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  1. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Roger hope you have had a good day.
  2. Annual Club Dinner

    Really good venue and meal . Lynda and I enjoyed the evening > Good company . Thanks as ever to Chris and Hillary for your hard work and endeavours I am sure everyone else who attended feels the same . .
  3. Long time no see hope all is going well ...obviously your legs are .Well done.
  4. Senior Run 12th November

    Didn't see your entry Moira .. Thank you . Well O Sole Mia went to Defford slowly via Crowle ..White Ladies Aston etc arrived prior to Dave (Ruth's husband ) who lifted my spirits some what ,thank you, and then Moira ,Chris and John Shelley came in further making it into a club run . Good men you all sirs and Moira . Came back alone as now no longer used to a crowd ! Well actually because I felt too slow for the aforementioned athletes. Set a new slowest ride from Defford record . Had worn my new (well to me anyway) club top . Dave mentioned it was like me the old one and a bit frayed at the edges . The truth hurts ..
  5. Senior Run 12th November

    Is there life out there ?
  6. Senior run 5th Nov

    Is it something I've said ...obviously unlikely !!! Billy no mates only me out . Went to Hillers and then roundabout to Alcester . Funny how the short downhills are so steep when reversing a journey and the long uphills go so quickly down . I also believe to wind shifted as it was against me back but not noticeable on the way there ! Hey Ho I was magnificent ..find a witness to disagree !
  7. Senior run 5th Nov

    Hope to be outwell wrapped up !
  8. Senior Club Run 29/10/2017

    Only Pete and I attended ...points please . I went to Aunt Rita's as it was close and I was not at my best . Met Dave Mortimer on the way has a slow and pleasant ride and chat . Saw features on the run I has never previously noticed even though I had been down the roads many times . Had a bit of a blast on the way home . Met Kenny Haddon who had left his wife with Bob !!! Ken had seen me passing a junction and nipped off and caught me . Another chat . Good day . Bit worried about the fact I was the only member who was planning to go on the Seniors run.
  9. Senior Club Run 29/10/2017

    How about Henley in Arden for a change . Remember clocks back . Hope for a good turnout .
  10. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    Could have been worse you could have watched Barry's rear disappearing at least a dozen times as you battled the wind alone!
  11. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Mr Chairman hope you enjoy the day.
  12. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    Bromsgrove are going to Auntie Ritas . Bit crowded . Maybe Kinver or Stourbridge .
  13. ‘C’ Run Sunday 15th October

    Thanks to all. I returned via Shrawley ,the lakes, Astley , Holt Heath ,Worcester and home. Either the hills have got steeper or I'm not the man Iwas ! Some say not a bad thing at that.
  14. ‘C’ Run Sunday 15th October

    Howsabout Bewdley . A change to the otherside
  15. Board update

    Thanks for your efforts Sean . I see we have the cycling links back which I enjoy . Thanks.