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  1. Hi John, hope you had a Happy Birthhday..😊
  2. Happy Birthday both . Gordon hope your house move is/was on track.
  3. Happy Birthday Bev . Hope you have a good year ahead.
  4. Hi Phil , Happy Birthday. Best wishes . Leigh & Lynda.
  5. Happy Birthday Chris hope you enjoyed the day.
  6. Happy New Year to all Saracen members and their families.
  7. Happy Christmas and hopefully a better NewYear .
  8. Happy Birthday Ken . Forgot to ring you this year.
  9. Leigh

    My Bike

    It may seem harsh .But ,I am going to put my \bike on a strict diet. It's definitely getting heavier especially up hills.
  10. Sorry to have missed the message .Hope the day was a good one . Promise I will pay attention next year .
  11. Happy Birthday Roger enjoy the day.
  12. Leigh

    Been walking

    Been out today and walked for 3.5 hrs plus through woods ,bridle paths and lanes .Bit like my cycling in that I followed my mate Mick Dalton and would be incapable to replicate the walk on my own. 3 weeks since hernia op. We have beautiful varied countryside on walking routes but do miss my bike. Nip to the garage and reassure them that it not long now. Don't worry they haven't replied ....yet.- Check the web site regularly but no posts . Perhaps others could make an effort . Not hard to do better than this.
  13. Many happy returns Pete look forward to seeing you out and about .
  14. Happy Birthday Ivor ...looking forward to seeing you on the bike .
  15. I enjoyed my day . Good route there and back thanks John. Great to see a veritable congregation of Saracen riders together.
  16. Made other arrangements for Sunday . Thanks for info re Tuesday
  17. Leigh

    60 years

    Congratulations both on anniversary and great grand child.
  18. Thanks John hope to see you 10.00am
  19. Get on with it . You are doing well. I would say it gets easier but it hasn't yet for me!
  20. Thursday bit confusing 9.45am meeting Tardebigge mostly fast group.I don't know if there is to be a reversion to the old norm of 10.00am 'Suggest get there at 9'45 and see. . Sunday 10am Tardebigge . However, look at posts on Saracen site in case of any change.
  21. Thanks for the route planning . Enjoyed the day. Hope to see more Saracens out soon.
  22. Leigh

    Senior Moments.

    Got out of the bath .Thought my one leg isn't draining off and then walked off and left the bath full of water. It wasn't until my wife said what are you doing with this bath water that I worked it all out. There's no hope for me.
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