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  1. Senior run 21st

    Bah! Humbug!
  2. Sad News

    Sad news indeed. I heard of it from ALP a couple of days ago. I raced against Laurence in many TT's and Richard raced against his son. From memory it was always Richard got the better of his son and t'other way around for me and Laurence, although never much in it either way. Immediately after each finish (and possibly immediately before), Laurence could be seen dragging deeply on a fag, I could never understand how he went so quick! After we both finished racing we occasionally bumped into each other in the lanes.
  3. Club Run 10th December 🐝🐝

    Good decision John, are you finally ready to join the Seniors run? Nice thought, Ivor, but from what I've just seen on local weather, I might need a shovel or snow shoes just to reach the pavement, never mind up the road. Wind chill forecast to feel like minus 6 as well. I'll keep an open mind and a closed door
  4. Seniors 3rd December

    It was a bit drizzly on the Lickey Hills so El Capitain decreed a 30 minute delay in meeting up. It was still drizzling as I made my way to Tardebigge but the clouds were looking less black when I got there to find Bazzer, Fingers and Derek Reynolds sheltering under the bridge. Almost immediately Rovi then ChrisP arrived, some gentle banter took place then ChrisP took off whilst the rest of us pottered away behind. In view of late start and conditions it was decided to go to Flyford instead of Hillers. This was duly done, losing Derek to a nonstop ride and passing Crackpot Towers en route. The day turned out well for us, damp roads but no more drizzle, getting quite bright towards the end. Bromsgrove Oly were not so lucky, they dripped into the cafe after us, having seemingly ridden out under their own personal rain cloud. Oh well, they say the sun (or at least the lack of rain) shines on the righteous (even if we did have Flatulence with us). So, those present today were Rovi, Bazzer, Flybynight and Tony. Barry, my eyesight is not failing me. The road closure (still in place) is at Lickey Rock. I blame the drizzle in my face and still being half asleep.
  5. Seniors 3rd December

    Hillers. Usual time & place.
  6. Alan Boden

    With great regret, I have to report the passing of Alan Boden, after a long illness. News received last night via Steve Tonry. To quote Steve "Alan will be sadly missed, a class act and I recall the Oldbury glory days with Brian Hayes, Dave Blount and Ray Ward. He was a character too, with a bit of a reputation for a propensity for a pint or three!"
  7. Senior run 8th Oct.

    Hope to be there.
  8. 'C' Run Sunday 17th September

  9. Lousy jokes

    A duck was thinking about crossing the road. A passing chicken said "I wouldn't bother, you'll never hear the end of it".
  10. Club Run 3rd September ??

    Should have gone to Specsavers?
  11. C Run 3rd Sept.

    Wisdom is considering the weather forecast, taking advantage of the nice sunny day on Saturday and getting in some pleasant miles in the dry Glad you all got back safely.
  12. Weather

    He fitted a slot Downloaded the lot Against that, the internet pales.
  13. Weather

    There was an old rider from Dover Who regularly got a boat over One time he went in the Chunnel And said "oh dear, where's the funnel?" But he then rode his bike to the Louvre
  14. C Run 20th August

    Well, that was a nice change. New cafe, some new roads and a change of scenery. Plus of course the usual good riding company. Such a shame that the Lenches seem to get steeper every year that passes At the cafe were Ladies : Christine & Ruth Others : Ivor, ChrisK, Barry, Sean (with new tyres), Flea Litchet and TonyS Given a Beacon group turned up at the same time as us, the staff coped very well, the service was good and the lady owner was very welcoming towards cyclists (that was before the second Beacon lot turned up just as we were leaving).
  15. General Chat it's called

    You need to keep up and read the WEATHER thread