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COVID-19 - UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS - It is the policy of this club that all rides should be taken SOLO while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in place.  ×
Covid-19 - UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS - It is the policy of this club that all rides should be taken SOLO while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in place.


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  1. Leigh

    Birthday Greeting

    Happy Birthday Hilary . (See Chris is out and about still . So life cannot be too bad for you !!! Retaliation for not a pretty sight)
  2. Leigh


  3. Leigh


    Lost my mobile . Will be incommunicado a few days on mobile 01527 835496 home number . Only been lost 2hrs am already getting the shakes!
  4. Although both maze and labyrinth depict a complex and confusing series of pathways, the two are different. A maze is a complex, branching (multicursal) puzzle that includes choices of path and direction, while a labyrinth is unicursal, i.e., has only a single, non-branching path, which leads to the centre. Thought that up by myself ....honest!!!!!!! Perhaps you can explain the explanation to me!
  5. Leigh


    Be nice if the members chat line would be used by all to provide a little relief from lockdown. Did the Thursday Droitwich run by myself today . Forgot my water bottle . Found it hard going on my recovery rides. However, whilst Boris allows exercise outdoors I am going to try and make progress. Miss the backwheel of club riders!
  6. Enjoyed my last club run .Hopefully ,till this has past. Will keep looking at the club site for news and witticisms (spell check). All the best to our members .Hope to see you all one day.
  7. Hope to be there ,together with other at risk group . Will follow till too knackered then make my way home.
  8. A meaningful way to help others in Evie's memory . Thank you.
  9. Missed your birthday Hope you had a great day. x
  10. Nice to see you all at the start. Do I get a point?
  11. Leigh


    Turned into a man who washes the cars on a Sunday...what next will afflict me?
  12. Just read my Cycling UK magazine.An article about Steven says that as a teenager (now 59) he was a Saracen Junior best all rounder 1975 and 1976 . Apparently he of latter years went some what to seed 20st ,high blood pressure ,and borderline diabetes . Back on the bike ,halved his weight and done a 23.20 10 trial time . Hope this was of interest . Do wonder if I went to 20st and got on my bike would I do a 23 ten?
  13. Happy Birthday. Keep turning those pedals.
  14. Leigh

    New cafe

    Nice to know for a shortish ride.Thanks.
  15. Happy Birthday Tess. Have a great day .
  16. Wandered late into a spinning session at the gym . Video screen full of muscled, fit (that was the women) . Tried to emulate their efforts in a pathetic way . Feel if I had started at the beginning there would have been another Sad News item with my name on it . Time to grow old or continue as a late adolescent?
  17. Leigh


    Wow Chris didn't know you were a technophile.
  18. Happy Birthday Phil.
  19. Happy Birthday Bev . Hope you had a great day.
  20. Won't be going for a bit . Will try a little turbo on gym bike saddle.
  21. Leigh

    New Year

    Thank you Happy New Year to all members.
  22. Happy Birthday Chris many happy returns.
  23. Yes you are ! I take it the treatment has failed . Maybe in the future new drugs will come out . Don't give up hope. Have a great Christmas Kaye . I eschewed the fry up in the woods as well.
  24. After church considered a short ride when I saw 2 riders. Got out of the car and decided too cold .Becoming a real wimp. Did a bit of spinning at the gym. Warm and dry .
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