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  1. Do you still meet at Tardebigge? Please confirm meet times and places? Thu ?? 10 Tardebigge ?? Sun ?? 10 Tardebigge ??
  2. Hopefully! Usually working Thursdays! Do Thursdays still happen? Tuesdays? Sunday’s? Organised again ??
  3. No free wheeling means more fitness. Especially if their FTP power classes. Absolute torture! By design!
  4. MSH Dover’s as enjoyable as ever! NOT! 😫 Everyone cheering & complimenting the blue kit! Felt a bit of a fraud! It seemed V few women riders. Groups of women spectators cheering !
  5. Is there a Julie's in Zwift?
  6. Is it up to six people two metres apart?
  7. Seem to ride with you a lot! Coming in the other direction! No saracen shirts!
  8. Social distancing Harborne to pick up MMH route at the junction back of Hartlebury signal crossing. 3.5 hr non stopper ? buy β˜•οΈ Barnt Green Tesco ?
  9. No Nose Snotting in the Peleton Please. !Outdoor! FTP Sessions. Complete Madness!
  10. Mrs DAVIES


    Seen the Charlies Angels car wash scene? You, Ivor & Tim
  11. Twisted Spoon! One of my favourites. No margarine, Soya Milk and poached Eggs. Mine picks my up and cooks Sunday Lunch!
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