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    Pie Piper 100 mile Sportive Gloucester

    An early start to get to Gloucester Rugby Club. Only a couple of showers while driving down the M5. Sun comes out for start nice and warm, summer kit on. Ten minutes after start cape up for heavy shower doesn't last long but roads wet for the next hour. Cloudy for climbing out through Forest of Dean but after first feed station sun appears and by the time I reach Chepstow it turns into a nice summer day. Getting ready for the off. Climbing starts Forest of Dean ahead. Starting to catch someone at last wearing pink jersey. when I catch him find a real hero. Doing the 60 mile route on a shopping bike with carrier and wearing sandals. We met again and had a chat at the first feed stop. Brought the bike from Tesco £200 only needed some grease in the bearings. . Feed stop which was used twice on the 100 mile route as it was almost a figure of eight route. More climbing about 15 miles from Chepstow. Couldn't take any more picture from this point as both hands were needed to grip the bars as it got really steep, 30 tooth gear engaged. At the top a really attractive hidden church stopped to look for some divine intervention. .A poor picture on the move over looking the River Seven. Just about to cross The Old Chepstow bridge. Fellow travellers catch me waiting for the lights to change. Views from the bridge with the castle on the opposite hill. Heading into Chepstow. Nearly dropped the camera. Farthest point out Chepstow and the sun out. View up main street. Closer view. Tintern Abbey well worth a day trip. OOPS a close up of handlebars. Almost in the grass will have to start stopping to take these pictures. Finally the black hole which drops down to Symonds Yat. Time for lunch will continue.. Popped out to see our man in Kiddy Hospital. Seems in good spirits accommodation and food to his liking nurses taking good care of him and can watch the tour all day. Back to the Sportive. A ride well worth doing. 101.33 miles 6 hours 10 mins. 6556 feet of climbing. 6588 ft descending. Although a wet start turned out warm and mainly bright, wind a bit tough in places.
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    Club Run 3rd April

    With a cool start headed of to join the others at Charlecote Garden Centre. Took a route out to Earlswood, Hatton, Warwick and on to Wellesbourne. Met up with Jim Duggan near Becketts farm and rode together until Lapworth where he turned for home. Thinks he may ride the Audax but would like to get some miles in. He looks well and said Mick is fine doing a 2 and 1/2 mile walk every morning. After joining in with the marathon on the Warwick rode soon left the runners behind and finish of the ride to the garden centre just in time to open the gate for the Bs as they arrived. Mike H and the As were already inside filling their faces. After a cuppa and some toast had to tell the children a short story how to ride a spirited bronco. Then have to save Hannah from a wild cow, all this on a quiet Sunday run what next. Now to show them the way home, Lee as always lost when he can't see the Droitwich masts. Waiting for Lee who's having a Gentleman's stop behind some bush. The other up the road not knowing which way to go. Great ride back Wind and Sun mostly on our backs, nice to have some warmth at last. Just a little over dressed in a winter top, but not as brave as Richard K in his shorts. Had to keep young Dave C in check over the last few miles but will make a racer out of him one day.
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    Mid Shropshire Wheelers Sunday crit no1

    Hi all, I've been at it again, flying the Saracen colours around another circuit. This time in Shrewsbury instead of Stourport. Upon arrival I went to sign on straight away, great I thought to myself here we go again. I get my number and pin it on and put the timing chip on my bike. I roll back to the car, get my rollers out and jump on them for 20 mins. As I was warming up the sun comes out, no wind. Perfect! But it was a different story on the circuit. I finish my warm up and roll down to the start line. I start to get nervous and start to feel sick. We are allowed on the track for a couple of laps warm up, my body relaxes itself and I start to remember to calm down and not be nervous. However once again I find that I'm starting at the back, so the first 4 or 5 laps I'm chasing everyone to get into the peloton. I am able to stay with the peloton for a good 10-15 laps but the sprints start to take their toll so I find I drop back and end up on my own. I'm racing around and around with the peloton a quarter of a lap ahead. I'm trying to catch back on and just as i was getting close an attack from the front. I try to go with the peloton but my legs wouldn't let me, so I\y find myself dropped once again. The leaders gain half a lap on the peloton, I can feel them breathing down my neck. I keep telling myslef to keep going if I cant /finish in the main bunch I am not going to get lapped. Laps after laps go by I'm still ahead of the leaders this is great i think to myself, the next lap I find we only have 5 to go. Great they are surely going to get quicker and catch me up i thought to myself, so I dug in and picked up my pace. Through doing this I can see other riders who are getting shelled out of the peloton, great some people to chase. This is where I can gain places, so I dig in a bit more and surely enough I start to collect the dropped riders. On the last lap I find myself 27th but I can see a few riders ahead. I make an effort to catch them. I sail past them and further on down i see 23rd. I think he may just be unreachable, but I stay with my effort to catch him and just as I head around the hairpin I start to catch him. Through the chicane I know I have good legs I feel like I could out sprint him so I push on through the chicane. In the middle of the chicane I manage to get on his wheel I try going on his inside, he closes the door so I drop off and around the last part of the chicane I go around the outside of him. I start my sprint, I leave him and cross the line 23rd. All in all a good days racing I feel, however the main bunch still eludes me. Its my best finish yet and I'm gaining experience. Dave Cunningham ps photos to follow
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    Club Run 24th September ??

    A few pictures from today's Tommy Godwin Challenge. As John said good route, good weather, plenty of cake at Great Alne stop and the finish. Good company and we managed to stay together all the way around. This is how you do it. No this is how you do it. Over the shoulder photography. Small problem holding camera riding bike and watching where one's going. A good club turnout. Moira doing the highland jig. Moira isn't the only one not liking hills Chris Poole trying not to look up. Girl power. Three wise men. . Thanks to all for a great day out.
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    Michelle trialing out her new bikes

    Michelle getting ready for the years ahead. And Again
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    Forest Sunday 19th June

    report later need a shower To continue. Sorry to hear about Mick McClure will catch up with him in the week. Pleased to report no accidents on the A run apart from rather sore legs having completed about 100 miles by the time I reached home. The Lickeys the final nail in the coffin. So seven set of from the Forrest to tackle my circular route to Upton. Mike H, Owen H, Dave C, Speedy Kev, Alec, Kevin Y and Myself. Our route out was Droitwich, Ombersley, Hallow, Broadheath, Leigh Sinton before heading to Malvern to tackle the West Face climb. After ascending the lower slopes and turning right to climb the main hill we caught a large group of Solihull CC members. I Settled down for a steady climb which left Dave C and Speedy Kev to take on the task of showing the opposition how it should be done. Mike H was taken back by the speed of one young lady who shot past him. Regrouping at the top we descended taking care round the hairpins to Colwall. From there we made our way via Ledbury, Eastnor, across the common past Dave & Judy's house going to fast with the wind behind us to stop. Before turning right and dropping down to Upton arriving 12:15 the Bs having already left. By then I'd clocked up almost 60 miles. After food and water we returned home via Defford picking up those well used grooves in the road leading home. Mike H having age and experience on his side try's to explain the best way to take on board needed liquid. But you know what Children are like they always know best. Happy Days just like an old club run lots of miles great climbing and some down hill. Not quite the best thing for Owen being on a fixed. Should know better by now if I'm taking him out.
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    Club Run 5th June

    A warm start although sun hidden behind the clouds. Set of to Lakeside cafe in the grooves leading to Deford. Shooting past Tuesday watering hole we followed the lanes to Tewkesbury via Twyning. There turning left for Bredon Hardwick. Forest start ten ready for action. Bees already by the seaside enjoying breakfast. Just about to catch the Bees at Great Comberton on the return route. Sun broke through on the return ride to finish of another great ride. A's Mick H, Owen H, Tim Farmer good to have him with us again 1st time this year as he's been busy racing. Lee De G, Alec W, Speedy, Kev R, Kev Y, Dave C still in race mode and Myself. Bees John S leading, Gary W, Dave & Ruth S, Alan & Chris F, Pete C, Bev A not forgetting Hannah. Not a bad turn out 19 total.
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    Club Run Sunday 20th March

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    CLUB RUN Sunday 7th Feb

    Rode out to Cob House via Stourport, Great whitley and Martley to find only the A group there tucking into breakfasts. As I arrived Chris K turned up in car to have his Sunday feast. Sat chatting for sometime before Chris K received the message that the B's had only done half a ride and were resting at Ombersley. Does mean they only get half a point? Upon leaving found flat rear tyre the others retreated back to the warmth inside the cafe lead by the mechanic team from Speeds. After finishing repair demonstration with support from Chris K we push of for home. The return journey was to be via Great Whitley and Stourport as we turned out of the drive our Worcester riders turned right for a short ride back to home Speedy & 50 Shades. After reaching Great Whitley the Studley pair of John P & Tim F headed of back to Droitwich. The tougher five pushed on to Stourport where Owen had a Puncture his first so he said. It's now turning into a long day. We continue Mick H leading the way wind assisted fortunately Kev Y not his usual self Dave C hiding somewhere. As we turn at Hartlebury Mick H applies the pressure out of the corner hoping to put another half a wheel into me bang down goes one leg but manages to stay on the bike oops right hand peddle axle broken high pitch voice follows. Try to remove it from crank with allen key but its been in for thirty years. Left him walking to Mustow Green maybe Owen will come back in car to pick him up. More news to follow? A run Chris P, Mick H, Owen H, Speedy, 50 Shades, Tim F, John P, Kev Y, Dave C.
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    Club Run Sunday 3rd January

    Hi Sean, We had Speedy Kev and Kevin Rogers out with us today And yes I would be Montana... as in Hannah Montana, but 50 Shades is the only one that is allowed to get away with calling me that! Right, the Saracen Sunday report. Settle in for a tale of raging rivers, fine food (choices) and magic. Seven certifiably insane Saracens decided to ride to Hilliers today. Mick's infectious positive perspective of our wonderful weather convinced us that riding today would be absolutely fine. By the time I had reached Tardebigge my feet were already soaked to the socks. Now, normal sane people would have reassessed the situation and abandoned the ride, but nooooooooooo! Not us! We persevered with our folly endeavour and continued on. The further we rode, the heavier the rain became, and the wetter we became. The Rourke jokingly suggested going via The Lenches, a suggestion that I immediately nipped in the bud, for fear that Mick's infectious 'can do' attitude might spread! In the last few miles and digs up to the cafe Owen belted along on his steel fixed frame. I recall thinking how well he was riding, how strong he looked. However, upon arriving at the cafe O disappeared. When he reappeared he looked a little worse for wear. He sat slumped at the table, looking sleepy. We all thought he was messing around, usual pranks and jokes; until his glazed over eyes started rolling around. Everyone, including the staff at the cafe, rallied around, removing cold wet clothing from O's shivering body. A much needed cappuccino was given to O, and slowly but surely he started to come round and brighten up. Soon he was back to his usual humourous self, although his appetite wasn't as strong as usual (but good old 50 Shades wouldn't let good eggs go to waste!) Speaking of eggs, Lee's food choices led to some conversation and banter. His Sunday diet, up to 12pm, had consisted of eggs, eggs and errr... eggs! Our egg connoisseur promised us card tricks on our next club run; something that we are all highly looking forward to. While we sat in the cafe the rain became heavier, and the decision was made to take the quickest route home. If the trip to the cafe was wet and the time at the cafe eventful, then neither parts of the day had ANYTHING on the experiences we endured on the ride home. We rode through pools of standing water that came up to my knees! I lost count of how many of these we went through, but each one seemed deeper than the last. Makeshift rivers appeared in the roads. Riding became a considered effort. The onslaught of standing water meant that muscles couldn't stay warm, and despite the short distance of the ride all three of us here at Chez Hazlewood are feeling the effects of the ride. And don't get me started on the impact the weather had on the bikes! Both O and Mick have emptied water from out of their wheels and frames! Surreal. BUT.... we all arrived home smiling. The day may have been challenging and tougher than we'd expected; but we got home and we enjoyed the company that we shared. Now, sat at home, warm and dry and with a roast dinner in my tum, the feeling of being soaked and chilled to the bone already feels like a distant memory. And, as O put it, we'll never again moan about riding in a light shower; because it could be a LOT worse!!!!
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    Speedy Kev

    Saracen RC Audax ride report 23/8/15

    SARACEN RC AUDAX 23/8/15 ride report 100k We all met at Julie's cafe on a mild and dry start to the day, for the Saracen RC 100k Audax, a lumpy route from Droitwich to Cleobury, Tenbury, Bromyard and finish back at Droitwich. Garmin elevation, high point at Clows top. Event organiser Sean Barker gives the keynote address before the start to the amassed peloton... 9am, we ride.... The first 15 miles are incredibly steady, then the first climb, 'Abberley' looms, Owen and I are on the front keeping it calm, as we near the top we lean on the pedals, the peloton splits, we drop down through Pensax and are on the next climb to Clows Top. Dave Cunningham (Bromsgrove Olympique) is in his element and blasts up the climb, (the first of many red zones for me....) Cleobury is checkpoint no.1 leaving Cleobury, the half dozen or so riders head towards Tenbury, (which I think is the hardest part of the loop) I hang on. Outside Tenbury there is a curious checkpoint at the end of a lane, (the sign said 2 miles BTW) there were riders, and cars going in both directions on a narrow lane, the inevitable happened, ie an unstoppable force, meets an immovable object!!! all I know is the car came out worse. The road between Tenbury and Bromyard is pretty hilly as well... The Corner Cafe, the 2nd control, which opened especially for us was soon over run with Audaxers!!! there was coffee and cakes everywhere, it steamed up with condensation in no time, then the rain came down hard, I wanted to get going, it had barely stopped as I got pushed out of the door... We climbed up out from Bromyard, the rain came down again, we saw Hannah and Chris.K coming the other way!! somebody was lost, and it wasn't us... Our group whittled down until there were two. 10m to go, we were committed, all or nothing, full gas as they say, all you need to know is whilst Dave had age and power on his side, I had age and Garmin on mine.... Dave Cunningham's victory meal. Thanks to all involved for organising and volunteering to run this eventful event. great job. Mentioned in Despatches Hannah Smith (Saracen RC) rode it on her fixed wheel bike!!! got lost, soaked, and starved, but never gave up. 103.7 miles door to door.
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    Let's start a new column.

    T'was on a Sunday morning that I went out on my velo, Twice around the block I went And then I met this follow, He said why don't you join a club, That seemed a good idea, So to the Saracen I did go, And then it all came clear, It all seemed so much easier, Riding in a pack, Going round the country side, Sitting on the back, And then I went and rode a race, It was very fast, As we got to the finish line, They all came flying past, Friends would help me fix my bike, When it needed mending, So then it was back on the road, With very little spending, So if like me you ride a bike, But haven't got a clue, Why don't you come and join our club ? We'll show you what to do. ????‍♀️
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    'C' Run Sunday 17th September

    Well the whole world will run without any fluctuations whatsoever for at least 24 hours. The members of the C run put the "world to right" in no uncertain manner today . What a great ride excellent company good weather and something to talk about. Thanks friends. Ivor
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    'C' Run Sunday 10th September.

    Well it was like this:- Barry, Ivor, Richard, wrong location but right time Tim met @ Tardebigge as arranged without the expected support of Leigh "Fidgetyfingers" & Sean "Can't get his butt off his (or other person(s) for that matter) mattresses Barker. We pressed on believing time to be of the essence into what felt like a nagging constant South Westerly. Ivor departed:-turning for Droitwich & home ? on a non-stopper @ Grafton Flyford. This left yours truly on the front with Barry ("half-bike" ? Lucas) to battle on to Pershore where Tim (much too fit for us) pressed on for Defford to meet-up with his other far-too-fit mates! Well we nearly lost Richard (small-tanks &/or leaky washers) KENT as he sought suitable watering holes around the Abbey! We then settled on a suitable location in the town on the square just down from the old Cafe' to view the cavalcade amongst several hundred other spectators! How pleased was I that I'd donned a gortex outer top, anticipating the rain that never actually reached us, as it was distinctly chilly & Autumnal for our 45 minutes wait. Well the swift passage of 100 elite pro's together with the preceeding & following entourage was in my opinion worth the wait (almost approaching the classical continental spectacle) With the aid of 21st Century communications & Sean under (the bed) cover BARKER's phone a meet @ Coffee 1 was arranged:- where warmth, good company, food ? drink & conversation restored the inner man! GOOD DAY, GREAT COMPANY AND SPECTACLE:- WISH YOU COULD'VE BEEN THERE !!!!!!
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    C run 13th August

    Well that were another grand day out Biggest gathering for weeks with several groups all arriving at cafe within ten minutes of each other. Sean took the register so I'll leave him to post the list. We left the cafe in two groups but it became a tale of hare and tortoise as only two or three miles into the return journey Sean's rear tyre exploded. Or, to be more precise, disintegrated, and the other group passed us. We should have taken a photo of the tyre as it was a sight to behold, but it would be too embarrassing for Sean's reputation as an independent world traveller. Suffice to say that one of Ivor's patent milk carton tyre boots was pressed into service and a lot of tut-tutting was directed at Sean. Being the merry and caring band that we are we stayed as a group until Sean was safe and the rest of us were close to home. Thank you all for a very pleasant and amusing day out.
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    Speedy Kev

    Spring Audax 9th April 2017

    SARACEN RC AUDAX 2017 Hilary and Ed meet and and greet the incoming cyclists with big smiles... Dave superglued his fingers to the table... traditional Audax machines, thin frame tubes, box section rims, loads of spokes etc... Leigh... Olly and Rich... Audaxers basking in the sun, just prior to the start... I'm so deaf, I couldn't hear a word he said... Pardoe and purple Pinarello, but who's photographing who???... Like lambs to the slaughter... Kev Kev and Chris made it to Raphael's, sorry about the tongue, it just fell out... after a slight diversion, we made to Charlecote... This lot from Kenilworth where very happy to see us... maybe something to do with the beans???... Dave points to the spot where he glued his fingers to the table... the que for the grub... situation normal, for the Bees... Mavis, Eddie, Pat and Audrey Hepburn serene at Julies... Saracen RC Audax, great day out, blue skies, great company, great event!!! ps. thanks to all helpers and organisers for making it happen!!!
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    'C'-RUN:- SUNDAY 29th January 2017.

    Well it was like this:- Sean had woke feeling somewhat under the weather, no one else turned up so it was left to Leigh & I to carry the flag (slowly & not particularly far). It was damp & much colder than we had anticipated as we headed to our original destination & the forecast rain ☔️ started several hours earlier than anticipated. Some common sense came to the fore as I suggested we visit the nearer Whit Lenge garden-centre in the circumstances! Fortunately Leigh didn't take too much persuasion and even less as we reached Cutnall Green & I suggested Lord Morton's Tea Rooms to ✋ at. There we enjoyed excellent service (there was nobody else there initially) & were joined by 3 Halesowen members also bemoaning the weather which had continued to deteriorate! We took the shortest (I was going to say quickest but that would imply that we were going fast) route to Leigh's where more tea was taken on board. The offer of a lift home was most welcome & accepted after I'd dried out & warmed up! Many thanks to Leigh & Linda's company, conversation & support in a particularly "dark period". As we approached home via the dodgey end of Blackwell Road from Burcot we came across the bedraggled sodden Bromsrove run who to their credit were approximately 10 in number. I hope that our 'B' run ? had an incident-free outing on what has been a grim day indeed! And yes TONEY we saw some ice along the way in a number of locations!
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    Sunday 18th December, boozer's run.

    What a turn out. Good to see twenty plus Saracens there. I hope you an remember them all Sean cus.I can't Thanks folks for a good fire and fry up.
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    Stourport Tuesday night series

    Hi all, Last night I raced down in Stourport. The heat was just bearable, but once we started racing the wind picked up and it was cooling and it hindered the pack. However as usual I find myself at the back of the starting grid. I have to work to catch the main group up. The pace is staying around 28 mph I kept getting dropped out of the hairpins but I got myself back in the group. Eventually the pace slows a bit where i was able to move up the group and be comfortable. 15 mins into the race and the first real attack comes, the bunch responds after a few moments thought. During which I was deciding whether or not to go and join the two guys away. I thought I best not as we still have a lot of racing to do. So we caught the breakaway up and the paced eased again for a little bit of recovery. There were a few more attacks and we caught them, nothing to major just testing the legs of the other riders. With 5 laps to go three guys go up the road, so i start to move up the bunch and look to see if I could bridge the gap. Too many people are trying to bring this back so i wouldn't last a minute out there, so I stayed in the pack and we caught them just going into the last 3 laps. The bunch ease and I wriggle my way to the front and off the front i have a massive gap!!! I don't know how but I guess being the unknown rider you can make these things happen. I was battling the winds but I couldn't sustain my pace and the group got quicker so i was caught with 1 lap to go so I stayed in the top 4 riders and waited to get led out. It was all going well i was sprinting and then I cross what I thought was the finish but everybody else was still riding so I started my sprint again. In the end I came home 6th!!! Now I finally get to move up into 3rd Cat. Dave C
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    A, B and C Runs 31st July

    Another well organised route from Kevin Young. Out to the east again a great find Ryton Poole Country Park the other side of Stoneleigh national show ground. Took me back a few years to racing on the Baginton circuit or on the showground itself. The group of 7 comprised of Speedy, Mick H, Owen H, Kevin R, Dave C, Kevin Y and Myself. As I arrived at the top of Weatheroak Hill first took a few snaps. Great views. Soon spoilt by a group of men in licra. KIDS should be left at home. Doesn't get any easier. . And the rest. Our new watering hole. After some chat about the new venue and the route out. The conversation turned to horticulture like it does. In particular the size of your tomatoes and the height of ones plants. It would appear all club members in the Bromsgrove area have been supplied with the well known Moira Blackburn variety. These are free growing but are supplied with out growing instructions and as our member seem to lack green finger have all gone past the three truss height where they need pinching off. Kevin Young thought a truss was used for other purposes. Kevin Roger living close to the said Moira Blackburn Garden Centre tried to help but Owen pointed out that his plants were so tall Hannah couldn't reach the top to chop them off. To conclude, it was decide that help was needed and Moira Blackburn may be able to offer some guidance by opening a page on the web with weekly gardening tips. . Garmin says this is the way home. A big thank you again to Kevin Y for finding and directing us to a great location. .
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    Speedy Kev

    Tour of the Cotswolds 2016

    Tour of the Cotswolds sportive2016 75m 1850m ascent http://www.velosportives.co.uk/hills/4591555864 Blockley, Stanway, Campden lane and Dovers hill... pre ride pep talk... cows vs bikes... cake stop at Guiting power... cake distribution service... Joe refuels after the finish... Speedys rating... one of the best.
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    Following on from Speedys report of The Mad Hatter Sportive on Saturday 23rd. What a great day for riding bikes warm sunny and not to much wind. Speedy an early starters on the road before 8:oo oclock. A few of the starter ready for the off. Lovely blue sky's.must be summer. 1st feed stop Bishops Frome. Couldn't take pictures of the climb up the West side of Malvern so steep at about 25% had to hang onto the bars. Couldn't get the camera out. 2nd stop Much Marcle. . Mechanic for those with problems. Some of the easier climbing. Some company from Halesowen riders. There was a 3rd stop at Newent but forgot forgot to get the camera out. Finish at last. Just to show I finished as Speedy said the Biggest Gongs ever. A great day out weather perfect. A few others should try it..
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    Speedy Kev

    Saracen Championship 25TT

    Birmingham Midland Cc (Charity Event) (BBAR)SARACEN RC CLUB CHAMPS 25 TT 10/7/16 K10/25P 1st male -Matt Clinton 50 something 1st female - Liz Powell 59 ish 5.45.....am... Pre race checks... post race smiles.... Colin, in the zone... Mick H, like a coiled spring... Paul H, poised for action... Speedys idea of clean... Your actual testers... Mick tells the timekeeper that No.55 has just launched off a minute too soon... Speedy looks on confused... Tim opens the hurt locker... One mans pain........ another mans pleasure... Fixed wheel madness...
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    Hospital Watch 2016

    Just back from visiting our man in Kidderminster Hospital. As you can see the private room in this hotel has all the gadgets, oxygen on tap,trolley full of drugs, own shower & loo, rise and fall bed and TV on wall opposite bed. Plus three good meals a day. Even the Carers (nurses) are impressed by how fit he's going to get when he can get his leg over the saddle again. Note the pain and discomfort he seems to be in. One week passed already, will soon be back out on the bike. All the best Chris & Hilary
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    Mid Shropshire Wheelers Sunday crit no4

    Hi all Today was a wet and muddy race, I thought I entered a crit not a cross race!!!!! I didnt warm up very well as i didnt trust the roller when it was raining and so I rolled around the car park for a bit trying to keep warm. Once the race had started I made sure i was always near the front then a few laps into the race I gained a dreaded puncture but i took a lap out and borrowed someons front wheel, which was kind of them (well the commissar just took it and put it in my bike) I rejoined the back of the front group and i didnt feel safe on this wheel that had been pumped up to about 120psi! in the wet!!!! but i soldiered on and gain more confidence with the front wheel. Lap after lap i got more confident and there were a few crashes. I stayed with the front bunch until the end. The last corner had fractured the group a little bit but I managed to sprint to 7th overall. A fun wet and muddy race but it was worth it and another few points on the board. Many thanks Dave C
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    Speedy Kev

    Skittles night

    Saracen RC Skittles night 2016 Thanks to Chris and Hilary Pardoe for organising another great Skittling night out!!!
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    Here are some photos from the Royal Sutton CC 10... Paul 24.44 Mick 25.22 Kev 25.58 Colin 27.11 Hannah 28.37 photo credits to D Ellis, apart from the two below, Kev took those.... Mick inspecting Hannah's skinsuit... Eddie doing the double teapot.
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    Results for yesterdays club 10 champs. Royal Sutton CC K11/10T And the winner is Paul Haynes 24:44 Mick Hazlewood 25:22 Kevin Sargent 25:58 Colin Bradley 27:11 And the ladies winner is Hannah Smith 28:37 And a special mention to Mavis and Eddie Smith for the support https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/RSCC 10 Results List 2016.pdf?token=AWzXH28O4UUGoMe-ks-D9mzbPehooGUJEd_0kkWBwCg4CaXZ0dnKIK-8fVek6nTmE09d9WYD6lQhRN9Dg4dakTDjb_rrYhdI9LNXXjTrtw_vcVvr5CD689s-ybC2HAIx75OWGF6Hb83TaD_uEWNE8yuat-c-Ow5YxRToeX9lV7Pu7g
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    What a great day for a ride in the Black Country. 22 stages of rough tracks and cobbled roads just in between normal roads like The Hell of The North. 5 of us met up at Wolverhampton track Dave C, Mick H, Owen, Hannah and myself. Along with 1000 others. With car park full we found a quiet spot rear of sport hall to prepare for the days efforts. Only summer kit required not sure what Hannah's been sitting on? . A few others turn up. All signed on. Dave's missing gone to the loo again. Note! Owen's forgotten his KIT. A few more turned up than expected the sun brings everyone out. Now down to the real thing. First stretch of rough stuff. Some great tracks through fields. Hannah takes our only puncture of the day after a stretch of loose near Churchhill. The cobbled 22% climb of Waltonberg leading to the top of Clent Hills on the grass. Took Mick H back to his youth when we rode over the top after two hour in the pub. Happy winter rides many years ago. Some adjustments to Owen's saddle which came loose dropping of Clent. Mid way stop for refreshments at the French Hen pub in Clent. After all the rough stuff Mick decides to fall of in front of me crossing a bridge by the only ford on the days route. Just a little blood. My club kit tested again for abrasion resistance. Track finish. Hannah going for the line. Hannah seems to have lost her legs or shrunk. That's better the smiles back. The glass of Champagne for all finishers. Decisions. We'll have to chop that of one day. A great end to a most unusual sportive made special by the weather and company.
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    Club Run 24th April

    Many thanks 1 & ALL for your company & encouragement, particularly Barry & Sean for your TLC & PATIENCE on the return especially from Radford as I was "stuffed". Never mind it was most enjoyable when I stopped pedalling & can't wait to do it all over again!
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    What a great day out sun and blue sky's to start pity only 2 degs. A big thanks to Sean for his efforts. More pictures to tell the story. Hannah with her tongue hanging out as always. Signing in at Evesham. Thanks to Ivor and Brian Plus a thank you to David and Judy at Chalecote Garden Centre the other check point. A noisy rabble eating all the cakes, nice to see Sam out with us on a Sunday. John Burton our man from Stafford shouldn't realy pose like that. Could do with a few extra miles. Good to have Mel with us also from Stafford helping John round. A few gentlemen putting the world to right. Not as easy as you think on the way back. Our man from Dorset Alan Townsend digging deep. This is how to finish a great day out. The odd glass of wine or two plus a small Chinese to fill up the empty spaces after a hard day. A little story telling getting bigger depending on the number of bottles emptied. Nothing left in the glasses must be time to go home.
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    SARACEN RC AUDAX 17.4.2016
  34. 4 points
    Speedy Kev


    EASTER EPIC SPORTIVE 27/3/2016 2118 meters ascent... number 246, come in, your time is up... As you get older, your supposed to get wiser, not me, yesterday I rode the slowest '10' I have ever done, and then a day later I'm riding the 80 mile Easter Epic sportive... a brute of a ride at the best of times, taking in all of your least favourite climbs, high winds, downpours, massive pot holes, gravelly corners, full brakes on descents, 1st gear climbs, etc... HQ, nice and cosy... The evil organisers... Normally I prefer to start just behind the main field, so I can cruelly pick them off, but some how I started in the first group, and within a mile, it had broken up, it was going to be a long day... I rode on and off with a couple of guys,mostly just doing my own thing, and not stopping too long at the feed stations, just enough time to get fuelled up and go... The middle part of the story is climb, descend, climb, descend, ad infinitum... and the cruelty of the final lumpy 10 miles into the wind, a fitting finale to the harsh nature of the route. Kev rating...brutal. but worth it, even if just for the cake... and the medal obviously
  35. 4 points

    Club Run Sunday 20th March

    Five set out from the Forest for Cleobury Mortimer on route Mick H described. Tim Brueton set out a little earlier to meet up there, only to find he was there a long way ahead of the main party. After having a breakfast of beans on toast he decided to do a few extra miles by riding to the top of Clee and back and then have another coffee with the rest back at the cafe if they had arrived. I rode out via Kiddy, Bewdley then a loop up to Button Bridge before swinging round to Cleobury and then joining onto the back of the main party as they entered the cafe, What excellent timing. Like the Bs a lot of talk was about the new Colnago Lee De Gray was out on. They seem to be everywhere at the moment. Lee was most upset when I found a wet muddy patch of lane on the return journey. I tried to explain to him that the Paris Roubaix didn't stop at the end of the Arenberg Forest to clean down the bikes. Just a small selection of goodies. After cleaning the plates and emptying the mugs we set of on a climbing return leg home. We started the return by climbing back to Button Bridge via the Bridgenorth road direction. While heading for Bewdley we turned left just after Button Oak and descended to Arley where we crossed the River Seven on the footbridge. Climbing from there up to Shatterford before taking the afore mentioned muddy lane to Kinver. After more climbing we eventually parted company at Chaddesley Corbett which just left me Dayhouse Bank to finish the day off. Great ride again good group sun out to finish roll on summer. Well done to Tim should see him joining the As more. Present Speedy, Alec, Owen H, Mick H, Lee De,Tim & the man behind the camera.
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    Bromsgrove Olympique Reliability ride report 6/3/2016 The assembled dream team... Owen Hazlewood Lee de Grey Kev Sargent Dave Cunningham Alec Wright. The 62m route starts at Bromsgrove scout hut and heads out via Hanbury, Feckenham, Cookhill, Evesham, Broadway, Fish hill, then returns back through Bidford and Redditch to finish back at the Bromsgrove Scout hut. The 5 of us huddled together before the start to try and keep warm, we couldn't quite agree how to ride it, ie each man for himself, or as a group, the initial ride up through town and Rock hill wasn't as bad as I remember from 2015, and the lights were green at Hanbury cross, I hear Lee shouting "go go go..." so far so good....all together... it couldn't last, through Hanbury woods it disintegrates, the main contenders pull away on the descent, I'm with Dave C, but no idea whats happening behind... should I stay, or should I go now??... A 20 man group forms, and we all do turns, Fish hill looms in the distance... we hang a right around the roundabout at the base of Fish hill, Dave and I drift forwards through the peloton, 1st corner, Dave launches, nodding, high cadence, off the front he goes, I sit with a few to see what happens, not a lot, so I spin up after him, glance back, the group has gone into meltdown... Dave crests the top, I follow with 2 other, soon 3 ... this 5 man group works together all the way back, into the wind.... the grind up in to Redditch interminable, we hit the dual track heading towards Bromsgrove, Dave launches his second burst of the day and gaps the remaining 4 tired riders, only to be cruelly held up at the traffic lights. The cold scout hut all of a sudden seems very inviting, we sign ourselves back in, and check our times against the properly fast, and then head off to the tea and cakes... I feel sorry for those coming in later, as the cakes were decimated by the early arrivals... Dave and I wait for the others to roll in, and chat to Mic Dalton about his knee op 25 staples, and a metal plate later!!! Owen and Alec roll in, Lee's gone MIA...
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    Speedy Kev


    MY 2015 YEAR WITH SARACEN RC. IN STATS and AVERAGES. From my first ride of 2015 with Saracen RC on Jan 11th through to the last club ride of the year (for me) on Dec 27th, Inc are both Saracen RC Audaxes. over the year I rode 32 club rides, Mostly "A" rides, and a few "B" runs... Averaging 74.4 miles (from Worcester to Worcester) 1075 meters ascent 16.9 mph Highs and lows longest club ride 104 miles shortest club ride 44 miles most ascent 1648 meters least ascent 569 meters highest av speed 18.8mph lowest av speed 15.1mph PS. Thanks to Garmin for the stats, unfortunately, it doesn't track tea and cake consumption...
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    Club Run Sunday 13th December

    Excuuuuuuuuse me 50 Shades!!! What's with all the no shows? No Saturday visits, no rides together on a Sunday... I'm starting to think you don't love me any more? Hope to see you out on a ride soon. Just remember, Gilbert out there... somewhere.... training hard. Forever yours, Montana x
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    7th TOUR of WORCESTER 18/10/2015 mini report... or have Sportives killed Sportives?? The 2015 Tour of Worcester roughly follows the route ridden by the Tour of Britain from "some years ago" It's held over 92 miles on hilly 'b' roads, and includes 19 categorised climbs. All of which have a nice sign, giving it a name and a number, counting up from 1-19!! inc Wyche cutting, Ankerdine, Stamford Bank, Boraston Bank, Neen Sollers, Clows tops, and the mad decent/ford/ascent of Heightington... with over 2000m of ascent... The scheduled start was at at 8am, when I got there, there where a few people milling about, last minute stretching, etc... So I sign on, and ask " many people entered??" "bout 100, plus 30 on the day..." So, on I zip tie on my number, and wait for the start... A little voice comes over the karaoke PA.. "does anyone actually want to start??..." There is a murmur of laughter, as we trickle to the start gate, to listen to the Health and safety preamble. I set the Garmin to the route map, and wait for the start gun, the countdown , the red flag, what we get is.. "off you go then.." As the solar system is formed from small amounts of matter clumping together to form larger objects, so do sportive cyclists clump together to form greater structures, and although the Universe does not know why it does it, cyclists do. to hide!!! Anyway, as soon as we hit Malvern, it all blows apart!! and a comet like nucleus forms, (leaving a long tail behind in it's wake..) A group of about half a dozen or so blast to the first feed at Great Witley, there's no way I can hold this for another 55 hilly miles.. the feed station at Great Witley. Outside the feed, turn left to do the short route, turn right to do the long route, the Comet turns left!! theres only me and Mr.Red, see above, who seem to want to go the long way round, no wonder the Comet was so eager!! Needless to say, it's hilly and hard going, and a tad lonely, Boraston, Milson being notable harsh. (Although I did see a herd of Llamas and an Emu)... Making to the second feed station, the same one as the first, I ask "many long routers?? "18, only Mr.Red is in front of you..." on the home leg I pass loads of short routers, desperately clumping together, or stuck half way up a hill. I push on. As I cross the start/finish line, Mr.Red is rolling the other way, he nods..I nod back... no medals, but the soup was good. last 2015 sportive for the lucky red shoes. You can ride a Sportive every weekend, from early Spring until late Autumn, is that a good thing?? are the big events squeezing the smaller events out?? does it matter??? Was this event poorly attended? yes it was, but did that stop me enjoying what I did? no it did'nt. At the finish I high fived myself, gobbled down my bread and soup, and thought to myself, "would I do this event again??" if it survives the crowded sportive calendar, then, why not?? Garmin HR for Tour of Worcester, max 200 av 160 bpm
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    Speedy Kev

    Skittles night 2015

    SARACEN RC SKITTLES NIGHT 17/10/15 bar prop... from the skittles POV.... actual skittling... Leigh vs skittles... the main event... obviously followed by glorious desserts.... and a drinky.... or two..... one too many for Owen... Saracen Trophy for the skittles champ!!
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    Mick Hazlewood

    A Run Sunday 5th.

    Seven riders met at the Forrest to sign on for todays ride to a new destination. Riders as follows, Alec :- gears Owen:- Single freewheel Speedy:- gears Kevin Y:- gears Lee D G :- Single freewheel Tim F:- gears and in his new Club Kit. And myself:- gears Well having stated 9.30 prompt to meet I rolled up last but on time, exactly 9.30. A quick confirmation of route and destination and we set off. Ok, so we went straight down the main A38 through Droitwich to Worc's but the traffic was not too bad and then onwards and upwards through through Malvern Link and Malvern town itself and then up British Camp were we regrouped for the fast decent down the other side to Ledbury. Unfortunately we did loose one of our team on the climb 'Lee' and he was not tobe seen again, Lee, I do hope you didn't have a problem and enjoyed the rest of your ride and arrived home safely. The new venue was a great little Cafe 'Mrs Muffin's' tucked up a little cobbled alleyway with a great little courtyard at the back where we was able to tuck into some great food and very welcome drink or two. The staff were brilliant and a must for another visit in the future I think. The ride back was a little flatter skirting round the Malverns via Welland, Upon-on Severn and then onto Defford, Peopleton, Flyford Flavell, Stock Wood and Bradley Green. Other Saracen members and X members spotted today, Alan Philpott going in the wrong direction at Upton, John and Cheryl Cornish pushing there Tandem in Malvern Link, Pete Carbutt on his way to his regular Sunday watering hole to increase Bathams Brewery's profits. Average Speed today;- Reasonably quick. Total Climbing;- Enough. Cafe;- Excellent. Rating 10 out of 10. Company;- Could not wish for better. Absent without leave today Young Dave C. On leave with consent John S. Chris P doing his own thing. Hannah looking after the older riders on the B run, I think that's what she told me anyway.
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    The Saracen Summer Audax 2015

    I have just returned from visiting Tim having only heard today of his misfortune yesterday. I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that he appears to be well on the mend! I do hope that Chris is feeling better than he looked yesterday after what had clearly been a shocking & nasty incident. However if one considers that cumulatively in excess of 3500 miles were cycled in what were at times atrocious conditions with the accompanying hazard of blatantly dangerous and inconsiderate driving by numerous "boy-racers" things could have been a lot worse with respect to the number of incidents & their severity; not to trivialize of course Chris & Tim's misfortune!! On a personal note Hannah & I had a very eventful day! The ride with Tim from home to Julie's was a breeze compared to what Hannah & I were to experience in our 104 mile epic. It goes without saying that we went off course somewhat, in fact about 16 miles off course, but if one's going to mess-up then best do it in style big-time!!!!! I think we'd both had our lingering doubts for quite some time & distance, with each believing that the other knew where we were & where we were going. WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS. The first tell-tale signs were surely that the distance to Tenbury Wells markers/signs were increasing rather than decreasing. Well by the time we reached Abberley & Great Witley the penny had well & truly dropped!! After a brief stop there we decided to cut our losses or should I say "bite-the-bullet" and take the main road to Bromyard some 12 miles distant. What a tough, terribly-surfaced roller-coaster of a road that is (the B4203) and along which some 3 to 4 miles the heavens opened. Coming down like stair rods was never more aptly used. Literally soaked to the skin in 5 seconds or less. We both appreciated the primary need in pressing on to keep warm. Indeed the climbing sections were much more pleasurable now than the descents with greater body-heat being generated & less risk of falling. Well it was tough for me but for Hannah on a relatively small fixed on such a road & in such conditions; what superlatives can one employ, suffice to say she's made of very tough stuff, never moaned once and as good a companion as you could wish for in such circumstances. Well were we pleased to reach the Bromyard cafe' & who would you expect to be waiting for us there, still dry and unsoiled, Hannah's knight in shining armour Owen and his most able assistant Alec. What a pair of Gents! Their support & company for the remainder of the ride was very much appreciated indeed. So ALL IN ALL ANOTHER GREAT SARACEN DAY OUT, Which surely further enhanced the CLUB'S reputation. Many thanks foremost to Sean for all is hard organizational work ably assisted on the day by Hilary, Edwina, Ivor, Terry, Dave, Julie & her staff without whom the event could not have been run.
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    Sunday 16th Aug A ride

    After a few weeks of it was good to ride with the group again. We set of for a new cafe suggested by Kevin Y a few weeks ago in Chipping Camden. The only drawback was the little climb of Saintbury before getting there. Unfortunately one or two weren't familiar with the climb. Looking at the B group it seems there were plenty of Saracen rides on the roads today. Our party consisted of Hannah, Owen H, Tim F, Lee De G, Speedy Kev, Kevin Y, Alec W, Dave S and myself, NOTE! will complete report when picture download is sorted. Looking back from the top of Saintbury Hill for two lost soles. Here comes Alec, started of fast like a hound out of the trap until he turned the first corner and saw the road disappear up through the trees. Its been very quiet but is that Hannah I can see. So it is no smiles now just lots of heavy breathing. Maybe take Michelle up here see if has the same effect. A welcome break nice cafe good food and drink. Getting ready for the return trip not sure about Hannah. Just a couple of pic's as a reminder. More hill climb practice needed? Thanks to all for a great day out good weather and company. What can I find for next time?
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    B Run Sunday 26th July

    Well it certainly was very, very wet, cool (bordering on cold) but how could one be miserable, even if one wanted to, in the presence of such stoic positive-minded youthful colaborators as Sean, Alan Weaver, Hannah, Owen & "David the Guest" Cunningham????? After short deliberation under the shelter of the fly-over @ Tardebigge as to the destination venue the "Kenty" suggestion was accepted, as being the least distant (as it appeared that the "wet-stuff" was "in for the day" and with several options of final stopping location. Stourport was reached without incident although it's fair to say that the lanes local to there were flooded in places, with yours-truly sustaining a front-wheel puncture, which deflated rapidly to the rim on entering the town-centre and necessitated the efforts of three to undo the quick-release sufficiently to enable it's release from the fork-end dropouts!!! Despite their sodden-state Everyone waited, helped, encouraged or verbally abused the author, who was unable to feel his fingers! The Cafe' was as busy & pleasing as we have become acustomed to, with Master Cunningham making a bid for the "fry-up crown" by dispatching an all-day big breakfast with apparent ease and after pleasant banter the thoroughly wet return journey was undertaken by the intrepid six!!!
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    TOUR of the COTSWOLDS ride report

    The weather to start just a little better than the weather forecast grey, cool but at least not raining. Set of for Shipston on Stour 7:00. Arrived there to find Speedy Kev already for the of. Must have got up at the crack of dawn, just time to say hello before he joined the first group of. Didn't see him again although someone I met on the road said he'd seen a slim guy in the same kit on the road. I was hoping he'd buy me a pint at the finish. Another group preparing for the road Speedy is already on his way. Food stop. Plenty on the table when we got there but they soon needed to top up the trays. One of the best fruit cakes i've had for ages. View while resting with tea and cakes. Back on the road easy stretch over now for some climbing. View before droping down that black hole into Winchcombe. Having climbed Stanway and Camden Lane up to the top of Saintbury Hill just left the little drag of Dovers Hill before the rolling ride through Chipping Camden and the return to Shipston. Finish insight. Even the sun came out for the last 20 miles. Another great day in the saddle. Now for a couple of pints and a chat in the rugby club.
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    What Chris failed to mention was the fact that the Saracens from Birmingham received a mention from the guy on the PI system when we rode into the square at Pershore. Another great day on the bike with the C's as usual, but Bl---y cold waiting for the race to pass. Never before has tea tasted so good
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    Club Run Sunday 2nd July ??

    We managed to find one or two hills today, you can see for miles from the top of Stanford Bank, some people don't like hills. Anyway we got to the cafe at Bromyard (nice cafe) about to go when Chris P. turned up, he had been all over the place, and then we all rode home together, steadily, just one more hill. So today's riders were:- Moira B. Bev. A. Kevin R. John S. Dave S. Tim. B. Kevin Y. Mick H. Chris. P. That's all folks. ?
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    B Run 11th

    No Sean, you've got it all wrong. There were :- Mike Hazlewood Kevin Sargent Kevin Young Kevin Rogers Bev. Abbots Moira Blackburn John Shelley Tim. Brueton Dave Sexton Chris. Pardoe
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    Speedy Kev

    Club Run 22nd November 2015

    SARACEN RC COMBINED A and B ride 22/11/15 10 am, 6 degrees... Destination, Coffee 1, Pershore... A snap shot of the life of O... Hannah tells Mick a joke... Distance - 55 miles av spd - 16.1mph av temp - 6.5 C
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    1st Saracen under the hour

    Arthur Westbrook is 80 today. with a 59-03 in1953 he was the 1st.Saracen under the hour (nearly a 58!!!!!) 1-13-07 for a "30" and 2-10-14 for a 50. A truly exceptional rider chappeaux and happy birthday Arthur
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