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  1. Leigh

    Senior run 15th

    Glad you had a ride Tim .Not a bad distance .Hope its a comeback.
  2. Thanks to all on the run . Stretched me but I enjoyed the ride and company . Again thanks.
  3. Hope to see you .Not certain which ride ..
  4. Leigh

    Senior run 15th

    Depends how heavy you are on the throttle !!! Look forward to seeing you .
  5. Hi Vince . happy Birthday.
  6. Don't tell them that story as they will transfer you to a specialist ward with padded walls! Good to hear from you.
  7. I went to Stourport Cafe with Pete and Barry. I hope it was my bike creaking !! Came back via Astly ,Shrawley Worcester,Timberhunger .Bit lumpy but as I was alone I dictated the pace (thank goodness).
  8. Weather forecast looks good.
  9. Leigh

    Electric wheel

    I never knew how to ride normally.
  10. Happy Birthday Kay see you out sometime.
  11. Can I use this picture to frighten the children and any passing horses !!!
  12. I limped home alone . Feet were killing me ,seriously need to buy a new bum ! Felt thoroughly wilted (sounds nicer than knackered doesn't it) . For those of you who were aware I was on catering duty Good News .. with my Sou chef Chris Kent's able assistance all went well . 6 happy diners.
  13. Such an agreeable lady ... or did she instruct him first ? around 27 degrees midday . P.S. does the x at the end let the cat out of the bag?
  14. Leigh

    Senior run 18th Aug

    On the basis I don't know the way to anywhere I didn't notice. Enjoyed the day thanks to both. So glad the Lord was with you Mrs Davies did he help on the hills? Oh just realised it was a spelling mistake !
  15. Happy Birthday Pat hope you had a good day. Leigh
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