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  1. Sorry news a really nice man. I hope to go.
  2. Thanks for the ride out . Not at my best which isn't that good. As the queue at the café was busy I thought I should ride back without stopping . Not my best idea as the wind had picked up and was against me . Got home shattered only to find out my ailing spouse had a visit from her son and grandchildren and was doing quite well without me and was completely unimpressed by my heroic efforts. That's life and that's wives. Any WOKE comments will be treated with all due respect .(Not a lot) .
  3. Happy three quarters of a century Roger. Hoppe you have a great day.
  4. Hope to see you . Bit windy round the trussocks ...the weather not me! Also hope a little slower than last week.orThursday
  5. Thanks to John for the ride. I had to go home a bit early and as straight a way as possible .Enjoyed the café and chat . Good to meet Richard and hope to see him out with us again. By the sound of it the return journey with the club may hay been a bit too hard/fast for me on my 3rd recovery ride .
  6. Thanks Deputy for the early post. Hope to see you.
  7. Not feeling so bad today as not missing much.
  8. Happy Birthday Ivor .Good to talk yesterday.
  9. Perhaps club runs should be accompanied with song sheets. John will probably bring along numbers by Vera Lynn !!!
  10. Can you speak up please PLEASE. Lynda showed me.
  11. Look forward to seeing you. Its not normally as it was this week. Although it is worth looking at club site before going out.
  12. Thanks for the mention Moira glad you all had a great day out .
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