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    Following on from Speedys report of The Mad Hatter Sportive on Saturday 23rd. What a great day for riding bikes warm sunny and not to much wind. Speedy an early starters on the road before 8:oo oclock. A few of the starter ready for the off. Lovely blue sky's.must be summer. 1st feed stop Bishops Frome. Couldn't take pictures of the climb up the West side of Malvern so steep at about 25% had to hang onto the bars. Couldn't get the camera out. 2nd stop Much Marcle. . Mechanic for those with problems. Some of the easier climbing. Some company from Halesowen riders. There was a 3rd stop at Newent but forgot forgot to get the camera out. Finish at last. Just to show I finished as Speedy said the Biggest Gongs ever. A great day out weather perfect. A few others should try it..
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    Speedy Kev


    EASTER EPIC SPORTIVE 27/3/2016 2118 meters ascent... number 246, come in, your time is up... As you get older, your supposed to get wiser, not me, yesterday I rode the slowest '10' I have ever done, and then a day later I'm riding the 80 mile Easter Epic sportive... a brute of a ride at the best of times, taking in all of your least favourite climbs, high winds, downpours, massive pot holes, gravelly corners, full brakes on descents, 1st gear climbs, etc... HQ, nice and cosy... The evil organisers... Normally I prefer to start just behind the main field, so I can cruelly pick them off, but some how I started in the first group, and within a mile, it had broken up, it was going to be a long day... I rode on and off with a couple of guys,mostly just doing my own thing, and not stopping too long at the feed stations, just enough time to get fuelled up and go... The middle part of the story is climb, descend, climb, descend, ad infinitum... and the cruelty of the final lumpy 10 miles into the wind, a fitting finale to the harsh nature of the route. Kev rating...brutal. but worth it, even if just for the cake... and the medal obviously
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    Mick Hazlewood

    A Run Sunday 5th.

    Seven riders met at the Forrest to sign on for todays ride to a new destination. Riders as follows, Alec :- gears Owen:- Single freewheel Speedy:- gears Kevin Y:- gears Lee D G :- Single freewheel Tim F:- gears and in his new Club Kit. And myself:- gears Well having stated 9.30 prompt to meet I rolled up last but on time, exactly 9.30. A quick confirmation of route and destination and we set off. Ok, so we went straight down the main A38 through Droitwich to Worc's but the traffic was not too bad and then onwards and upwards through through Malvern Link and Malvern town itself and then up British Camp were we regrouped for the fast decent down the other side to Ledbury. Unfortunately we did loose one of our team on the climb 'Lee' and he was not tobe seen again, Lee, I do hope you didn't have a problem and enjoyed the rest of your ride and arrived home safely. The new venue was a great little Cafe 'Mrs Muffin's' tucked up a little cobbled alleyway with a great little courtyard at the back where we was able to tuck into some great food and very welcome drink or two. The staff were brilliant and a must for another visit in the future I think. The ride back was a little flatter skirting round the Malverns via Welland, Upon-on Severn and then onto Defford, Peopleton, Flyford Flavell, Stock Wood and Bradley Green. Other Saracen members and X members spotted today, Alan Philpott going in the wrong direction at Upton, John and Cheryl Cornish pushing there Tandem in Malvern Link, Pete Carbutt on his way to his regular Sunday watering hole to increase Bathams Brewery's profits. Average Speed today;- Reasonably quick. Total Climbing;- Enough. Cafe;- Excellent. Rating 10 out of 10. Company;- Could not wish for better. Absent without leave today Young Dave C. On leave with consent John S. Chris P doing his own thing. Hannah looking after the older riders on the B run, I think that's what she told me anyway.
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    Mick Hazlewood's 24 hour challenge

    Saturday 2:20pm (ish) - Sunday 12am Mick started his event on the Pinny a little after 2pm on the Saturday with support from Sam Boswell to begin with. The Rourke started strongly, and when Sam left him mid afternoon she said he was going well and looking good. Owen, Red and I arrived later in the evening. After finding Mick's car on the corner of the Prees fish & chip shop we made 'base camp' and got talking to supporters of other riders. A lovely chap informed us that Mick's good form had continued. O and I watched as riders pulled in, already showing the signs of fatigue. Mick pulled in, still on the Pinny, not long after we arrived and stayed in long enough to freshen up and have a small portion of pasta. By this point marshals were pointing riders onto the night circuit, so off he went. Sunday 12am - 6am 1 am came around quite quickly, but soon O began to grow tired. While O slept in the car, I waited for Mick to return. Like the rogue he is he stubbornly stuck out and did two laps instead of one before coming in, meaning he came in at a point where fatigue had set in hard and he no longer had an appetite for anything other than sweets and fizzy drinks. The night circuit is a circuit of busy unlit A roads. Lorries and taxis would hit the roundabout by our camp at full pelt, seemingly unaware of the countless cycle event hi vis signs posted everywhere!!! Occasionally the night would be lit with the sound and sight of blues n twos - always worrying when they head off in the same direction as the event riders. Despite an offer made earlier in the evening to relocate the camp for the night course (which Mick declined) suddenly requests were made to stand on random corners with bottles of ... something... anything... were made by our rider. Support crew need to be mind readers - it turns out - and have the patience of saints. Not something listed in the initial job description! Sunrise came in the nick of time and Rourke seemed to find the reserves to just keep going. At each circuit change he was relieved to be riding on some new tarmac - the repetitive nature of the event is something that hadn't occurred to me and was clearly a difficult mental factor for both Mick and other riders to combat. Sunday 7am - 10am Eddie and Mavis arrive - and Eddie - like the seasoned pro he is - takes control of the support. Sandwiches, fruit, pork pies and other snacks are unloaded by Eddie and Owen in what is a seemingly limitless black hole in the back of Eddie's car! Eddie is asking us a ton of questions - What has he eaten? When did he eat? Has he slept? What he he drunk? Has he washed? Has he changed his clothes? Has he been the toilet? The questions become increasingly personal - and O and I become certain sleep deprivation has hit us and we're imagining this whole mad thing! Mick comes in to practically a hot bath on the road side (ok it's a washing up bowl, car sponge and hand soap - but the bowl had HOT water in it - which is a vast improvement on conditions experienced by other riders I can tell you!!!). Our chairman takes good care of our rider, making sure he is fed, watered, bathed and ready to start the last and final leg of the 24 hours. Off Mick goes on another round of the night circuit, and Mick Mcclure arrives! 24 hours out of hospital and hobbling around on crutches - but here to support a friend nonetheless. A very welcome sight!!! Eddie and Mavis depart - leaving to wait on the corner where the marshals will make the next circuit change - ensuring that O and I will know as soon Mick heads off on the finishing circuit - allowing us to organise the transfer of both his car and ours to the final HQ. Sunday 10am - 2pm (ish) But, and here's where things get wild - Mick H pulls in after a lap, swears that he simply can't and won't do another circuit and states he will wait until the finishing circuit opens before getting back on his bike. Mick, at this point, looked shaky. He asks O and I to follow him down to the finishing circuit - which is a 20+ mile ride on dual carriageway and A roads. A strategy is developed, we'll pass Mick and pull in at the next layby, wait for him to pass or pull in, and repeat, until we get him safely to the finishing circuit. My phone rings - it's Eddie and Mavis - asking where our rider is. I explain the situation and Mick's request and we're informed that the finishing circuit has just opened up. Mick H gets back on his steed. Mick Mcclure says he'll follow O and I to the HQ, but sticking to our 'pulling in' plan. So, after hastily packing up camp, we set off to support Mick H. My phone rings again, and it's our chairman, waiting an up date and an ETA on our arrival to where he is. 'We're on our way - just passed Mick!' and moments later we're in the same layby. A classic line comes from our chairman at this point. "Drive on to the HQ" says Eddie. "He needs to be bullied now, and he won't listen to you but he'll listen to me. Drive to the HQ, we'll look after him." Music to our sleep deprived ears, O and I drive off, following the sat nav now to the HQ rather than the rider arrows. Mcclure is behind us and all is well - until - ten minutes later - my phone rings again. Two calls, one from Mavis and one from Mick H and It quickly becomes apparent that Mick has gone AWOL - and full blown panic kicks in. He's off course, but we don't know where or how far - all we know is he was not looking great before he left and any detour is frankly dangerous! Fearing the worst, O drops me off at the new HQ with Red and leaves with Mick to find our lost rider. What feel like hours pass before O finally reappears, telling me he had found Mick. He goes off towards the roadside to go and give him some more food and drink. Red's getting restless, I'm exhausted and O is worried. We lack the time and thinking capacity to put together a suitable stopping place for Mick. Again, more minutes that feel like hours pass before Mick rolls down the road, looking completely done in. I yell at O to grab his dad and yell at Mick to get off his bike. We're more than 22 hours in and patience is thin and tempers are fraying. Mick struggles to get off his bike, and has to be carried to the grassy area where we had supplies. A kind spectator donates his folding chair so Mick can sit down, and it's at this point I'm questioning the sanity of the situation and the safety of our rider continuing. Riders are rolling in, some in a worse state than Mick. Many injured from falls off their bike. Too many people riding without helmets for my liking - can't believe how many would ride this endurance event without one. I'm getting ready with the 'I think we need to call it a day Mick' speech, but Eddie is stood in front of us, Mick's bike between us, eyes and hands gesturing that the shell of human being sat beside us should get back on his bike and ride because 'you'll regret it otherwise'. Mick mutters something about agreeing to continue but he won't ride with a helmet on, to which O and I immediately respond that there'll be no riding at all if there's no helmet. Honestly, like petulant kids these endurance athletes!!! Off he rolls, saying he'll drag the 13 mile route out for the final 1 hour and 20 mins. But, Rourke being Rourke he's back before you know it and belting out more miles before completing his 24 hour race. Post-Race Eddie retrieves our valiant rider from the checkpoint and brings him back to the HQ car park. More wounded and exhausted riders rock up - but all seem happy in an odd way - probably happy it's all over! Relief that Mick is safe (and stationary) gives way to making arrangements for getting everyone and everything back home. Reading my report - you may think the whole experience sounds horrendous. And, yes, elements of the event are testing. The worry of riders on the night circuit (despite the many, many bright lights on the bikes), the distress of seeing someone you care about so fatigued and 'out of body', the sleep deprivation, the demands of the rider, etc etc. BUT - watching Mick and others ride solidly for 24 hours, despite the physical tolls, was an inspiring sight to behold. Having ridden a few 10s and 25s the atmosphere between riders and spectators can be odd, but everyone, from the riders, to the support crew, the spectators, marshals and photographers, were in this event together. Everyone looked out for each other, and the sense of coming together was incredible. At one point at around 9am Sunday morning I took Red for a walk and stood on the corner on my own, cheering on riders as they passed. My solitary cries of encouragement were met with smiles and thanks and more. It felt like an honour to cheer these guys on, to watch them do something incredible. Once I had recovered from the long weekend - and more importantly - once Mick had recovered - talk at the Hazlewood household turned to the event. And while Mick has made no commitment to ride it again any time soon, I sense the phrase 'never say never' could be applied! And of course, the curious and competitive side of me wonders how many miles I could ride in 24 hours. I know that Mick's efforts have inspired not just myself but other Saracens who are now questioning how they would ride the event. Finally - the results. The organisers have revised the following results after a number of recording errors occurred. I'm not sure Mick's miles are accurate, I think he did an extra 26 mile circuit which has not been counted - but I can't prove it. Note - anyone that does ride this use a simple computer or something to track your mileage! Results 1 Michael Broadwith Arctic Tacx RT 532.82 2 Jonathan Shubert Arctic Tacx RT 508.01 3 Victor Chetta Mid Shropshire Wheelers 507.45 4 Tim Bayley Arctic Tacx RT 506.68 5 George Marshall Rapha Cycling Club 498.17 6 Rimas Grigenas Audax Club Hackney 479.36 7 Paul Mcgowan Warrington Road Club 477.17 8 Philip Kelman Deeside Thistle CC 466.76 9 Robert Bullyment Catford CC 461.39 10 Byron Buck Derby Mercury RC 456.31 11 Samuel Crossley Dulwich Paragon CC 455.48 12 Robert Gray Pedal Power Loughborough V 450.47 13 Iain Findlay Otley CC 441.69 14 Steven Abraham North Bucks RC 439.42 15 Michael Henley Maidenhead & District CC 438.86 16 Angus Swanson Stirling Bike Club V 428.21 17 David Giles Century RC 425.31 18 Jim Williams Weaver Valley CC V 423.63 19 Martin Wiggan Seamons CC 421.03 20 Mark Gray Derby Mercury R C 420.75 21 Lynne Biddulph Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles V W 418.07 22 Marcus Blagrove Mersey Tri 410.81 23 Emma Richardson Audlem Cycling Club W 407.78 24 Julian Rider Swinnerton Cycles Forest Centre 407.46 25 Ian Neville Clarence Wheelers CC V 406.60 26 David Carpenter All Terrain Cycles 402.49 27 David Greenwood Rye & District Wheelers CC V 401.33 28 Nigel Briggs South Pennine RC V 398.53 29 Gordon Sephton Derby Mercury RC 398.49 30 Ben Rathbone Macclesfield Wheelers 398.43 31 Roger Squire Fibrax Wrexham RC 397.14 32 Dale Sturman West Suffolk Whs & Triathlon Club 394.56 33 Steve Ralphs Loughborough Phoenix CC 391.46 34 Arthur Green Mersey Roads Club 391.38 35 Edgar Reynolds Congleton CC V 386.89 36 Paul Revell Barrow Central Wheelers 376.13 37 Janet Fairclough St Helens CRC W 374.02 38 Hugh Culverhouse Weybridge Wheelers 372.51 39 Robert Jones Velo Club Cumbria 371.45 40 Ian Brown Houghton CC 367.17 41 Nigel Brooks Stirling Bike Club V 362.52 42 Diccon Hill Cardiff 100 Miles RCC 362.42 43 Jocelyn Chappell Aylesbury CC 358.41 44 Trevor Halstead Gainsborough Aegir CC 352.08 45 Mike Hazlewood Saracen Road Club V 352.03 46 Tony Baker Petersfield Triathlon Club 348.87 47 Colin Nicol Angus Bike Chain 346.86 48 Jacqueline Hobson Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles V W 345.78 49 Edric Hobbs Bike City T3 345.40 50 Stephen Balbi Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere 343.59 51 Geraint Catherall Anfield BC 338.65 52 Dave Pemberton Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles V 331.42 53 Kenny Cliffe Leicester Forest CC 319.68 54 Jim Hopper Derby Mercury R C Tri 313.23 55 Cathy Wood Chelmer CC V W 309.78 56 Gary Boyd Hub Velo 309.05 57 Libby McLaren Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles V W 305.56 58 Graham Ellis Huddersfield RC Tri 303.78 59 Alex Greenbank Wimbledon Windmilers 292.39 60 Matt Simmons Reading CC 278.14 61 Rob Waghorn Congleton CC V 272.16 Tandems 1 Arnold/Hopkinson CC Desiragear Tandem 486.21 2 McLean/Leadbetter Stirling Bike Club Tandem 407.56 3 Tibbett/Tibbett Hereford Wheelers Tandem 366.24 4 Jurczyk / Berwick West Lothian Cl./Edinburgh RC Tandem 344.85
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    Club Run Sun 19th

    DEAR ALL:- As much as I love Upton & particularly our regular venue I think it would be very ambitious for me to hope that I would get there before the rest depart! As such are there any takers for a shorter ride please???
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    Dave, I said you was a star the other week, keep it up. John. ??
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    Mick Hazlewood

    Club Run 24th April

    Thankyou for your concerns with my health the both of you. That was why I was thinking of joining you guys on Sunday so you can look after me.
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    Speedy Kev

    Club Run 21st Fbruary (with photos)

    Saracen RC "A" ride report 21/2/16 Destination .... Mrs Muffins Location...........Ledbury Weather............warm and windy Owen, Kev, Dave C, Alec W and Lee Speedy and LDG arrive early, due to tailwind, LDG invites himself into the Harvester, then drinks a coffee bongo, LDG realises we could always meet in there for pre ride coffees.... It's a head wind all the way down to the cafe, LDG has good legs and bullies his way through it, the coffee bongo doing its job, we ride over Hollybush at our own pace, then drop down into Ledbury. No poached eggs, Owen can't believe it... After refuelling courtesy of Mrs Muffins, and a photoshoot, we head of towards Colwall... LDG gets excited by the tail wind from Ledbury, we hang a left at the base of the British Camp and ride though Colwall, up the S bends, and regroup at the top. After plunging back down into Malvern we have a wind assisted drag race (more like Fartlek) to Leigh Sinton, then onto Bransford, and Worcester, LDG peels off, job done. O and Alec rolling into Droitwich, nearly home... apart from the Malverns, it wasn't actually that hilly... coffee bongo.
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    The A's Club Run will be going Eastwards this Sunday 31st Jan to the Wellesbourne Airfield. A good Breakfast can be had here for those in need.
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    Club Run Sunday 31st January

    Dear All I can vouch for Sean's attendance who had covered circa 35mls from Redditch to reach the venue! He was certainly very damp & cold (or should I say not very warm at all!) I know because I touched his outer bits or extremities, being so glad to see him turn up albeit having missed the others! Anyway I was there courtesy of McCLURE INTERNATIONAL PLC GLOBETROTTING ENTERPRISES & appreciative of an outing & change of scenery. So great to see the gang roll-up in what can only be described as most unpleasant conditions! In no particular or specific order they all deserve a pat on the back for effort & endeavour! Moira, John S., Mike, Owen & Hannah, Kevin S., Tim, Alek & Lee! The SARACEN RC is certainly "Fit & Healthy" whilst they and no doubt other members continue to make the effort!!!!
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    Speedy Kev

    Woolly Mamil Crit Series

    Give em hell Dave, go for it!! ps, you might want to go a bit faster than you did on todays club ride... pps. there wont be any cakes half way round... ppps. don't forget to take your mudguards off... pppps. falling off isn't an excuse for missing the Sunday club ride...... ppppps. have a great series, and I want results!!!!
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    Mick Hazlewood

    Woolly Mamil Crit Series

    Thankyou Dave for posting up your first few races and your first in Saracen colours. I wish you the best of luck. If anybody fancies joining Dave next Sunday I believe that you can enter on the line in the morning and you can buy a BC licence for the day, could be the first team event for the year as requested at the AGM.
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    Speedy Kev

    CLUBRUNS Sunday 29th November.

    SARACEN RC ANNUAL DINNER 29/11/2015 the main event unfolds... prior to that, meeting at the Harvester... John has a mechanical, Owen suggests going fixed... Kev in his happy place, ie extremely close to cake... Annual Saracen RC bun fight... Bev.... Sean.... Sean's minder.... Chris and O getting animated about gear inches... Saracens... Your actual basic cake, one portion, large...
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    Speedy Kev

    Club Run 22nd November 2015

    SARACEN RC COMBINED A and B ride 22/11/15 10 am, 6 degrees... Destination, Coffee 1, Pershore... A snap shot of the life of O... Hannah tells Mick a joke... Distance - 55 miles av spd - 16.1mph av temp - 6.5 C
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    Malvern Mad Hatter Sportive

    Decided to do a last 100 mile run for this year. A tour of the Malvern area in The Malvern Mad Hatter Sportive. The route took us south out from Eastnor Castle to Newent back up to Upton upon Seven then Little Malven before swinging round to Powick then round the other side of the Malvern to Knightwick. The last leg went west the other side of Bromyard to Bishope's Frome before turning back to Malvern with the final climb up Harcourt Road to West Malvern. The last few miles were down hill to Colwall then back to Eastnor to finish. The weather was better than expected cloudy some sun cool and to finish some rain. With three different distance routes a few hundred riders take to the roads. A few views looking across to the Malvern fromm the south. First feed stop 35 mile in. They were preparing for a Line Dance evening But didn't stay for that. Passing the end Of Dave & Judy Jones road but no time to stop for tea. Second stop 55 mile near Knightwick. Onward into hop Country. Third stop around 80 Miles it now starts raining. onward and upward the Malvern in the distance. A glimpse of whats to come. Now the climb of Harcourt road begins. Start to get steeper. A quick look back. There's the top. Look out from the top. Finish at last. All the early starter and shorter distance rider have left for home. Will have to give the bike a good clean again. A good day out inspite of the weather. A rider on the road tells me I'm not the only rider in Saracen kit. Well done to Speedy Kev. Please post your days story.
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    Sean Barker

    C run 13th August

    There certainly was a lot of tut-tutting and disapproving looks at my tyre but I for one thought it looked great. That sexy see-through look and that erotic off the rim cut did it for me. Although on a more serious note a big thanks to everyone for taking care of me in my hour of need, particularly Ivor who because of my tennis elbow took complete charge of the on road reparations and saw me along with the rest of the crew to Droitwich where Dave sorted me out with a safe tyre to make my way home. I got home just before 5:00 with just shy of 80 miles on the clock. We certainly made our presence felt at the café as we turned up in numbers. The following fifteen of us enjoyed the café stop. Dave Jones Chris Kent Pete Cooper Pete Callow Sean Barker Dave Mitchel Ivor Myttion Barry Lucas Chris Philpot Alan Philpot Mandy Mitchel Debbie Stock Tony Shardlow Leigh Fracture Ruth Sexton
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    C Run 23rd July

    A really good ride thank you all. I enjoyed the FOID as well ???
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    C Run 23rd July

    You've got it.
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    'C'-Run Sunday 16th July.

    09.45 @ Tardebigge meet & decide on an appropriate destination!??????
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    Sean Barker

    'C'-Run Sunday 16th July.

    See you there guys
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    Club Run 30th April ??

    Hi Speedy as John said we needed you today with some help into the wind plus as he said what else can you do on a Sunday and its getting warmer. Although It wasn't as windy as the C's made out plus it would have been behind them on the way home. Well done to Tess and Claire who joined us today for rather more miles than they expected. Over 80 by the time we reached Northfield. A few picture in a warm spot by the sea which is Lakeside near Bredon Hardwick. After Tim turned for home in Blackwell avoiding the Lickeys, Tess, Claire and me rode up Twatling road to the top of Rose Hill to finish the day of spoiled at the top by me having a rear wheel puncture. Claire takes it in her srtide. Tess goes for glory. Well done to them both a good day out hope they will be out with us in the future.
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    Club Runs 8th January

    Yes, I think we should go where we didn't get to last week, Croome Park. Be careful there might be some fog in the morning. Hope to see you at The Forest 9:45. ??????
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    Birthday greetings

    Today the Club Chairman has a birthday. Many happy returns of the day to Eddie Smith. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
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    Sean Barker

    Sunday 23rd October

    Look forward to seeing you there Hannah
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    Mick Hazlewood


    Well done John, You've had a great season and I'm sure that illusive win will come next year. Congratulations to Tim as well, what a great first season he has had as well. Look forward to seeing you both soon on some Sunday clubruns maybe now the season is drawing to a close. Mick H.
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    B run Sunday 2 October ?

    9-30 It is I might take a different route
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    A. B and C Runs Sunday 21st August

    John I love your optimism about the weather I'm sure we'll get the ☀️ And not the ☔️ . See you in the morning ???
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    Mike McClure

    A, B and C runs Sunday 3rd.

    I'll be there in mind as body is pre-occupied. Forecast says dry day with some sun. Shorts could be the order of the day. Have a great ride...
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    Club Racing 2016

    Check out Bromsgrove Olympique every other Thurs 7.30pm 10mile TT on this Thurs
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    Club Racing 2016

    Brilliant result from your first attempt on that course! Something I can only hope for! An update from myself also, I attended the K41/10 which is ran by Hinckley CC this week. Knocked 51 seconds off my first attempt which brought me agonisingly close to a 29' something. my time was 30.07. For my second ever TT im very happy with my progress, but will be looking to train further and improve in this field.
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    Club Run 5th June

    Only a small group, Only a shortish distance, BUT WHAT A GREAT RIDE, thanks Ivor
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    Dear lord! We now have photo evidence that I bloat after eating what was a very nice fry up! Lovely ride this week, was a good ride to get myself (yet again) back into the swing of things. I would like to thank Speedy Kev, Owen, Dave among others for hanging back at some points with me. My legs haven't hit that distance in a fair few weeks. It is much appreciated. Beautiful weather and a large company of Saracens! what more could anyone ask for. Fantastic ride, hope to be out next week. Oh and for the record Sean there is no S on the end of my name :P Hoever Keytes is a bit better than "Lauras Brother"
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    Just a few more pics from a sunny day in the Black Country. 1st stretch on some loose stuff. Climbing the 22% Waltonberg to top of Clent Hills. Descending the gully down from the top to the car park on the Walton hill road. Like The Paris Roubaix the finish was one and a half laps of the track. And the end to one of the most interesting Sportives I've ridden.
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    Club Run 24th April

    How about Lavender Hall as we have not been there for a while and it's nice food too. ?
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    Sunday 13th March Club Run

    A bit late posting yesterdays ride. Got side tracked watching Thomas in the Paris NIce. Anyway caught up with small party of A's at Kenilworth cafe. Not as warm as forecast down to 4 degs by the time i got there. As you can see they had already had starters and were about to tuck into cakes. Speedy struggled through that extra large slice of chocolate cake and Mick H had to help Alec to finish of concrete flap jack. Mick H giving a few tips for the return trip. Makes a nice change to have the sun out most of the day lets hope it continues.
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    Sean Barker

    Falling off Thursday

    I just had a text from Leigh. He is in his usual good spirits and enjoying some good banter with the nurses in the Worcester Royal Hospital.
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    CLUB RUN Sunday 7th Feb

    Well one & all I just made it to the Cobhouse in time for breakfast as did Chris Pardoe who had ridden a lumpy route out on his own into what seemed to me like a strong cold headwind! The rest of the 'A's were already seated & "scoffing" except Owen who we joined in the queue. The select group in addition to the aforementioned were David, Kevin(s) S. & Y., Mike, Lee, John P., & Tim. They all seemed in good spirits & it was a pleasure to see them! Their departure was delayed by Chris's rear wheel puncture and I hope that they didn't get a soaking & had a safe incident-free ride home!
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    CLUB RUN Sunday 7th Feb

    Oh no! This fluey bug is doing the rounds! Alec has been hit by it, and I have heard one or two others have been suffering with it. Hope you feel better soon Sean... as in within the next 24 hours!
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    Sean Barker

    Club Runs Sunday 17th January

    Good idea Hannah. We will make it a 10:30 start from Tardebigge and head for Stourport. A final decision will be made tomorrow at 8:00 to 8:30 as to whether the run will go ahead.
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    Club Run 15th November

    I think I deserve triple points today for the number of cafe's I've visited. Expected a text from Mike Hazlewood this morning if he wasn't going out. As none arrived I set of for Wellesbourne cafe as discussed. Unfortunately it was closed. Never mind the A's should be in the Garden Centre at Charlecote. But no bikes out side. Always the cafe on the airfield up the road maybe should have tried there first. Still no signs. Just pop in for some refreshments. Time to do a little plane spotting. Almost ready to leave for the windy ride back when Chris K's text arrives. Running late had punctures won't make cafe stopping at Garden centre Hampton Lucy.(no such place). Decide to retrace to Charlecote garden centre still no signs of life. Maybe they are at the Wyevale garden centre top the hill on the way back to Snitterfield. Just as I turn onto the car park round the side of the building they appear. A good size group to have company with on the way back. All's well that ends well. Good to have some company.
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    Speedy Kev

    Club Run 15th November

    Saracen RC 'A' Ride Report 15/11/15 Lee de Grey has taken to coming round to my flat at 8.10 am on Sunday mornings, now, I consider myself a mourning person, so this isnt a problem for me, and he just lets himself in. We normally discuss what to wear for the ride and the destination, whilst I'm getting ready he sort of rummages around my things, asking "What's this?..." "What's that?..." Asking about the weather, he informs me that... "It's tropical out there.." It must be, he's wearing shorts. the cocoa powder legs look good anyway. Either we are both going really well, or there is a tail wind all the way to Bromsgrove. As there is nobody else at the Harvester, we opt to ride to Tardebigge, then on to Pershore, just as we are about to leave Kevin Young arrives. We discuss the options, then make or way to Tardebigge, no one there, (we are lateish), a few texts and messages are left, just in case, and we head off towards Pershore. Yes, it was windy, but the triumvirate of treaders eventually made it to Coffee#1, where we met Mrs. Sexton and Mrs Philpott. After tea and cakes and putting the world right, we set off again. K.Young one way, Mrs.Sexton and Mrs.Philpott another, and Speedy Kev and LDG into the wind!!!
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    The Eastern Block!

    Hello .. an update from Poland! Finally got around to buying a bike, unfortunately it's a mountain bike but at least it has two wheels and some pedals .. Then again when you see the state of the roads I don't think a road bike would last too long anyway. Just back from a ride today, 15 minutes from where I live I am on forest tracks and can ride for 2 hours in a straight line and not come out of the trees!, and not see another soul either! I was riding in July and August in +39 degrees, which was absolutely great so the tan is good . Apparently it's not unusual to see -25 degrees in the winter, but on the plus side at least my bike won't get muddy! Anyway I hope everyone is keeping well, and try and send some Poles back because yes, it's almost like a ghost town here. Phil
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    A and B Runs 30th August

    Now where was I or should I say we? Ah! Shatterford that's it & I think we should have turned right across to Kinver before there! But never mind onwards we battled up hill after hill or so it seemed eventually getting into the lanes again & back on course towards Enville & our planned destination. Young David & I had hung back for new Dave, who was struggling whenever the road went up but had not been on his bike for months being an offshore contract-diver. The bad news was that there was a £6 entry fee @ the airfield due to some sort of show being on, the joys of the English bank-holiday weekend!! So an about-turn we did for Kinver which 9 of our 11 managed without too much difficulty whilst yours truly & Dave found ourselves @ the traffic-lights in Stourton, so intent was I ensuring that Dave was still behind me & on course that I'd completely missed the right turn across the common! Another about-turn & back up the blinkin hill I'd just come down! I waited some 8 minutes for Dave further on @ the left turn to Kinver before continuing without him in the belief that he'd headed home through Stourbridge. You might guess how I felt as I progressed along the High St with not a bike in sight! As I retraced to double check for me erstwhile companions the sight of Tim beckoning me into an unknown arcade area where the "Close To The Edge" Kinfayre Cafe was located. Good reasonably priced grub but with a long wait for it was the outcome there where a most pleasant & lengthy stop was enjoyed with much laughter, lamp-swinging & reminiscing by the youngsters who I had joined in the outside marquee area. MORE TO FOLLOW; I'VE ONLY GOT 3% BATTERY LEFT!!!
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    Yes Kay, well for the B run anyway. I'm hoping one of the C run leaders will give us some information on that run if indeed it is on this Sunday I do know that Dave Mitchell is racing today so will make a late decision as to whether or not he is up to a club run tomorrow but perhaps Ivor or Tony (if they are riding) can shed a little light on matters. Also I will be looking for money from the members who have entered to Audax but have yet to pay. And should anyone wish to still join there are three places left
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    A & B Runs Sunday 4th July

    A group of ten set of for The coffee shop at Kineton 9:30 a new destination. Riders, Tim Farmer (welcome to Tim our latest recruit ) Lee De Kev Speedy Kev Y Hannah Owen H Mike H John s Myself Plus Alec Wright guest. Well done to Alec as he'd never ride'n so far before look forward to him joining us next week. Don't know how far was done from the Forest but I clocked 95 miles by the time i reached home. The cafe was a good find and good day was had by all. Came back after showing them Edge Hill via Stratford, Great Alne, Studley, Astwood Bank and Tardebigge. Only upset one puncture on the way out then a couple of heavy showers on the way back. We seem to have lost a wheel somewhere, can't trust these mechanics. Time for a well earned tea and breakfast stop. Just a couple of pic's to prove i was there. Lets hope the sun keeps shining for a few weeks.
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    de Grey

    A & B Runs Sunday 28th June

    Thanks all for todays ride. good route and banter as ever ! thanks Montana and Ow for the coffee and cake and again with Speedy for the amazing card ! Next Level On return run to Worcester, Kev banished his inner demons and summoned his strength and made a speedy recovery in glorious sunshine !! see you guys around Mick's in the week.
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    'B' & 'A' Runs:-Sunday 24th May 2015.

    What weather light drizzle when i started out but waterproof on by the time i reached the Forest. Would have thought about returning home if I'd been there alone but seven other fools already waiting. Decision time capes on lets get on with it. I had already sorted a route in the anti clockwise direction for Upton upon Severn. Hoping it would stop no one questioned having a different destination. The roads to Ombersley and Holt Heath were quite busy and wet but it didn't take long to reach there. We turned left for Hallow then entered the lanes and rode out through Broadheath and on to Leigh Sinton before turn to face the climb up to West Malvern by this time the rain had stopped roads were dry and waterproof were removed. The young climbers made quicker progress along the main British Camp road but not knowing which decent i would be using to drop to Upton chose the wrong one and ended up five minutes behind Hannah, MickH, JohnC and myself. The return journey was more pleasant warmer dryer with the wind behind us. After such an awful start it turned in to a good day out. in the company of Hannah Owen Lee De Speedy Kev Young Dave Mick H John Cartwright and Myself A well deserved stop at Upton Marina cafe to dry out and fill up the tank. Just coming up to a well known cafe near Deford on the way home. Could make a good Tuesday stop!!!! Lots of good miles and riding group. Total 90 miles by the time i reached home
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    I am proposing to hold our Club Championship time trials on the following dates. 25 mile time trial Date:- Sun 21st June Course:- K41/10 10 mile time trial Date:- Sun 9th August. Course:- K41/10 I have chosen these dates as they are the only events held on a Sunday which will give the people who work Saturdays an Opportunity to compete. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Club Best All Rounder Competition. ( B.A.R ) This will be based on your average speed over the qualifying distances, the rider with the fastest average speed will win. Mens B.A.R 2 x 10 mile time trials 2 x 25 " " " 1 x 50 " " " Vets B.A.R ( based on vets standards time ) 2 x 10 mile time trials 2 x 25 " " " 1 x 50 " " " Womens B.A.R 2 x 10 mile time trials 2 x 25 " " " Qualifying events can be on any course in the country and results sheets will need tobe provided at the end of the season. ONLY OPEN events count, NOT club time trials with EXCEPTION of the women who can use there results from the Midland Womens Time trial series run by Ruth Eyles.
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    2015 Club Subs. Now Due.

    Or and as I mentioned to Sean last week, get a PayPal account set up and do it all on line, which is what I'm waiting for?
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    Garmin Edge 1000

    The definitive word in testing all of the Garmin stuff plus useful tips etc is without question D C Rainmaker - HERE
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