see you there if so.
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