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  1. Jim George 1939-2018

    Who am I going to sit with at the Saracen lunches now! ?
  2. Club Run 7th October ??

    Rain? What Rain?
  3. Entertaining The Ladies

    “These things just can’t be rushed”
  4. SENIORS RUN:- Sunday 20th May

    Fancy Broadway?‍♀️
  5. Seniors run 6/5/2018

    You missed Ken's little excursion in to the rough! After a nice Coffee with my mum I tackled St Kenelms Pass (KH45). So Hot 27C! Heart felt like a hammer on the inside of my sternum. Had to lie down when I got home. Missed you all!
  6. ‘C’-Run Sunday 1st October

    Only have time for a 3hr non stopper tomorrow. Won't be out sorry! Have fun & stay safe.
  7. 'C' Run:- Sunday 24th September

    Will send him the photos
  8. 'C' Run:- Sunday 24th September

    It appears
  9. 'C' Run Sunday 17th September

    5 cars split us up on the junction. Unable to close gap. I decided I didn't want to be "lost in the Lenches' so headed for Hillers. Very nice scrambled eggs on toast & soya milk latte. Lots friendly cyclists to chat to. You'd have thought I knew my way home by now! Met Ken & Pat Haddon. Very sociable conversational pace to Grafton Flyford?. Picked up the wheel of the very tall handsome Steve. Steve who god knows. He set a more than keen pace towards Crowle. I left him at the Saltway. Took an unusual turn towards Tardebigge. I've never seen so many Hills, they just kept coming. Got my gloves nicked by a pair of mountain bikers when I stoped to chat. ibuprofen for my legs to sleep, still sore Monday morning. Enjoyable day really! ???
  10. The Deli Belbroughton

    Small, Friendly, cosy, really lovely lady. Maybe an option for the H of HAD. Or choice.
  11. Lousy jokes

    Did you hear about the man who poisoned his wife with a knife? He gave her arse a nic!
  12. One broken back light unit. Could probably be replaced.
  13. Club Run 21st May ??

    He's never told me where he lives! Suppose I could just knock doors in the Fairfield area!
  14. Cold.......

    Lie down! Prefer the Jacuzzi!