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    After a steady ride out caught up with our small band of travelers getting down their second cups of tea. Weather was warm not to much wind about. As always Croome Park was very busy most people outside which left plenty of tables inside. Plenty of empty plates and cups. John up for seconds. Lovely Victoria Sponge. Good looking trio. Getting the bikes sorted. Almost lost the camera again. Good company and a nice autumnal day in the saddle.
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    Six of us started out today from Tardebigge, four were in Ivor the Engine’s gang, so it was just Moira and me that had a steady ride to Croome . We got served straight away , there was no queue. Ten minutes later, in came Alan and Cris Philpot , the queue was quite long then. Chris P. came in next, and that was the lot. Had a nice half hour or so eating, drinking and chatting, and then all rode back home together. Good day considering what the weather forecast said, it was dry except for some puddles on the roads. 🚲
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