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  1. I am deeply saddened to hear of Eddie's passing. Having sat alongside him for a couple of years on the committee and witnessing his drive, enthusiasm and utter devotion to the club and how he led from the front in resurrecting the Saracen from its slumber was inspiring. 

    We all owe him a debt of gratitude. 

    A special man and truly irreplaceable. 

    My thoughts like all of us go out to Mavis and family at this difficult time 

  2. Yesterday I enjoyed my first foray into the exciting and rewarding world of classic battle reenactment. My introduction into this fascinating pastime was the reenactment of the three Punic wars. I took the part of the fledgling Roman empire, while a nest of wasps who had taken up residence under a lavender plant housed in a large metal planter in the courtyard played the part of the established and all powerful carthaginian empire. It was during a particularly chaotic period of the Third Punic war that one of the carthaginian foot soldiers blindsided me and from the ranks dilivered a painful sting. I fought on bravely and wheras the Romans finally ended the Carthaginian empire by ploughing salt into their lands to render them unusable, I did similarly by ploughing Nippon wasp killer into the fertile soil within the planter. As in the conclusion of the Third Punic War total victory was achieved.

    I now find myself in A&E with a severally swollen arm (I do react badly to wasp stings) wondering what the Hell do I tell them when they ask how it happened

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