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COVID-19 - UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS - It is the policy of this club that all rides should be taken SOLO while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in place.  ×
Covid-19 - UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS - It is the policy of this club that all rides should be taken SOLO while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in place.


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    All sorts of things I like to do,
    Like riding bikes, the same as you,
    My motorbike I like to ride,
    Out to places far and wide,
    When weather's bad I'll read a book,
    Or bake a cake, I like to cook,
    I sometimes play on my guitar,
    Although I'll never be a star,
    And so with Ken and Dave and Mike,
    I think I'll go out on my bike.

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  1. A good 100 miles ? 🍺🍺
  2. That seascape A. is Bartly Green Reservoir. If you have been out and about, and ridden past a Ford, you may have seen more of a sea side seen. Last Saturday I rode over the Ford at Coughton, couldn’t believe the parked cars, all the people and all the kids in the water. B. That is Havington Hall, at Harvington. C. Is St. Mary’s Church. D. Been in there a few times, The Plough at Shensone. E. That pub is now called The Honey Bee, but I’ve been scratching my head trying to remember the old name, but it hasn’t come to me yet. If it does I’ll get back. 🚲
  3. Happy birthday Mick, and many happy returns. Ann and John.🎂🍺
  4. Happy birthday Terry, and many happy returns. Ann and John. 🎂🍷
  5. Well, if no one else wants to have a go, I’ll see what I can do. A. I don’t know. B. Is The Rest House on Bournville Green. I think I remember meeting there for Club Runs back in the olden days. C. I don’t know. D. That is The Carillion, they play music on it, don’t know how, I think it is full of bells. E. Is the Bird Cage. F. The Bournville Cycling Club. G. That goes to the big Sports Fields at Cadbury’s. H. That is The Pavilion on Cadbury’s Sports Field. That will do for today. 🚲
  6. Happy birthday Michelle and Tim, hope you’re both having a lovely day. Ann and John. 🎂🎂🍷🍷
  7. Happy birthday Chris, and many happy returns. Ann and John. 🍷🎂
  8. Happy birthday Mavis, have a lovely day. Ann and John. 🎂🍷
  9. That young man G, is Chris Pardoe again, this time in a school boy race. I was probably in that same race, it looks like Wellesbourne airfield. Have you noticed the fixed wheel sprocket on the rear hub, the opposite side to the block ! 🚲
  10. And so to E. The one looks like a chap who used to run the club runs, his name was Brian Courage. The other one, in the middle of the picture, I think his surname was Queson. F. That must be Robert’s Corner near Alvechurch, just before the finishing straight, towards Hopwood. 🤞 🚲
  11. I give up on what they are dressed up as. And so on to D. that is little Chrissy Pardoe at the very start of his cycling career. 🚲
  12. Well, B and C next. B is no problem, the year is 1953, ( I was at a similar celebration, about 3 miles from there ) and it was the Queen’s coronation. C. I can see Ivor Myttion , I think he is serposed to be a Unicorn? Then there is Mick Meacham, he looks like he has got a big girly Welsh hat on. And the third one is young Chris Pardoe, in the pointy hat, I don’t know what he is supposed to be. Another one tomorrow. Please join in, you must all know the last one. 🚲
  13. Starting at the beginning (A) That is Mick Meacham, on the bike, and running beside him is Chris Pardoe. It looks to me that the photo was taken at the back of Cofton Park. Well that’s enough for today, I’ll have a look at the next one tomorrow. 🚲
  14. Sarashell

    Club Runs

    I know exactly what you mean. 🤷‍♂️☹️
  15. Happy birthday Duncan, many happy returns. Ann and John. 🍺🎂
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