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  1. Thank you. I almost forgot!
  2. Google is your friend. There's a big hill between here and there.
  3. Christine & I took a short trip to Craycombe where we were swamped by a branch of the Redditch R&PCC. Billy no mates AlanP went to Defford. We all stayed dry!
  4. Good to be out with and see old friends again, my longest ride for over twelve months and at least Moira knows she's not always at the back on the hills! Thanks to Steve & team for another super cream tea and apologies for being improperly dressed on parade - either the old club jersey has shrunk or I've gained some padding.
  5. Can I have a TUE please? (Totally Unacceptable Expense)
  6. Only with the wind behind us as well...
  7. Used to have one on the racing tandem. Unfortunately only 12 sprocket then - and that was specially made for us.
  8. Thank you Ivor. Well that was an interesting ride. Collected Christine on way to meet Barry. Ignored phone ringing cos it always stops before I answer it. Barry not where he said he'd be so checked phone, didn't recognise number and no message left. Put phone in pocket and it immediately rang. Barry had major mechanical and had finally got home via foot and car, too late to get to us. So Chris & I had a lovely non stop tour of the Chippings before getting back for our lunches. When I got home found three voice messages from Barry and his wife, don't ask why they weren't there earlier cos I have no idea! Apologies to Lesley for ignoring her and shame on Barry for not maintaining his bike! Is all that worth two Clubrun points for Chris and me? Sorry Kay, no buzzards encountered. Probably cos we were nowhere near Copyholt Lane.
  9. Barry, I'll ride up to meet you en route. We should cross somewhere between Priest's Bridge and top of Flying Horse
  10. I can only confirm what Alp and Steve say, with the addition of similar work around Wadborough, Ab Lench and Flyford Flavell. There was some delay in work getting started in Crowle due to heavy rain and low temps, but last thing I saw on Highways Agency was that all local roads were due to be completed before Spanish sun arrived and it got too hot i.e. yesterday. Current temperature here is 31C so expect some wet tar if it gets anywhere near as hot tomorrow. Also beware of loose chickens - sorry pheasant chicks - if you go past Philpott Towers. Don't think Tuesday route will be affected, anyway there's always the Commandery Farm lane as an alternative route through Crowle.
  11. Thank you Barry, you're too kind, and very generous especially coming from a Lancastrian All the best and keep in touch re house progress.
  12. Barry, I wish you well in your pump manning (hand or floor variety). As you know I have been through similar shenanigans over the past 18 months. Any advice I can give you will be based on still having a garage full of boxes, full of I don't know what, but you have my sympathy. I'll look forward to your eventual return to the even more senior ranks, in the hope that I will have recovered enough fitness to give you at least one kicking in the half wheeling stakes PS I didn't know a bike had an upside chain? Does it connect the top tube to the bottom bracket?
  13. I apologise for bailing out just short of the official destination, but as I explained to El Capitan, I was concerned that eight of us turning up at such a late hour might have caused disruption at the cafe. So Chris and I returned via Bishampton and I can vouch for the excellent service, standard and quantity of tea imbibed and toast/jam consumed. Team points please!
  14. Well it was good to get out, better to meet up with Help the Aged, and even better to be able to keep up (most of the time). Thanks for the company and chat, third time out this year and I doubled this years mileage!
  15. TonyS

    Derek Harrison ???

    Well Chris, that's the only source I can find with that information. Importantly, Wikipedia which is normally up to date doesn't have notice of passing. Last update was four months ago but I'd have thought something like that would have been posted. Also surprising that nothing been reported via cycling weekly? (haven't read the Comic for about 14 years so wouldn't know anyway). Let's hope for the best.
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