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    Sunday ride 26-07-20

    Had arranged to meet up with Laura L at the Lickeys and take for a ride the first time after six years, we think. Roger B and I got there on time and headed of to gather Mick H at The Bell Belbroughton then head of to Cob House Fishery for a cafe stop. As you will see she doesn't look any older. Not like the rest of us. After tea, food and a catch up we set of for home. She tired a little towards the end but after such a long lay of the bike only struggled a little on the hills. Great to have her back out with us again. A good day's ride good company. Here's to many more.
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    Saracen Road Club 70th Dinner

    Hilary and Chris would like to thank all those that attended or Clubs 70th annual get together and made it a special evening. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7
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    Senior Moments.

    Never been a morning person , Got up latish 9.00am this Sunday got my cycling kit on and then decided to charge my Kindle that I had used last night before going to sleep. I knew I had put it by the side of the bed before going to sleep. But,couldn't find it anywhere . Moved the bed over wasn't there .Searched the house no t to be found ,. Sent Lynda to check the house . No good . Had another go to no avail. Decided to look again after my ride . Put my mobile into my back cycling shirt pocket where low and behold I'd put my Kindle . It had followed me around the house in my searching. Must have put it there in place of my mobile !!! Please feel free to record your own Senior Moments .But , be aware if you beat mine you may find an enforced house move to an expensive care home.
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    Birthday greetings

    Today Kay Davies has a birthday. Many happy returns of the day Kay. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
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    Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Kay, and many happy returns. Ann and John. πŸŽ‚πŸ·πŸ·
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    Laura Lane

    Well done Laura & Chris!
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    Laura Lane

    Laura Lane

    Hello old friends! Quick question....Can i come back?! I've been back on my bike since early this year and been commuting to work and going on a few longer rides (30-60 miles). I have lost a bit of speed, and gained a few pounds!! haha but I think i'm up to B side standard. I'd love to get back with you all and get my mileage and speed up. Do you still go out on Sundays? Or are you waiting for corona to completely go away? Much love xx laura (The ginger girl from about 5 years ago)
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    Sunday ride 26-07-20

    Hmmmm flattering close up shots chris! Thank you! Haha (sneaky camera man!) It was so great to get out with you today. Forgot how fit and fast you lot are! Ive got some work to do on the hills, but over all happy at where I am at the moment Looking forward to our next ride. I like how you push me. Great ride, great company and great tea cakes (apart from the wasps!) Sorry to hear about the lack of key Mick! Hope the rain didn’t get you xx
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    Mick Hazlewood

    Sunday ride 26-07-20

    Thanks for your company today Chris good to catch up with Roger and yourself and it was great to see Laura out and clearly well on the way to getting back to her former fitness. You should have kept me out longer though Chris as arriving back home realised I didn't have my keys to get in the house, Sandra had gone out and I didn't have my phone. Jazz my faithful dog realised I was home but has been trained not to open the door to anyone, including me. Oh well only had to wait an hour.
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    Virus News Page6

    With the weather forecast suggesting the rain might hold of to the afternoon set of under grey skies but warm enough for shorts. Rode straight out to Worcester thinking I might have a look at the Malverns. Arriving at Worcester found the heavens had already emptied before i got there. With the roads very wet and black clouds hanging over the hills decided to head in Upton direction. Entering Worcester I take a look at the allotments see how they compare with mine. King John's resting place. The pitch isn't flooded anymore. The roads had dried out by Callow End Common. Decided to do a loop up to Welland before going into Upton. Many Worcester CC road races finished on both of these roads. Sky looks a bit threatening looking back. Took a few pictures on the Hanley Swan, Welland road to remind Dave & Judy Jones what it looks like outside as they have been locked in for 3 months. Would have dropped in for a cuppa but seeing the sky thought it better to turn left for Upton before the rain caught me up. . A good pub to visit after riding the Malvern Mad Hatter Sportive. Good bye Hanley Swan. Hello Upton. Leaving Upton via the most boring bridge. Maybe we'll meet up at the Marina cafe again one day. Now for the return route. Views towards Breadon. Defford Tuesday takeaway stop. Studying the above Picture is that Kevin Y I spy. Looks like his stance. Looking back with Breadon to the left and Malvern to the right. Not such a bad day after all got a wet bum leaving Worcester but managed to get back home without seeing anymore rain. .
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    Mick Hazlewood

    Riding while in lockdown

    I'm innocent, I was out today but I totally the opposite direction. Not the first time I've had it said about small group riding with a Saracen Jersey present.
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    Club Run 22nd March 🐝🐝

    Hope to be there ,together with other at risk group . Will follow till too knackered then make my way home.
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    If you are looking for a laugh at my expense, I can reveal a Senior moment, which I was keeping quiet . A week last Thursday (12th March) I rode to Droitwich to meet you at Julies, when I ordered my tea and toast I was asked if others were arriving and how many and how long would they be, I said yes but as I had come from a different direction I didn't know, probably within the next half hour. By 12.15 nobody had arrived and I suddenly realised I should be in Alcester. I apologised to the girls at the cafΓ© and explained why you wouldn't be arriving. So not only can I not remember directions, as you will agree, I cannot remember the cafΓ© stop days. I think I will be last in line for a ventilator!!
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    Well, we stuck to the plan, four of us turned up at Tardebigge and went for a short steady ride to Crowle. It is a very nice cafe that we hadn’t been to before, run by the locals, the only problem is that it closes at twelve on a Sunday, but we just made it in time. The wind was very strong today, and that made it quite hard work ( ask Moira ) but it rained luckily only while we were in the cafe. So at least we got a ride in. Moira, Chris T. Chris P. And Me. 🚲
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    New cafe

    Went to the cafe/shop at Crowle today Very good and a good price It is situated at the Worcester end of Crowle next to the village hall and allotments lady said they were open on Sundays.
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    On opening the curtains this morning it was dry and sunny, so off to the shed to get my bike out and to set off . As soon as I stepped out of the house it started to drizzle, no problem I thought, it's not heavy . Luckily I had put my waterproof on as within a mile of setting off the heavens opened with very heavy rain I pressed on questioning my sanity . On getting to TB I resembled a drowned rat and surprisingly no one else was there but it had stopped raining. Set off to meet the Philpotts and Barry was there too. They were bone dry no rain their way, amazing. We pressed on, did a loop round to The Vale Golf Club only to find the cafe had closed 5 minutes prior to our arrival . Back up the drive we saw Ivor at the Raindeer Cafe which we'd missed on the way in but that was closed too !!!! Bishampton was shut too with the front windows boarded over but we found a lovely new cafe called Philpott Towers excellent service you might even recognise the girls serving. They even provided dry socks and slippers for my wet feet and plastic bags to put over dry socks for the way home. Highly recommend this place they serve baileys too . A lovely stop got warm excellent food and service. The boys did allot of talk about electric bikes as Alan's was in the hall. A few photos below.
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    See you at 10-00am weather permitting
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    Hi Ivor Top right hand corner of the page a bell and next to it an envelope. Open the envelope and in the top right hand corner click compose new which opens message page.
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    Club Run 5th January 🐝🐝

    Set off with the others but Barry Gordon and myself went to the Twisted Spoon to put the financial world to right. Nice ride a bit cold Gordon had a puncture. But... Beat this if you can..... Got home to a WARM EGG and BACON Sandwich ready and waiting.,!!!! Talk about "Hit the Spot" ooooooohhhhhh'!!!!!.... Didn't she do well!
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    Sunday 22nd December Fry up & boozers

    Usual meeting place Lydiate Ash Road by the bungalows. Start time 10 o'clock'ish short ride to Kitchen in the woods. After a gastronomic feast we will proceed to The Swan for refreshments. Don't forget frying pans food etc. Lights will be needed it could be dark when returning home. Be there whatever the weather Hopefully it should be a dry day.
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    The raving mad group enjoying a seasonal get together for breakfast. Note!! the new bench would have come in handy if the fire wood ran out. John E has now brought his own gas stove can't wait for the fire to warm up. Olly following a small portion diet has a tiny mess tin for cooking. Tess and Lottie show their upbringing with the best china plates to eat of. John E having trouble with his plumbing. Team photo. Now for the ride to the pub. A quick look back to see the ladies bringing up the rear. Good to have Hannah back out on the bike again but the hills don't get any easier. I think Lottie is taking a rest. Soon back on the bike will have to get her trained up for next years Birmingham Velo. Final push for the pub. Podium slipper use by the world sprint champion. Another great end to the year. A great day weather warm and sunny. Food and drink as good as ever. And of cause excellent company. Let's do it all again in 2020. A very Happy Christmas and New Year to all our followers.
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    As John said cafe a very good find. Weather not to cold but rather windy. The view over the fields from the back of the building is great. Should be good in the summer sitting outside. Now for the important things tea, food and a chat. All good things come to an end. Now for the ride home. After a short stretch to Pershore into the wind the right turn for Pinvin put the wind behind us for the rest of the ride home. As the pictures show the sun was out most of the time. Roger an I only got caught in a shower climbing the Lickey's.
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    A short cold run today after a late night and busy week. Did more reminiscing after last nights 70th club dinner. Also some eating and tea drinking. Nice to have the sun out but only 1-2 degs. Chris T's new winter bike.
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    Club Run 24th November 🐝🐝

    10-00am it is bring your foghorn
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    Yes it was a little cold out my Garmin didn't get above 5 degs. Still the cafe was warm food hot and the tea welcombing. After all the rain the river was high but not over the wall like in the past. With food and drinks on the table the smiles are back. I think the winter has arrived. The drop in temperature gets to the chest as well as the legs. Maybe it is our age? No probably just the time of year.
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    After a steady ride out caught up with our small band of travelers getting down their second cups of tea. Weather was warm not to much wind about. As always Croome Park was very busy most people outside which left plenty of tables inside. Plenty of empty plates and cups. John up for seconds. Lovely Victoria Sponge. Good looking trio. Getting the bikes sorted. Almost lost the camera again. Good company and a nice autumnal day in the saddle.
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    Six of us started out today from Tardebigge, four were in Ivor the Engine’s gang, so it was just Moira and me that had a steady ride to Croome . We got served straight away , there was no queue. Ten minutes later, in came Alan and Cris Philpot , the queue was quite long then. Chris P. came in next, and that was the lot. Had a nice half hour or so eating, drinking and chatting, and then all rode back home together. Good day considering what the weather forecast said, it was dry except for some puddles on the roads. 🚲
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    Out of hospital . Recovering well .Small fee you can see my catheter . Hope doesn'taffect my upcoming operation.
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