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  1. Lousy jokes

    Whats the difference between a guitar and a fish....you can't tuna fish.
  2. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    Tim,Chris ,Ivor and Leigh went to Tardebigge to be sociable (we are like that.) Then went to Belbroughton and met Ivor . Tim went home ...must be something Ivor said !!! Not so . A very sensible discussion followed (obviously I didn't take part) and De Beers was decided upon as the club run . Ivor kept brushing dead leaves off and then I realised he;'d just come out of hibernation . We had the good fortune to see a really wet and windy 10 minutes when we were eating our victuals which cleared up in time for our departure. Enjoyed the day thanks to all. Leigh
  3. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    Dry forecast ,fingers crossed. Wind 15 mph . Hope to see you.
  4. Club Run 10th March 🐝🐝

    Thanks to John . I was cream crackered . Had to beg the other three to leave me to die in peace . Enjoyed the cafe and was loath to leave it . Still a hot bath a cup of coffee and was was still knackered !!!
  5. Club Run 10th March 🐝🐝

    Met office is showing winds 0f 40 mph plus .Thats bordering on dangerous.
  6. Club Run 3rd March 🐝🐝

    I went to Tardebigge met Mick H and Longbridge CTC all ladies. As Mick didn't want to slow me down !!!!! We went our separate ways . I went on a short non stop . Frozen, wet and bedraggles . Don't worry John due to 2 operations scheduled for this year the trophy is yours for the taking.
  7. Club Run 3rd March 🐝🐝

    John what an opportunity for you to surge ahead in the race for the John Shelley attendance cup !!!
  8. Club Run 24th February 🐝🐝

    Aye aye whats with the x Moira have you got a mechanical needs fixing ?
  9. Club Run 24th February 🐝🐝

    Hope to see you . Thanks for ongoing help with venues.
  10. Birthday greetings

    What a hat trick . Have a great day.
  11. Club Run 10th February 🐝🐝

    No you do not . I went out ,late ;slowly and moaning to Hartlebury . Had sticky toffee pudding with custard . Then returned still moaning to a hot bath . As the man on the road I would ask for a well earned point please.
  12. Club Run 10th February 🐝🐝

    Sounds like an each way bet to me . Hope circumstances allow me to come . Was going to say that I hope to remember how to ride. Then realised people would say remember? you never did know!!! So cruel .
  13. Club Run 27th January 🐝🐝

    Thanks to John as usual .Anybody wanting an in depth description of his back wheel only has to ask me ! We saw hail , rain and wind .But as Chris said proper heroes were not deterred ...just knackered ,well I was John looked as fresh as a daisy !
  14. Birthday greetings

    Hope you had fun . All the best for the future.
  15. Club Run 13th January 🐝🐝

    Went back via Hilliers had a nice stop .Remembered to pay .Helped a junior rider repair a puncture . I think he knew more about it than I did .Still the thought was there . Really noticed the absence of John Shelley's rear end on the return journey. The view improved massively,but the wind resistance increased also massively. Thanks to all especially to our leader John .