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  1. Leigh


    Turned into a man who washes the cars on a Sunday...what next will afflict me?
  2. Just read my Cycling UK magazine.An article about Steven says that as a teenager (now 59) he was a Saracen Junior best all rounder 1975 and 1976 . Apparently he of latter years went some what to seed 20st ,high blood pressure ,and borderline diabetes . Back on the bike ,halved his weight and done a 23.20 10 trial time . Hope this was of interest . Do wonder if I went to 20st and got on my bike would I do a 23 ten?
  3. Happy Birthday. Keep turning those pedals.
  4. Leigh

    New cafe

    Nice to know for a shortish ride.Thanks.
  5. Happy Birthday Tess. Have a great day .
  6. Wandered late into a spinning session at the gym . Video screen full of muscled, fit (that was the women) . Tried to emulate their efforts in a pathetic way . Feel if I had started at the beginning there would have been another Sad News item with my name on it . Time to grow old or continue as a late adolescent?
  7. Leigh


    Wow Chris didn't know you were a technophile.
  8. Happy Birthday Phil.
  9. Happy Birthday Bev . Hope you had a great day.
  10. Won't be going for a bit . Will try a little turbo on gym bike saddle.
  11. Leigh

    New Year

    Thank you Happy New Year to all members.
  12. Happy Birthday Chris many happy returns.
  13. Yes you are ! I take it the treatment has failed . Maybe in the future new drugs will come out . Don't give up hope. Have a great Christmas Kaye . I eschewed the fry up in the woods as well.
  14. After church considered a short ride when I saw 2 riders. Got out of the car and decided too cold .Becoming a real wimp. Did a bit of spinning at the gym. Warm and dry .
  15. Getting to be a bit greedy ...having had all those Birthdays . Have a great day.
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