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  1. Senior run remembrance

    Excellent description Barry . A moving occasion . Thanks to all who were out.
  2. Senior run remembrance

    Hadn't seen 10am start notice. Sorry.
  3. Senior run remembrance

    Is Pershore too far if we go via Grafton Fly ford was and then stop at Abbey?
  4. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Pete have a great day . Hope to see you soon.
  5. Senior run 4th Nov.

    Told Ivor i'd found the right gear on a couple of occasions . He said he thinks I might be starting to get the hang of it now . Early days though . Pleasant ride weather not too bad . Twisted spoon a much better stop than Aunty Rita's . Thanks to all .
  6. michelin pro 3

    Gone to a good and caring home.An astute buyer has leapt into the breach and wrench them from my grasp.
  7. michelin pro 3

    I have 2 Michelin pro 3 tyres for sale 1 brand new, 1 used approx 250 mile no damage . Any sensible offer please .
  8. Birthday greetings

    All the best to you and yours Ivor . Have a great day mate.
  9. Club Run 28th October ??

    Thanks for patience with a clunky old hippy on the hills . Despite my taking a massive short cut from Evesham home Mick Hazlwewood caught up with me just after Flyhorse Lane having gone via Bideford.
  10. Club Run 14th October ??

    Sounds like a very sensible plan
  11. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Sean ... judging by facebook most days are lovely .
  12. Club Run 7th October ??

    Thanks for the ride . Enjoyed it . Took a short cut there and a shorter one back and was still knackered . Hey ho good to be out with good company . Thanks.
  13. Birthday greetings

    Hope you all had a great day . Many happy returns.
  14. Club Run 30th September ??

    Why does your camera make me look so old?
  15. Club Run 30th September ??

    Thanks to John and you all for the ride . Please excuse my expletive laden language . Hope I didn't offend especially Moira when I was a mite snappy . Back to the real world now .