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    So apologies to you even older ones or should I say Seniors WE needed and will need on future outings an early start to make the most of Jack’s short time away from WORK😩😑
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    The magnificent seven started off from Tardebigge (Bev, Moira, Phil, Chris K, Jack K, Leigh and me)to Upton upon Severn, but part way Chris, Jack and Leigh decided to go to Pershore instead. Then there were four, we went on to Upton, where we found Alan P. ,and just after, Chris P. came in. We put the world to rights as usual, then battled the elements back home. Good ride but the wind was quite strong. 🚲
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    Club Run 14th April 🐝🐝

    Probably do a solo later
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    Derek Harrison ???

    Mike McClure has just been in touch and after doing some searching in the Cycling Archives came across the news that Derek had died last year. Does anyone have further information?
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