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  1. Club Run Sunday 16 September 🐝🐝🐝

    Did 5 mile charity walk Saturday(donations accepted) then tripped over on step taking a tumble onto pavement on the evening. Made it to Tardebigge heavily dosed up but in agony came home. No fool like an old fool .
  2. Birthday greetings

    Hope you've had a happy birthday in foreign parts.
  3. Club Run Sunday 16 September 🐝🐝🐝

    Shall I bring my trunks or would that put you off your grub!!!
  4. Club Run 9th September 🐝🐝

    John didn't spoil the photo . Bit unkind Moira. Seriously had a good ride and enjoyed the cafe . Got back in time to help with the dinner and score brownie points .
  5. SENIORS RUN:- SUNDAY 9th September

    What be nice if you joined us .... friendly request . I f I have bad night may see you at later time.
  6. SENIORS RUN:- SUNDAY 9th September

    Chris had one run for some time which has encompassed even me ! Be nice if you joined in >
  7. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Vince . Hope you get some new gloves !!!
  8. Club Run 2nd September 🐝🐝

    Good day thanks to John and company . Outward bound was ok return a little hasty . Thought up a plan to disguise my inability to keep up and appear to be a decent sort of guy . Told people I was dropping back for Mick . Win win
  9. Club Run 26th August 🐝🐝

    Didn't want to get wet so went swimming and gym with sessions on stationary bike .
  10. Club Run 26th August 🐝🐝

    Checked two weather forecasts both abysmal . Unlikely to be out .
  11. Club Run 19th August 🐝🐝

    Delete ten mins set off time agree bad idea as it will become a creeping delay .
  12. Club Run 19th August 🐝🐝

    Enjoyed it although I think we have different ideas of steady !!! Re discussion of start times just a suggestion 9.00 for 9.10 start June July August 9.30 for 9.40 start the rest of the year we already have a 10 min delay generally .Obviously with Moira's agreement ! If agreeable needs posting on our site.
  13. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Pat hope he brings you breakfast in bed and not just toast!
  14. Club Run 19th August 🐝🐝

    Ok by me.