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  1. Wandered late into a spinning session at the gym . Video screen full of muscled, fit (that was the women) . Tried to emulate their efforts in a pathetic way . Feel if I had started at the beginning there would have been another Sad News item with my name on it . Time to grow old or continue as a late adolescent?
  2. Leigh


    Wow Chris didn't know you were a technophile.
  3. Happy Birthday Phil.
  4. Happy Birthday Bev . Hope you had a great day.
  5. Won't be going for a bit . Will try a little turbo on gym bike saddle.
  6. Leigh

    New Year

    Thank you Happy New Year to all members.
  7. Happy Birthday Chris many happy returns.
  8. Yes you are ! I take it the treatment has failed . Maybe in the future new drugs will come out . Don't give up hope. Have a great Christmas Kaye . I eschewed the fry up in the woods as well.
  9. After church considered a short ride when I saw 2 riders. Got out of the car and decided too cold .Becoming a real wimp. Did a bit of spinning at the gym. Warm and dry .
  10. Getting to be a bit greedy ...having had all those Birthdays . Have a great day.
  11. Happy Birthday Roger have a great day.
  12. Sad news,I didn't know Eddie well but an obvious gentleman and club stalwart. He will be missed.
  13. Hope you have had a good day. Happy Birthday
  14. Enjoy a Guinea pig and chip tea and regards to Paddington. Happy Birthday.
  15. Really wanted last ride before op but can't take a chance o f catching cold. Looks too chancy.
  16. I don't know about the wise age that seems to have passed me by . However,have a great day .
  17. Out of hospital . Recovering well .Small fee you can see my catheter . Hope doesn'taffect my upcoming operation.
  18. Only just got to computer ....happy birthday to ya.
  19. Happy Birthday hope you have a GREAT DAY . hOW MANY BEDROOMS????
  20. Leigh

    Senior run 15th

    Glad you had a ride Tim .Not a bad distance .Hope its a comeback.
  21. Thanks to all on the run . Stretched me but I enjoyed the ride and company . Again thanks.
  22. Hope to see you .Not certain which ride ..
  23. Leigh

    Senior run 15th

    Depends how heavy you are on the throttle !!! Look forward to seeing you .
  24. Hi Vince . happy Birthday.
  25. Don't tell them that story as they will transfer you to a specialist ward with padded walls! Good to hear from you.
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