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COVID-19 - UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS - It is the policy of this club that all rides should be taken SOLO while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in place.  ×
Covid-19 - UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS - It is the policy of this club that all rides should be taken SOLO while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in place.


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  1. The news of Eddie is very sad. I met him in the early fifties when I joined the Saracen. He was a man that you automatically respected. His devotion to the club was beyond doubt. May I give my condolences to Mavis and the family at this very sad time. Terry Dunsby
  2. Happy birthday Ivor. Keep ebiking and laugh. Terry Dunsby.
  3. Terryd

    Electric wheel

    Ivor, There is no going back now. Embrace it and enjoy it. terry Dunsby
  4. Terryd


    I have been cycling for a number of years now and I stil enjoy it. However increasingly I find that that as l get ready to go out for my Sunday ride ,I feel a reluctance to go out . The thought of those hills I have to go up before I even get going (I live in Bewdley) was getting too much. Pity because I have loved my cycling ,the countryside, the quiet, the sound of the tyres on the road surface, the sunlight through the hedge rows all added to the joy of riding . The thought of giving it all up was not something I wanted to think about. I struggled with my conscience for many months, but in the end I gave up the fight. I even went into my garage and cleaned the bikes ,as if I was asking forgiveness for what I was about to do. I dusted off the cobwebs and and opened up my piggy bank, I bought an ebike. I know, shock , traitor, betrayer shame on me. It is great, I now go up hills with a smile I have even caught myself laughing as I climb a hill I normally walk. My mileage has gone up and Also my average speed ,but above all I feel a lot fitter. It is a bit like riding a fixed heel bike but with the option of a freewheel. So those of you of a certain vintage should grasp the nettle and go for it. Like me at the age of 82 and give yourself a few more years of cycling joy.
  5. Terryd

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Pat. Where have all those years gone ? Terry Dunsby.
  6. Terryd

    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Eddy. Where has all the time gone? Keep riding. regards Terry Dunsby
  7. It is the early hours of the morning when all is still,and with the promise of a beautiful day to come. The air is fresh and the early sun is cold and low,coming through the hedge rows as light and dark. I do believe that this time is one of the greatest experiences of cycling. The only sound to be heard is my gasping for air as I try to get up some hill with at least a little dignity, I realise how fantastic the English countryside is and how fortunate I am. It is then that I start to think about the great mysteries of life, and the problems that beset mankind and cycling in particular. Thes are just a few thoughts that have occurred to me on these occasions. You might like to add a few of your own and perhaps solve these mysteries Why is it that , Hills are always shorter and less steep when going down ,than when going up? When I get cut up by some motorist, it is invariably a BMW. (complete with besuited Lego type salesperson ). My little Cateye computer never reads greater than 10.6 average speed? Even when I go down hill.(for years some would say). Why on earth do I need it? When I fall off ( quite frequently ) I do not bounce like I used to. Is the degree of bounce inversely proportional to age? I can never remember if the rear gear change is on the left or the right. I always get it wrong. At times, it is like hitting a brick wall. Very embarrassing. (Give me a fixed wheel anytime ), I do not stop more frequently to lean on field gates and talk to the sheep? They are good listeners, and do not answer back. Just the occasional baa, but no humbug.(Sorry)). The flies that buzz round my head follow me all the way up the hill ? Do one or two flies drop out on the way up, and are replaced by fresher more hungry ones further up? My GPS computer only tells me where I should be and not invariably where I am. I do not walk up hills more often and listen to the stillness of the morning?(However, this seems to be happening naturally now). After going out twice a week and trying very hard up hills etc. I do not seem to get any fitter? All the photographs of Saracen club runs show the members always eating large fry ups or eating very large cakes. As I say these are but just a few thoughts. Regards Terry Dinsby
  8. Terryd

    Brian Wilson

    Very sad to hear the news. He was gentleman. Deepest sympathy to Ann and the family. Terry Dunsby
  9. Congratulations to all those who took part ,but a very big thank you to all the helpers. Well done. At Cleobury, I was amazed and proud to see so many Saracen riders,a veritable sea of blue. We used to be very pleased to get 12 riders on a Sunday club run in the 50s. I also was wearing the club colours. I rode back home to Bewdley and as I was getting off the bike by the river,I overheard another cyclist say to his mate"Not another Saracen rider, they are everywhere". Great , well done everybody.
  10. It was with some shock that I read of Ian's orbituary. He was good club rider in the 50 s and a great talker. He and Eddy Sumner did a round the world trip in late 50s .On coming home gave a number of slide presentations around the midlands of his adventures. However I shall remember him most for riding in 24hour events ,particularly down south. Myself , Bill Bailey and Eddy helped with feeds etc. He had the idea that the best food was to drink only soups. Needless to say the helpers became fed up with and sick of soup. The last time I saw him was at the clubs 50th party. As I said very sad.
  11. It is very sad for me to hear of the passing of Dave. He was a keen supporter of the club in the 50s, and always joined in the fun on club runs. He took up cyclo cross to the surprise of us all , but he soon took the smile off our faces as he started to win races. In this ,if I remember correctly being very keenly supported by his dad. As I say a very sad time . May I give my kind regards to his wife Marie, Terry Dunsby (I was the club captain from 1954 to 1959.)
  12. Sorry to hear all the sad tales of ice and crashes. I have had a glorious ride in the forest. Plenty of running clubs about . The scenery was spectacular and the coffee at the visitors centre even more so. But I have to admit it was very cold .however, I am home now and feeling very pleased with myself as I sit in front of the fire.
  13. I am very sad to hear the news.Tony was very good friend and club member. We enjoyed many a club run together in the 50s. One happy memory was of Tony getting told off by a landlady on a weekend away in Wales, with the remarks "guests are not seen in their nightwear,thank you". We always reminded him of that. he was good and loyal friend.
  14. I have to say very sorry to someone who sent me an email. If Barry is reading this then please I am very sorry ,i DELETED YOUR EMAIL BY MISTAKE i must say sorry to the person called Barry .I deleted your email by mistake. However the information you require is frame date Sept 1992 .and is in perfect condition having completed approx 2000 miles in that time. Once again I am so sorry. Please try again .
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