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    Saracen Road Club 70th Dinner

    Hilary and Chris would like to thank all those that attended or Clubs 70th annual get together and made it a special evening. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7
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    On opening the curtains this morning it was dry and sunny, so off to the shed to get my bike out and to set off . As soon as I stepped out of the house it started to drizzle, no problem I thought, it's not heavy . Luckily I had put my waterproof on as within a mile of setting off the heavens opened with very heavy rain I pressed on questioning my sanity . On getting to TB I resembled a drowned rat and surprisingly no one else was there but it had stopped raining. Set off to meet the Philpotts and Barry was there too. They were bone dry no rain their way, amazing. We pressed on, did a loop round to The Vale Golf Club only to find the cafe had closed 5 minutes prior to our arrival . Back up the drive we saw Ivor at the Raindeer Cafe which we'd missed on the way in but that was closed too !!!! Bishampton was shut too with the front windows boarded over but we found a lovely new cafe called Philpott Towers excellent service you might even recognise the girls serving. They even provided dry socks and slippers for my wet feet and plastic bags to put over dry socks for the way home. Highly recommend this place they serve baileys too . A lovely stop got warm excellent food and service. The boys did allot of talk about electric bikes as Alan's was in the hall. A few photos below.
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    See you at 10-00am weather permitting
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    Hi Ivor Top right hand corner of the page a bell and next to it an envelope. Open the envelope and in the top right hand corner click compose new which opens message page.
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    Club Run 5th January 🐝🐝

    Set off with the others but Barry Gordon and myself went to the Twisted Spoon to put the financial world to right. Nice ride a bit cold Gordon had a puncture. But... Beat this if you can..... Got home to a WARM EGG and BACON Sandwich ready and waiting.,!!!! Talk about "Hit the Spot" ooooooohhhhhh'!!!!!.... Didn't she do well!
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    Sunday 22nd December Fry up & boozers

    Usual meeting place Lydiate Ash Road by the bungalows. Start time 10 o'clock'ish short ride to Kitchen in the woods. After a gastronomic feast we will proceed to The Swan for refreshments. Don't forget frying pans food etc. Lights will be needed it could be dark when returning home. Be there whatever the weather Hopefully it should be a dry day.
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    The raving mad group enjoying a seasonal get together for breakfast. Note!! the new bench would have come in handy if the fire wood ran out. John E has now brought his own gas stove can't wait for the fire to warm up. Olly following a small portion diet has a tiny mess tin for cooking. Tess and Lottie show their upbringing with the best china plates to eat of. John E having trouble with his plumbing. Team photo. Now for the ride to the pub. A quick look back to see the ladies bringing up the rear. Good to have Hannah back out on the bike again but the hills don't get any easier. I think Lottie is taking a rest. Soon back on the bike will have to get her trained up for next years Birmingham Velo. Final push for the pub. Podium slipper use by the world sprint champion. Another great end to the year. A great day weather warm and sunny. Food and drink as good as ever. And of cause excellent company. Let's do it all again in 2020. A very Happy Christmas and New Year to all our followers.
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    As John said cafe a very good find. Weather not to cold but rather windy. The view over the fields from the back of the building is great. Should be good in the summer sitting outside. Now for the important things tea, food and a chat. All good things come to an end. Now for the ride home. After a short stretch to Pershore into the wind the right turn for Pinvin put the wind behind us for the rest of the ride home. As the pictures show the sun was out most of the time. Roger an I only got caught in a shower climbing the Lickey's.
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    A short cold run today after a late night and busy week. Did more reminiscing after last nights 70th club dinner. Also some eating and tea drinking. Nice to have the sun out but only 1-2 degs. Chris T's new winter bike.
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    Club Run 24th November 🐝🐝

    10-00am it is bring your foghorn
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    Yes it was a little cold out my Garmin didn't get above 5 degs. Still the cafe was warm food hot and the tea welcombing. After all the rain the river was high but not over the wall like in the past. With food and drinks on the table the smiles are back. I think the winter has arrived. The drop in temperature gets to the chest as well as the legs. Maybe it is our age? No probably just the time of year.
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    After a steady ride out caught up with our small band of travelers getting down their second cups of tea. Weather was warm not to much wind about. As always Croome Park was very busy most people outside which left plenty of tables inside. Plenty of empty plates and cups. John up for seconds. Lovely Victoria Sponge. Good looking trio. Getting the bikes sorted. Almost lost the camera again. Good company and a nice autumnal day in the saddle.
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    Six of us started out today from Tardebigge, four were in Ivor the Engine’s gang, so it was just Moira and me that had a steady ride to Croome . We got served straight away , there was no queue. Ten minutes later, in came Alan and Cris Philpot , the queue was quite long then. Chris P. came in next, and that was the lot. Had a nice half hour or so eating, drinking and chatting, and then all rode back home together. Good day considering what the weather forecast said, it was dry except for some puddles on the roads. 🚲
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    Out of hospital . Recovering well .Small fee you can see my catheter . Hope doesn'taffect my upcoming operation.
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    Senior run 15th

    Glad you had a ride Tim .Not a bad distance .Hope its a comeback.
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    Senior run 15th

    9-30 at Tardebigge (or should it be Bentley Pauncefoot now) for a STEADY ride.......we can decide then
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    Wellesbounne Airfield. ✈️ 9:30 Tardebigge. πŸš΄πŸ½πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ
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    Set of for Wellesbourne Airfield a little late and put a big effort in to go via Warwick and meet the others there. On my arrival found only motor bikers there no bicycles. Took a couple of pictures just to show that I had made it. Tried phoning John then Moira but no one answered. Started to plan a route home only to see the small group pottering down the lane towards me. Settling into the cafe we sat outside overlooking the airfield and cooked in the sunshine. A close up to see what you're missing. A few more weeks of this should finish the year of nicely. A nice steady ride home to finish the day of.
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    Senior run 15th

    My first proper ride for 7 months, thanks to all especially to Ivor for pacing me up the hills on the way home!
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    Senior run 15th

    After an abortive trip to Craycombe a few weeks ago when the entire place was shut, Christine and I went to Hillers today, joined shortly after we arrived by Pat Haddon plus Hilary and John Porter. Sat outside in the pleasant sunshine, had excellent staff service and enjoyed riding generally quiet roads on a lovely autumn day.
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    Senior run 15th

    Went to Craycome Excellent service Not sure if it's changed hands staff all seemed different. Tim Barry Self and one other had a lovely ride in some warm sunshine Conversation centered around our various health issues(I really must get out more) Nevertheless an excellent day thanks to my fellow riders P.S.the throttle was kept under control ( at least no one complained)
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    After a good push from Pinvin through Pershore and on to Bredon Tess and I managed to arrive at Bredon Hardwick just after John S and Co. Unfortunately we just missed the 11:30 cut off for the breakfast menu which gave Tess a bit of a sulk as she had beans on toast on her mind. All the Chef could manage was Toast and jam. As you will see from the pictures we must have made a wrong turn and ended up at the seaside. Not sure what Bev is praying for, a tailwind home and all down hill that would suit Moira. Alan P took us on a trip around Bredon Hill on the way back. Just one small climb which Moira could remember from the last Bredon visit. The rest of the crew having no difficulty on the climb before dropping down into Elmley Castle. Tess and I clocked up another 80 odd miles by the time we reached home. But what a great day for riding bikes, hope we have a few more like this before the dreaded WINTER arrives.
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    Senior run 8th Sept

    Good for you Ivor don't waste that battery save it for the hills !!!!
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    Senior run 8th Sept

    We should have 2 ladies riding tomorrow I have agreed to take them for a ride Possibly Twisted Spoon or De Beers Probabally not too quick Discuss tomorrow
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    It became apparent from the outset that a number of us were not on for the full route! We caught Tony up on Church Lane, Bradley Green who was on a solo non-stopper & turned left at the Pinvin traffic lights. I believe that Chris Thompson was also going to do his own thing but with a stop at Pershore as he went left with the Mr Shelley group turning off left before the Pershore traffic-lights! We that is Barry, Leigh, Mike, Gordon and myself pressed on to Defford where good food, brilliant sunshine & tea together with the occasional sprinkling by a water-cannon was enjoyed on the patio. An incident-free great day out in good company! What more could one wish for on a September run in early Autumn!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸš²πŸš²πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘
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    Quite a few at Tardebigge this morning, but not all going to the same place. Well, our gang, Moira, Bev, Alan P. And me, rode to Bredon’s Hardwick via some of Thursday’s Tour of Britain TT route. The weather was very pleasant after a cool start. There is a large lake at the sight at Bredon’s Hardwick where people were enjoying themselves, it was just like the sea side. Tess and Chris came soon after we got there, it was like being on holiday. Well back to reality, we rode back round Bredon hill, nice scenery, and no hills. And back home, nice day out, with a nice crowd. 🚲
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    Senior run 18th Aug

    On the basis I don't know the way to anywhere I didn't notice. Enjoyed the day thanks to both. So glad the Lord was with you Mrs Davies did he help on the hills? Oh just realised it was a spelling mistake !
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    Club Run 18th August. 🐝🐝

    Mr Sarashell some of us , not many I admit in the club , are still well under the age of 60 so I like to think of myself as a younger senior 😝 See you in the morning xx
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    We are all seniors. πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ
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    Skittles Evening

    Another great night of skittles. I trust everyone enjoyed the evening. With my new partner Edwena i'm pleased to say we won the couples Trophy. I then went on to take the Knockout competition which I felt a little guilty about but pleased to say that didn't last long. A few pics of the nights event. Mick H making himself useful preparing the tables. Hilary resting her eyes after her hard work organising things. Terry's girls discuss tactics how to beat him. Moira in charge of puddings. I think Mick M'c is after seconds. Chris tel's him to think of his figure. Welcome to Andy's partner Liz. Welcome to Lottie sitting with Polly. With a bit more training I hope to see her joining the Sunday run. Good to catch up with Tim shame he can't join the runs. Hilary and others keeps mixing up Ed and Yvonne she's the one with the glasses. More trouble Girl power. These make a nice couple. Can we manage to do it again next year ????
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    Skittles Evening

    Thank you everyone who supported the Skittles Evening last night. Having spent most of this morning washing and drying greasy cutlery and pudding dishes I can now thank everyone for all their help last night. I must mention Mike H. personally as he always comes to cover the tables every time and I have never thanked him on the website. Thanks Mike am I forgiven now?! Once again the ladies provided some great puddings and I thought that we may have too many however I think most of them were finished although I am not sure as Moira and Chris Philpott were in charge this year. Thanks to both of you. As I wasn't involved in the actual skittling games I was very surprised to hear that my other half had won. I will let him explain how he managed that! He obviously doesn't need me as a partner. It can be quite tasking to organise an event but when things go to plan it makes it all worth while. We hope that you all had a good evening and please remember that the 70th anniversary of the Saracen Road Club will be celebrated on Saturday November 30th. I will be in touch later in the year. Thanks again everyone, best wishes Hilary.
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    Evesham. 9:30 Tardebigge πŸš΄πŸ½πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ
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    Club Run 21st July 🐝🐝

    Another day for alfresco dining. At long last managed to capture Bev without food in her hands. A good ride home with the wind at our backs.
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    Just been riding up them mountains with G. and my legs ache. But our ride wasn’t quite so hard. Nine started from Tardebigge, two did a shorter ride, so seven got to Evesham and were shortly joined by three more. Good company as usual, and also good weather, what more could you want !! In our gang today were :- Bev A. Moira B. Leigh F. Chris K. Chris T. Chris P. Tess O. Alan P. Roger B. John S. 🚲
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    Club Run 21st July 🐝🐝

    That's different to what you said on Thursday but looking forward to The Lenchs . After watching Simon Yates win the stage the other day I'm in training for a hill finish !!!!! Just need to lose 1.5 stones and speed up considerably on the approach ( as normally see the climb and slow down ) and be a lot quicker on the actual climb too 😫 See you in the morning x
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    Seniors Club Run 7July

    Thank you Ivor. Well that was an interesting ride. Collected Christine on way to meet Barry. Ignored phone ringing cos it always stops before I answer it. Barry not where he said he'd be so checked phone, didn't recognise number and no message left. Put phone in pocket and it immediately rang. Barry had major mechanical and had finally got home via foot and car, too late to get to us. So Chris & I had a lovely non stop tour of the Chippings before getting back for our lunches. When I got home found three voice messages from Barry and his wife, don't ask why they weren't there earlier cos I have no idea! Apologies to Lesley for ignoring her and shame on Barry for not maintaining his bike! Is all that worth two Clubrun points for Chris and me? Sorry Kay, no buzzards encountered. Probably cos we were nowhere near Copyholt Lane.
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    Club Run 9th June 🐝🐝

    Me make good rain dance Make food grow
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    Club Run 9th June 🐝🐝

    Got home dry but exhausted .Overtook a cyclist on the way and was feeling chuffed until he told me he was recovering from open heart surgery which rather spoilt the feeling of achievement) Washed up etc 1hr plus (with Chris's valuable help) Cut the lawns ,did some gardening then collapsed onto the bed .... Further to our breaktime discussion on the origin of sayings ...Hoist by his own petard.. The phrase's meaning is literally that the bomb-maker (a "petard" is a small explosive device) is blown up ("hoisted" off the ground) by his own bomb, and indicates an ironic reversal, or poetic justice. I knew you were dying to have the puzzle solved.
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    Seniors included Chris, Ken, Ivor and me, Destination Twisted Spoon. The Place was packed but a young man found a table because we were Oldies. The usual good food, Chris moderated i think he is enjoying Sunday lunch at Leigh's too much ! Got as far as Droitwich on the return and the rain started in earnest, to say the least b- - -dy soaked .Chris was the wise one, he went east from the cafe and retraced his tracks, he will no doubt say, what rain, in future we ignore Ivor he can't read clouds, particularly black ones moving West to East slowly ! The roads in Barnt Green were dry! and five minutes after i arrived home the Sun came out and dried all my clothes, including base layers, i think that's what is known as s- - -s law, but good company and ride. The unofficial Seniors press officer 😳 getting good John even an Emoji, worth 2 points?
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    Club Run 9th June 🐝🐝

    Seven of us got to coffee 1, at Pershore, the tea, tea cakes and the mickey taking were all very good. I must say that, all but for a few spots, it didn’t rain on us, however, it must have rained in Bromsgrove and the surrounding area because the roads where awash, I got home soaked again, but only from spray off the wheels. And today in our gang:- Mick H. Chris T. Bev A. Moira B. Leigh F. Kevin Y. John S. 🚲
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    Club Run 5th May 🐝🐝

    9-30 for the seniors for a ride out to the Twisted Spoon
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    Club Run 21st April 🐝🐝

    Picture this A ride out to Hillers in beautifull sunshine A Chat round the table with some excellent company A lovely ride home with the temperature gradually increasing A scrumptious roast lamb dinner and a bottle of wine all prepared by one's favorite partner In your dreams? No ! Today's reality . Many thanks to Barry, Ken , Kay and Chris for an idyllic day out!! And Polly for the meal.
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    So apologies to you even older ones or should I say Seniors WE needed and will need on future outings an early start to make the most of Jack’s short time away from WORK😩😑
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    The magnificent seven started off from Tardebigge (Bev, Moira, Phil, Chris K, Jack K, Leigh and me)to Upton upon Severn, but part way Chris, Jack and Leigh decided to go to Pershore instead. Then there were four, we went on to Upton, where we found Alan P. ,and just after, Chris P. came in. We put the world to rights as usual, then battled the elements back home. Good ride but the wind was quite strong. 🚲
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    Club Run 14th April 🐝🐝

    Probably do a solo later
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    Mick Hazlewood

    not so junior

    Great to hear from you again Phil, and a big welcome back into the club. Get that bike dusted down and come and join up with one of our club runs. Look forward to seeing you soon. Mick.
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    not so junior

    Hello all, finally seen the light and re-joined the Saracen if only in cyberspace! Good to see posts from my old mates Steve Shepherd and Ian Cook. Interesting to read that Steve wants to ride a 12 hour! Next time I catch up with him I'll remind him of that post. Great to see Ian again a couple of years back, even if it was at my old work place. Currently out of the Country but when I get back it will be nice to get the bike dusted off and might even consider pinning a number on again! Anyway all the best to everyone past and present Phil Lock
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    Derek Harrison ???

    Mike McClure has just been in touch and after doing some searching in the Cycling Archives came across the news that Derek had died last year. Does anyone have further information?
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    Leigh was admitted to the Alexandra Hospital in the early hours of yesterday morning with an acute viral infection!😩 (Ward 10 Bay D)
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