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  1. Hi guys just read this what terrible news please send best wishes thinking of Dave he was very supportive when a junior in the club always there on the training bashes keeping us up there ,,,its very sad also Id heard Micky Wright a former saracen rider had passed away some time ago,, again another very supportive rider to us juniors .
  2. If I can do it you can do it get ya gold Raleigh out :)) keep smiling mate
  3. Lovely pictures of the event the people on table 7 never change do they lol xoxo Table 7 never change do they lol xoxo great pics
  4. Hi all sometime ago I was on here and someone had posted up touring over remote parts of Scotland ,can anyone shine any light on this ,its of interest as its on a bucket wish list I might want to do in the future cheers guys ride safe
  5. Deeply saddened to hear the news of Jim George my mom told me today (Sunday) a wonderful man gave me my first job (in the jewellery trade ) there was a young bunch of juniors late 70,s and he always had time for us called us pillocks ,told us to ride at the front of club runs sprint for 30 signs, ride a fast fifty the rest come natural.get the miles in the winter etc,remeber falling off a brand new Pargeor bike he took me home ,and spent time with my parents ,a true gent not forgetting the lovely dog that he used to bring up on club nights RIP Jim and thank you for the help advice Steve shepherd
  6. The more exposure via media links such as facebook twitter etc can only help pull more people together and increase awareness about the club Its also a good thing the club move with the times ,,,and as its free then great ,,, steve
  7. Mr Gemballa you don't have permission to write on another juniors post ,lol bang on matebe in touch asap
  8. lol fame at last ,nice to hear thought my ears were burning all good I hope cheers steve
  9. Hi ya I joined around 1975 the Saracen were very pleased to see some juniors arrive on the scene mike edgeworth introduced me to the club,prior to that I was in the Birmingham riding track at Salford park ,,from there the rests history as Ian explains in the other post,, great times great ,,people,made some great friends ,,,ive allways kept some sort of contact with cycling was in the Warwickshire rc,, I marshall every year for Mick Harborne ,,, Last event on a bike was the hell of the north mountain bike that was a few years ago,i keep being asked to ride, go out ride two ups ,lol so maybe a nice winter stacking the miles having fun might just happen my kind regards to the club and to all who have bought it back up again ,,,there,s far to many to name ... How did I find the club on here ,,from another junior cyclist friend ) the only serius thing id like to do in cycling now is ride a 12 hour ,,,,,,,lol
  10. Hello great to be here ,had a great time in the Saracen met some wonderful people ,,,,great web page steve shepherd
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