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    Club Run Sunday 9 Jan 2022

    Set off with Roger 10 o'clock. Temp about 4 degs. possible black ice about. fortunately didn't find any. Set off on a loop round to Broadacres via Coughton Court and Feckenham. Arrived about 11:45 to find the Saracen Car Club in the outhouse looking out across the sunny fields. Note! Richard being the odd one out on the BIKE. Nice to see Roger & I weren't the only ones to brave the cold. Me and Roger set off for home with the others looking settled in for the afternoon. Good tea and chat as always. .
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    Club Run Sunday 9 Jan 2022

    Richard, Broad Acres is not very far away, but we will be doing a loop around to get there, that way if the weather is not so good we could cut the ride short. Fingers crossed the weather will be kind.
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