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    Club Tea Morning Sunday 28/11/2021

    You must be bonkers going out in those temperatures. But I admire your commitment. Trees up! I couldn't get upside down to work 🙃
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    Ok Richard, looking forward to meeting you.
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    Club Run Sunday 31/10/21

    Third time lucky yes you’ve guessed Clive’s at Cropthorne the weather forecast isn’t looking too good but until you open the curtains you never know 🤞🏻 Keep an eye on this page in the morning as I will post by 9.10 am if I’m not going out and also the route may be subject to change a bit like the weather ( if it rains may do a shorter ride ) Don’t forget the clocks go back tonight so see you hopefully in the morning 10 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
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