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  1. Hi all! I have got 2 Brooks saddles that have been in a box for about a year now and would like to see them on bikes ! 1st is a B17 in Honey with copper rails hardly any use at all ridden for a few rides then taken off the bike and stored. 2nd is a Brooks Swift model black with copper rivets and silver rails. Never been ridden. Would like £100 for the two. Can provide pics if needed. Thanks
  2. See you at the Forrest 9:30
  3. Happy birthday Rourke !!!
  4. No A run leaders out tomorrow Pardoe mick H are doing a 100 mile ride I believe. So will be rolling down to tardibigge with a plan to head to same destination see you in the morn.
  5. Wyre forest for the A run too I think see you in the morn at the forest 9:30 .
  6. Will be out with A'S /B'S Depending on how many people are at the forest in the morn.
  7. Hannah won't be out this morning not feeling too well wishing you all a good ride though !!!!!!!!!
  8. Yeah let's go for Forrest at 10. :)
  9. Think it might be a run to Pershore tomorrow.
  10. LEE DE GREY //////////////??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  11. Will be out this sunday usual meeting place harvester at 9:30. Pershore sounds good dont know if the gang have a different place in mind ?
  12. Meeting at the Harvester as usual we will be decide where to go in the morning. I think the ride to Hillers will be too short a run as Hannah said we wont be pushing the pace and will stay together.
  13. Will be out on the A run as will Rourke, Kevin and Degrey see you at 9;30 at the Forrest.
  14. Will be out with the A's this weekend. As will Lee and Kevin See you at 9;30 !
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