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  1. I'm going to leave it as it is now for a while. I have added a gold strip to the banner to make it more in keeping with our colours I have added "Who's Online" "Popular Contributors" and "Forum Statistics" blocks down the right hand side of the forum. I have also added a link to the Web site in the Welcome section of the forum. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks and responds Enjoy
  2. I have now added the banner to the top of the page and put in the gallery feature at the top of the main page. I think it looks altogether cleaner and so much better on a smart phone and tablet
  3. Over the course of the next week (or possibly two) I will be upgrading the forum software to a newer and more modern version. This will be quite a radical change to the interface but should give us more security and once you are used to it greater functionality. If there are any problems either pm me or let me know by email All log in details will be the same as before but if anyone has a different user name (the name displayed on the screen when you are on the forum) to their log in name, you will have to log in with your user name. (I don’t actually think this applies to anyone anyway) I hope you will like the changes. I would add that we would have to make them eventually as the old software version will stop being supported at some point
  4. I have moved the last six posts in this topic to the "Club Runs" topic in the Private members forum
  5. There was a problem with the permissions so some people were unable to gain access. Everyone should be able to get in now. Any problems just let me know
  6. I have added a new tab to the top of the forum page called “Blogs” This feature is now available for all members. It would be interesting to see members use this feature as there are a lot of interesting challenges undertaken by Saracens, whether it be annual racing, Audax, Cyclosportive programmes or personal challenges or interests etc. You do need to be logged in to view (and comment) on all Blog content
  7. I received the following email today from Marie Briggs
  8. With just four weeks to Christmas I have put the Christmas theme on the forum. I have also featured the photos of Santa's Elves. Be warned I want more victims...Er I mean volunteers on Sunday.
  9. For those of you who enjoy the RSS feeds in the "Cycling News" forum might be interested to know I have now added Cycling Weekly to the feeds. Enjoy
  10. I have moved all posts relating to this subject into this topic as it was getting too fragmented scattered around the forum
  11. And the page has been updated today to include John Cartwright, Lee De Gray, Chris Kent and an updated photo of Chris Pardoe Anyone having problems accessing the page just let me know in here
  12. I have been asked by a number of members how to access this new page so I will give a step by step guide for those who may need it. 1 click on the "Saracen RC Website" button as shown in the picture below 2. Click on the "Club Runs" tab as shown below 3. Click on the hyperlinked text as shown below You will then see the new page If any of your pages look different to those shown above you will have to clear your browsers cache. If you need help with this just let me know
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