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  1. Can you speak up please PLEASE. Lynda showed me.
  2. Look forward to seeing you. Its not normally as it was this week. Although it is worth looking at club site before going out.
  3. Thanks for the mention Moira glad you all had a great day out .
  4. Enjoyable ride and great venue particularly as the sun was shining . My shortcut home unfortunately included Ullenhall Hill ,Beoley Hill and the lumpy road from Enville to Tardebigge and it meant I was in time to hang out a long line of washing on my return and start washing up lucky me .
  5. Is this card payment only? Hope to see you all.
  6. Been watching the forecast for Sunday all week . So glad it has improved . All being well 9.30 it is . Thank you. .
  7. All being well see you all .Hope they accept cash ....bit of a story there.
  8. Thank you Moira .Hope to be there for my last ride for a few weeks.
  9. Thanks for taking on the job Moira
  10. Working on the damn what?
  11. Whoopee m, no climb to T'bigge .
  12. Went for a short spinning session . One advantage ...I did't get lost !!
  13. Got a Christening to go to . Had to buy a new suit (she said) @ M& S . No idea when I will wear it again too light for funerals . If you are short and round available for hire .
  14. Happy to hear you are joining the club . It will bring the average age down somewhat .
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