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  1. Thank you all. At the moment John, I doubt I could keep on your wheel, let alone catch up with you!
  2. Dave & I took a view on wind direction and speed, then decided that a hedge-sheltered trip to Tardebigge with largely wind assisted return loop was better than a trip through the Lenches followed by a headwind return from Evesham. Main Clubrun acknowledged at Priest's Bridge, Leigh shouted at a bit further beyond, then Ivor seen near Bentley. Finally Ivor spotted on way back in Flying Horse Lane, with time to stop and chew the fat with Superman before we went our separate ways again. Finally a detour for us past Philpott Towers, but no sighting of the residents, then home for a cuppa.
  3. TonyS

    27thMarch Freedom?

    "group rides of more than six are allowed from 29 March onwards under the organised sport and activity exemption" "Organised outdoor sport and physical activity must be formally organised by a qualified instructor, club, national governing body, company or charity and follow sport-specific guidance where appropriate" "If the sport is not formally organised, or the sport-specific guidance is not being followed, this is considered to be informal or self-organised sport and will need to follow the guidance on outdoor legal gathering limits." "Informal group rides – such as groups of friends meeting to ride together – will continue to be subject to the Rule of Six at this time, along with all other general Government guidance on social distancing and interaction" All the above taken from Government, Cycling UK and BC websites. Other than formal organised clubruns, with a clear leader and acceptable C-19 control structures in place, my opinion is that we are still restricted to a maximum of six, especially if a cafe stop is involved.
  4. Heard about Pete via ChrisK. So sad. A strong, classy and always neat & tidy rider. Just like Paul. Both instantly recognisable when approaching from the opposite direction. R. I. P. Peter.
  5. Sad times. Condolences to Pauline & family from myself and also from Dave & Mandy (from whom I heard the news).
  6. TonyS

    Dave Hanbury

    This just received from Steve Tonry 😒 Hi all, you may already be aware but Kim Cope rang last night, to let me know that Dave is very ill with pancreatic cancer and the prognosis appears to be terminal. Very sad news indeed, following Granny Thomas’s recent passing. Apparently, Alan Lloyd had spoken to Dave, Alan subsequently letting Kim know. I’m making further enquiries via Chris Moseley and Tim Crumpton, who live not too far from Dave, so will update you if I hear any more. I don’t have Dave’s contact details but I’m sure you chaps will have, if you’re able to contact him directly. Please pass on my best wishes, if you do so. I’m sure you’ll also wish to advise other colleagues, who know Dave. A sad end to a challenging year. Best Steve
  7. I can see the family resemblances!
  8. Just heard about Grant via Steve Tonry ☹️ (his email below). Thanks for the other info provided above. Very sad news. I trained and raced with Granny and John Varley in VC Central 1964-67 when I was at university. He was also friends with Alan Richards so occasionally I'd also see him in the shop when I moved back to Brum in the mid-70s. Lovely guy, so smart and tidy on a bike and very punctilious about equipment and position. Tony On 18 November 2020 21:46:09 Steve Tonry wrote:
  9. https://bmcr.org.uk/obituary-les-archer/ https://www.stourbridgenews.co.uk/announcements/deaths/deaths/18647462.Les_Archer/
  10. That's because it was on Saturday,and I saw you on Sunday, John Anyway as we both know, at our age (now I've caught you up again), we prefer not to announce them! Good to join your small group yesterday, even though it was only for a couple of miles. At least I got to my cafe before you got to yours.:-) Apologies accepted Hilary (non needed, of course)
  11. Richard, see posts on Saracen private forum for updates.
  12. TonyS

    Virus News Page6

    More on the Spitfire & Javelin in Worcester News! https://www.droitwichadvertiser.co.uk/news/worcester_news/18568495.remember-spitfire-stood-outside-gates-perdiswell/
  13. TonyS

    Club run (not)

    Nice to see some clubmates today, at various places en route. Even managed a quick roadside chat with three of them. Shout out to Moira, JohnS, SteveT (honorary member), Bev, Michelle, MikeH, ChrisP and RogerB 🙂
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