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  1. I enjoyed my day . Good route there and back thanks John. Great to see a veritable congregation of Saracen riders together.
  2. Made other arrangements for Sunday . Thanks for info re Tuesday
  3. Leigh

    60 years

    Congratulations both on anniversary and great grand child.
  4. Thanks John hope to see you 10.00am
  5. Get on with it . You are doing well. I would say it gets easier but it hasn't yet for me!
  6. Thursday bit confusing 9.45am meeting Tardebigge mostly fast group.I don't know if there is to be a reversion to the old norm of 10.00am 'Suggest get there at 9'45 and see. . Sunday 10am Tardebigge . However, look at posts on Saracen site in case of any change.
  7. Thanks for the route planning . Enjoyed the day. Hope to see more Saracens out soon.
  8. Leigh

    Senior Moments.

    Got out of the bath .Thought my one leg isn't draining off and then walked off and left the bath full of water. It wasn't until my wife said what are you doing with this bath water that I worked it all out. There's no hope for me.
  9. Saw Chris Kent Sunday evening . He went on a solo ride of 18 miles including a few uphills .Judging by the groans every time he stood up I think it was hard work after a year out of the saddle. Has promised to start a training regime . All the best Chris.
  10. Enjoyed the day . Thank you to all . John took us on a really good route 40 miles.
  11. Thursdays 9.45am . Groups of 6 max. Sunday watch then Saracen site.
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