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    Had great reservations about going out in weather this cold .However,met the other group John Shelley,Tim and Chris (known as Michelle's husband) and Chris Kent and started to enjoy the day . Chris and I went to Auntie Rita's riding with the others for part of the way . Found the cafe quite full of cyclists including Andy from the Beacon . Went back along Chris's route.Enjoyed the day. Thanks to Chris and others for their company and Barry for his advice . Checked on return and all parts were present. Micheles husband)

    I haven't got wind but temperature guide is 0 degrees at 10am . Bit nippy and iffy .
  3. Seniors run 18th Feb

    Is this spreading the good of my company or sharing the pain ? Answers on a postcard please .
  4. Seniors run 18th Feb

    Thanks to Chris Kent for urging me (telling actually) to go with the other run and thanks to them for their generosity in speed control . Made it to Bewdley where we had a lively exchange or two over the breakfast table. After, Chris and I decided to let the youthful exuberance of the fast group free rein and we returned home at a gentlemanly pace. Thanks to all enjoyed the day.
  5. Seniors run 18th Feb

    Weather looks ok how about Bewdley and meet the other run .
  6. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthdays to you all.Hope you enjoy the day.
  7. Forum down

    Too busy to sort it myself..........as if!!!
  8. SENIORS RUN SUNDAY 11th February

    Cannot say looking forward to weather but will try to get there unless weather too bad.
  9. Well done Kevin look forward to seeing you again . If you were smashed I hate to think what I'd be . Still out there probably !
  10. Seniors Run :-Sunday 4th February

    I thought that was because I waS there!
  11. Seniors Run :-Sunday 4th February

    Only Chris of Kent and myself today . Went a circuitous route to Auntie Rita's . She now calls me Leigh Leggit as she is aware of my habit of trying to leave without paying . Always make good later ,. Excellent cafe unlimited tea and generous portions . (I did tell her I'd noticed her new hairstyle and when asked if it made her look younger said any younger she'd need a nappy ,. I've still got it . Please don't work out what it is !) Met the fast run going in as we were leaving . Time for a chat . A roundabout return .Good day thanks Chris. Look forward to more company next time. Auntie Rita's open next Sunday then closed till 24th Feb.
  12. Seniors Run :-Sunday 4th February

    Not a bad idea as its going to be cold. Hope we have company !
  13. Seniors Run Sunday 28th Jan

    Chris Kent , Pete Taylor , Barry Lucas all out after significant times off the bike . True Grit they sucked it up.I had no excuses just suffered but unsurprisingly not in silence!!
  14. Seniors Run Sunday 28th Jan

    almost looking forward to it .
  15. Seniors Run Sunday 28th Jan

    Forecast looks good ...time to change but 9 Deg and dry .... Come on down lads lets do it . Sensible riposts only !