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  1. Thanks for the good wishes forwarded to me via Chris . There will be signed copies of the illustrated (full colour) book based on my heroic stoicism in the face of the horrendous medical onslaught upon myself.
  2. Cannot come having my picture taken !!! Stay safe have a good day.
  3. A good day .A brisk start . Ride steadied after a bit .Gordon dropped off ,Chris and I went to Blackminster where he bought me an excellent Cappuccino (spellcheck)and a small breakfast which was nigh on without any grease ! (I am obviously a calorie counter you don't get like this by chance). Battled the wind on and off and got back in time for roast beef.Good day apart from the grit ant tar.
  4. What no Seniors ...not wet,cold . Hibernation is officially over !!!
  5. Many thanks to Hedgerow for the ride . I was cream crackered when I got home in part because of my shortcut to miss Droitwich which was disastrous . Should have left it to the expert .
  6. The weatherman said its raining (but not on me!! So) I'm not complaining ..... sung to the tune of the Weatherman said its raining ..... what a coincidence eh!! Thanks to John for the back wheel and route as ever.
  7. Hope to see you at Tardebigge .Must remember to take wet wear. Chris is hoping to come as well.
  8. Happy Birthday to Chris Kent today. Hope you have a great day.
  9. Got home dry but exhausted .Overtook a cyclist on the way and was feeling chuffed until he told me he was recovering from open heart surgery which rather spoilt the feeling of achievement) Washed up etc 1hr plus (with Chris's valuable help) Cut the lawns ,did some gardening then collapsed onto the bed .... Further to our breaktime discussion on the origin of sayings ...Hoist by his own petard.. The phrase's meaning is literally that the bomb-maker (a "petard" is a small explosive device) is blown up ("hoisted" off the ground) by his own bomb, and indicates an ironic reversal, or poetic justice. I knew you were dying to have the puzzle solved.
  10. Coffee 2 . Portuguese tart poss almond croissant . Apart from having to cycle there sounds like a good plan.
  11. Where are you going?
  12. When Chris Kent said Chris Pardoe was a pusher ... I thought no wonder he can afford a Pinnerello with ceramic hubs !!!! But then he explained that he had helped Jack on the way back . Well it was an easy mistake to make wasn't it.
  13. My but you were on the ball early Mr Shelley sir. Hope to see every one out at 9.30am .
  14. Cometh the hour cometh the man . When all around were saying where where where a knight on a shining charger (Colnago) bravely took the lead and with a commanding shout of Bewdley lead us all into the fray . A pleasant day out . Thanks to all . Two out of towners joined us Dougie Pinkerton and Brian Taylor to swell the band of happy souls.
  15. Hope you both had a great day .
  16. Hope to see you . Seniors are we having a common meeting time as Barry suggested ?
  17. HEADLINE NEWS.... Saracens savage government and pound parliament ...today the illuminati (this does mean they have lights on their bike Mr Pardoe!) had their morning break at Craigham and had an in depth discussion of the state of the Nation and indeed the World and found the leaders severely lacking . A manifesto may indeed be in the works even as you read this . That is after we have had baths ,dinner and cleaned our bikes and then if we can remember what we were talking about. Mrs Davies if indeed you do not know whats going on you may be selected as our spokeswoman .
  18. Spoke to Chris agreed to see you all at 10am .
  19. Sounds like a plan . Not too far or close .Hope it suits .
  20. So good to see the young suffer !!! Jack did well and like so many before at this stage trailed along and will no doubt soon leave me in his dust . Ah well take my pleasure whilst I can .
  21. Mouth watering already .
  22. Happy Birthday Hilary . Best wishes Leigh @ Lynda xxx
  23. Had minor op .. not allowed . So sad.
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