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  1. Hi guys, Does anyone have any pictures of the Halfords pro am race held in Redditch in 1981/2 held by the Redditch Road and path club at matchborough Redditch. Phil Bayton won, Paul was second. I was in the race but can't remember a lot about it now. I was in the break with Paul, would love to see any pictures if any about. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I remember Steve vaguely when I was a schoolboy rider, Steve disappeared from the club when I was  junior, not sure the story there if he joined another club or whatnot . 

    But I would be interested to read his story in the cycling magazine, do you have the edition number? 

    Sounds like our stories may be similar except for the 23 min ten, although you never know 😂

    Thanks in advance. 



  3. hi Phil, give me a email ok, idccontracts@aol.com.
  4. Hi sean, there was a group of us who hung out and trained / raced togeather, with steve, there was myself,Phil lock,martin Amor. few years later Mick Raftery. We all joined around the same time around 1976/77, so were schoolboys. I was around 13/14 the others a year older. We went on all the club runs in the winter,weekends away, christmas booze ups ect in the woods with the older lads. Also raced full seasons, time trials, road racing ,track. It was an eventfull 5 or 6 years and great times ! .
  5. Hi All, was pleased to see a strong club run out on the roads today with the classic colours still being worn. I wasnt sure the club was still active, so was great to see. A member from quite a few years back, hopefully will dust off the cobwebs soon and join you. Best wishes Ian Cook
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