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  1. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    Could have been worse you could have watched Barry's rear disappearing at least a dozen times as you battled the wind alone!
  2. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Mr Chairman hope you enjoy the day.
  3. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    Bromsgrove are going to Auntie Ritas . Bit crowded . Maybe Kinver or Stourbridge .
  4. ‘C’ Run Sunday 15th October

    Thanks to all. I returned via Shrawley ,the lakes, Astley , Holt Heath ,Worcester and home. Either the hills have got steeper or I'm not the man Iwas ! Some say not a bad thing at that.
  5. ‘C’ Run Sunday 15th October

    Howsabout Bewdley . A change to the otherside
  6. Board update

    Thanks for your efforts Sean . I see we have the cycling links back which I enjoy . Thanks.
  7. Malvern Mad Hatter Sportive

    Well done you both . Kev you've obviously got your mojo back in spades.
  8. Senior run 8th Oct.

    You forgot to mention I paid at Hillers !!! Enjoyed the day rode back with Richard Kent I thought he was superman as I was cream crackered when I got home.
  9. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Sean hope to see you today .
  10. Senior run 8th Oct.

    See you there
  11. 'C' Run:- Sunday 24th September

    Another good day out . Over the gently rolling hills of Rous Lench !!! My prayers for a right turn went unanswered so girded my loins and started gasping . Liked the new Raphael's sat on the decking and enjoyed the food. Where are you Sean . A spot the Sean competition will soon be needed.
  12. 'C' Run:- Sunday 24th September

    Hope to see you.
  13. 'C' Run Sunday 17th September

    Glad it turned out well for you. Although sounded like hard work .
  14. 'C' Run Sunday 17th September

    Well if the world doesn't listen its only got itself to blame when things go wrong! Sean get your priorities right Bikes before whatever. Leigh Fridgeraider.
  15. 'C' Run Sunday 17th September

    Thanks for posting . All being well see you and the motley crew at Tardebigge.