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  1. I wasn’t sure whether anyone was actually going. Or what time etc. I look Sat eve before bed. About 9pm. Is this an invitation to an early start?
  2. Thought I might venture out! However, already had two 7 week viruses this winter.
  3. Who am I going to sit with at the Saracen lunches now! ?
  4. β€œThese things just can’t be rushed”
  5. Fancy Broadway?‍♀️
  6. You missed Ken's little excursion in to the rough! After a nice Coffee with my mum I tackled St Kenelms Pass (KH45). So Hot 27C! Heart felt like a hammer on the inside of my sternum. Had to lie down when I got home. Missed you all!
  7. Only have time for a 3hr non stopper tomorrow. Won't be out sorry! Have fun & stay safe.
  8. 5 cars split us up on the junction. Unable to close gap. I decided I didn't want to be "lost in the Lenches' so headed for Hillers. Very nice scrambled eggs on toast & soya milk latte. Lots friendly cyclists to chat to. You'd have thought I knew my way home by now! Met Ken & Pat Haddon. Very sociable conversational pace to Grafton Flyford?. Picked up the wheel of the very tall handsome Steve. Steve who god knows. He set a more than keen pace towards Crowle. I left him at the Saltway. Took an unusual turn towards Tardebigge. I've never seen so many Hills, they just kept coming. Got my gloves nicked by a pair of mountain bikers when I stoped to chat. ibuprofen for my legs to sleep, still sore Monday morning. Enjoyable day really! ???
  9. Small, Friendly, cosy, really lovely lady. Maybe an option for the H of HAD. Or choice.
  10. Mrs DAVIES

    Lousy jokes

    Did you hear about the man who poisoned his wife with a knife? He gave her arse a nic!
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