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  1. TonyS

    Derek Harrison ???

    Along with Don Harrison (I think not related) Derek's name was mentioned in a conversation last night, and I've finally found the report linked below. Like me, older members will remember, have known and even raced with or against a lot of the names mentioned in the report. Unfortunately I never met Derek as he was in Manchester then France when I first came to Birmingham. But I knew of him and his pedigree. https://www.pezcyclingnews.com/features/derek-harrison-tour-de-france-pioneer/
  2. Better keep referring to these pages and bear in mind what's posted are generally only major routes. https://capublic.worcestershire.gov.uk/WCCWebsitePublic/Home.aspx?WebsiteAlertId=35 https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/warnings?location=+pershore
  3. That's very sad news and I echo Chris & Hilary's thoughts for Mavis and family. Sarashell told me only last Tuesday that Eddie was ill, but it's still a shock that he's gone so quickly. I hadn't seen Eddie for some time, but I had many dealings with him over a period of at almost 50 years, as an event organiser, timekeeper, District Committee rep and in more recent years as a Saracen member. His contribution to national and local Time Trialling, and above all to the Saracen Road Club, cannot be overstated. RIP Eddie
  4. May I refer Barry to his earlier post re the Senior run "Ivor wont be going over the Lenches even under Turbo boost"
  5. TonyS

    Senior in 20th

    Christine & I went to Hillers. The toast was as thick as an elephants hide
  6. TonyS

    Senior in 20th

    Probably won't get over the Lenches or past Hillers, sorry.
  7. TonyS

    Senior in 20th

    What's the target Ivor? Maybe Hillers or Craycombe?
  8. TonyS

    Senior run 15th

    After an abortive trip to Craycombe a few weeks ago when the entire place was shut, Christine and I went to Hillers today, joined shortly after we arrived by Pat Haddon plus Hilary and John Porter. Sat outside in the pleasant sunshine, had excellent staff service and enjoyed riding generally quiet roads on a lovely autumn day.
  9. Thank you. I almost forgot!
  10. Google is your friend. There's a big hill between here and there.
  11. Christine & I took a short trip to Craycombe where we were swamped by a branch of the Redditch R&PCC. Billy no mates AlanP went to Defford. We all stayed dry!
  12. Good to be out with and see old friends again, my longest ride for over twelve months and at least Moira knows she's not always at the back on the hills! Thanks to Steve & team for another super cream tea and apologies for being improperly dressed on parade - either the old club jersey has shrunk or I've gained some padding.
  13. Can I have a TUE please? (Totally Unacceptable Expense)
  14. Only with the wind behind us as well...
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