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    All sorts of things I like to do,
    Like riding bikes, the same as you,
    My motorbike I like to ride,
    Out to places far and wide,
    When weather's bad I'll read a book,
    Or bake a cake, I like to cook,
    I sometimes play on my guitar,
    Although I'll never be a star,
    And so with Ken and Dave and Mike,
    I think I'll go out on my bike.

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  1. Well, we did get to The Espresso Barn, and it was very windy. From TB where, Moira, Leigh, Tim and Me, then on route we picked up Barry and Alan. We had to go up that f...ing hill again up to the Ridgeway, that split us up a bit, and so regrouped at the top. Going on past Raggley Hall, there must have been a Motor cycle rally, there where hundreds of Motorcycles every where. However, riding on through Wixford we seemed to have lost Leigh, who later rang me to say he was in Blackminster, (he can tell that story). Right then, we where almost at the Cafe and down came the rain, a quick dash got us there, the place was full of cyclists, so we had to sit outside but under cover. Chatting and filling our faces for a while, and the rain had stoped, we where ready to start for home. Nothing much to report on the way home, but I was about knackerd. 🚲 Ps Moira has some photos.
  2. We will be going out this morning, but if we think the wind is too strong we could do a shorter run to Hillers. Keep fingers crossed.
  3. This week we will be heading for Espresso Barn, Long Marston, (haven't been there for a while), we will be going via the cross roads A422/A441. Be aware that the wind could be quite strong in the morning, so hope for the best 🤞. 9.30 Tardebigge. 🌬️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️
  4. Happy birthday Mick, hope you had a great day. Ann and John.
  5. Steve, be in Swansbrook Lane. 👍
  6. This week we will be going to The View at Wootton Wawen, this is plan B because the place I was thinking of going is not open on a Sunday. So, we will be going via Feckenham and The Ridgeway. See you at Tardebigge, 9.30. 🚲
  7. Happy birthday Kevin, and many happy returns, have a good day. ann and John. 🎂
  8. Happy birthday Chris, and many happy returns. Ann and John. 🎂
  9. It didn't rain this week, so that was a good start. At Tardebigge today were, Moira, Bev, Tim, Leigh and Me, so off we went it was a bit windy and there where a few dark clouds about, but luckily we didn't see any rain. After about five miles we where joined by Chris and Alan, it was Alan's second ride after his operation on his hand < good to see you back Alan >. Going past the Reindeer Park, Moira turned back, she was going to a christening, < she must have some young friends >. The rest of us went on towards Cropthorne, < up that horrible hill just after the bridge >. Arriving at Clive's, we found Dave M. sitting alone at a table, so we joined him for tea and teacakes, and very nice they where. After, must have been about an hour, we started for home, Dave and Leigh going their own ways . So that left five of us, we went round the Comdertons, < cuz it's nicer that way >, and down to Pershore, and the usual way home. I must say a thank you to Chris and Alan for doing the lion"s share of the work on the front, < on electric bikes> on the way home, it saved the rest of us some suffering, and got us back a bit faster. 👍 🚲
  10. I'll be there, hope the sun will be shinning. See you in the morning. 🚲
  11. I will be out, weather permitting, the forecast is not too good but fingers crossed. 🤞 🚲
  12. Happy birthday Mike, hope you had a good day, many happy returns. Ann and John. 🎂
  13. I did get round in one piece, but my fitness is not so good now, I was having trouble up the last few hills, I now know how Moira used to feel. It was a nice ride though, I enjoyed it, it was good to see Gordon and Mick, let's hope we all stay healthy for a while. I'm not going to say anything about getting my leg up. 🚲
  14. I'll be there, all being well, see you in the morning. 🚲
  15. Well Moira, you are a changed person (love uphills), but I don't think you should have told them, they might not turn up. I am hoping to see you but will be in the car. 🚗 🚲
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