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  1. Twisted Spoon! One of my favourites. No margarine, Soya Milk and poached Eggs. Mine picks my up and cooks Sunday Lunch!
  2. Don't think I am ever going to fancy a sausage in the woods, even if it is a 70yr old tradition.
  3. Husband sending me potty! See you at 10.
  4. <iframe height='405' width='590' frameborder='0' allowtransparency='true' scrolling='no' src='https://www.strava.com/activities/2821128086/embed/31022d06af53d01840262b07ba98ce44e25a4d1f'></iframe> Di2 completely submerged. Lived up to Shimano's promises though! Really shitty roads. Saw the infamous Mr Haddon and wife. Frost=later start times. I won't see it after Saturday 9pm though.
  5. Mudguards arrived 6pm last night. With my DIY skills it’ll be a big job. Gave up & went to a shop with Tyres. Ended up with race tyres on winter commuting bike. Not confident to swop them.
  6. 4 set out Ivor, Kay, Barry & Tim?? Ivor, Kay & Barry stayed with ride.
  7. I like Hillers! Sharo Elbows!
  8. I was 6mins late (saw Leigh)! Barnt Green closed, trying to get through on foot. Then I dithered whether to go East or West. It was a god ride anyway.
  9. Epstein look out! 9:30 Tardebigge
  10. Like a natter, a catch up & a laugh whilst riding. Push my guts up in an FTP Session 4 times a week. Conversational Pace! Club Run! Glad to be fit & well laughing in each other’s company.
  11. πŸ₯΄ I had a lovely 3hour non Stopper! Kept coming across wet patches but seemed to be riding in between them. No buzzards this time.
  12. Alan Weaver I tink. They re use nests. Jul / Aug chicks leaving nests. Cyclist going other way got challenged by three buzzards at the same time and had to change direction.
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