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  1. I was 6mins late (saw Leigh)! Barnt Green closed, trying to get through on foot. Then I dithered whether to go East or West. It was a god ride anyway.
  2. Epstein look out! 9:30 Tardebigge
  3. Like a natter, a catch up & a laugh whilst riding. Push my guts up in an FTP Session 4 times a week. Conversational Pace! Club Run! Glad to be fit & well laughing in each other’s company.
  4. πŸ₯΄ I had a lovely 3hour non Stopper! Kept coming across wet patches but seemed to be riding in between them. No buzzards this time.
  5. Alan Weaver I tink. They re use nests. Jul / Aug chicks leaving nests. Cyclist going other way got challenged by three buzzards at the same time and had to change direction.
  6. Alan WEAVER had problems ? Last year? I think same place. They use same nests year after year. Chicks leave nest July & August. Get protective. Do rides work with multiple meets? Doesn't seem to be any senior rides Sun or Thu. Just training bash’s which I have to slaughter myself to stay with. Where is everyone?
  7. Buzzard had a go at me 3 times on Copyholt on Thu. Then continued to dive & swerve away within 5 ft. careful
  8. Care. Attacked 3 times. 2 swoops at the back of my neck. 1 claws slipping as couldn’t grip my helmet. Dismounted & walked watching it. Multiple dives swerving within feet of me. Warned cyclist going in opposite direction. Multiple swoops at him.
  9. I wasn’t sure whether anyone was actually going. Or what time etc. I look Sat eve before bed. About 9pm. Is this an invitation to an early start?
  10. Thought I might venture out! However, already had two 7 week viruses this winter.
  11. Who am I going to sit with at the Saracen lunches now! ?
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