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  1. Hi, I went out into the wind to Halfpenny Green. Mad there, and interesting on the way back. Hail and rain just to add to the fun.
  2. Well, I got there for 9.40, as delayed by the ice on the road. Cyclist being collected by ambulance who had fallen off coming down Wheely Road, after Barnt Green. Road was closed to let the ambulance do its stuff. Looking up the hill, it was pretty bad. Set off and did my own loop. ending up at Wedges.
  3. Thanks for the diversion to Pershore.
  4. Hi all, can I ask if its possible to go to Pershore this Sunday. I need to pop into the waterside center to reclaim some stuff may daughter has left behind. Pretty please.
  5. Sorry to miss you all. 9.06 arrival time. Good to see you leaving on time. Must try harder.
  6. Hi, weather looks a lot more stable tomorrow. Any one up for a B run ?
  7. OK, see you there hopefully.
  8. Hi, anyone got Gary Woodwards contact details. Thanks.
  9. Hope you all had a lovely ride. Happy Christmas and see you all on the other side.
  10. Michelle getting ready for the years ahead. And Again
  11. gyro_chris

    New Kit

    Am thinking about getting a new set of summer Saracen spring and summer outfits, but then again...............
  12. Its to early to go there yet, should be at least below 5C and with a slight drizzle so we get there nice and damp.
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