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  2. Sounds like a plan Moira Good luck
  3. That's different to what you said on Thursday but looking forward to The Lenchs . After watching Simon Yates win the stage the other day I'm in training for a hill finish !!!!! Just need to lose 1.5 stones and speed up considerably on the approach ( as normally see the climb and slow down ) and be a lot quicker on the actual climb too 😫 See you in the morning x
  4. Evesham. 9:30 Tardebigge πŸš΄πŸ½πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ
  5. Last week
  6. Wasn't there a problem with a buzzard in this very same place three or four years back?
  7. Good to be out with and see old friends again, my longest ride for over twelve months and at least Moira knows she's not always at the back on the hills! Thanks to Steve & team for another super cream tea and apologies for being improperly dressed on parade - either the old club jersey has shrunk or I've gained some padding.
  8. A good collection of Saracen riders. Plenty of tea, cakes and chat. Steve say's a few word as he announces he's retirement from chairman of the charity. Saracen group photo. One with Steve even though he's a member of the Solihull but a good supporter of our club dinners for years. Now for a steady group ride home. A quick look over the shoulder. Camera dropped on handle bars. Moira in full flight but counting the hills all the way back. Moira keeps telling us she can't climb hills but this picture shows her shooting of up one of the climbs with the polka dot jersey holder struggling to stay with her. Polka Dot holder not happy with some of the tactics used on the lower slopes. John seems to have lost his friends. Then finds a few wheels to follow. Just a proper social club gathering.
  9. Five of us started out from Tardebigge this morning, and we had a nice steady ride to Dormston, about thirty miles. At the village hall there were more Saracen riders, and a few ex-Saracens, it was good to see John and Cheryl Cornish, And also Mandy And Dave, all on bikes. There was a lot of eating, drinking, and catching up with old friends. Very pleasant day. Now, must try and remember who was there :- Leigh F. Diane Bick Roger B. Moira B. Alan P. Chris P. Barry L. Tessa O. Pat Haddon Tony S. Lottie ? Chris Philpot John S. I think that’s the lot, let me know if I have missed you out. 🚲
  10. Better ask your other half
  11. Alan WEAVER had problems ? Last year? I think same place. They use same nests year after year. Chicks leave nest July & August. Get protective. Do rides work with multiple meets? Doesn't seem to be any senior rides Sun or Thu. Just training bash’s which I have to slaughter myself to stay with. Where is everyone?
  12. See you in the morning πŸ€—
  13. Earlier
  14. It’s the annual tea and cake 🍰 charity pop up cafe at Dormston this week, so don’t forget to bring your dosh. 9:30 Tardebigge. πŸš΄πŸ½πŸ°πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ
  15. Can I have a TUE please? (Totally Unacceptable Expense)
  16. A talk by sir Bradley Wiggins Birminham Symphony Hall Fri.20 th Sept. tickets Β£33.50 (don't shoot the messenger please)
  17. Only with the wind behind us as well...
  18. Yes a great day in the sun today. Actually got to the watering hole today before the hill climbers turned up. This meant Tess and I got served rather quickly and didn't have to wait while the others ordered large plate fulls as you will see. Moira gives John some stick for taking her up to many hills. As you can see Chris K is sticking to his diet. Almost lost the camera again. But an artistic shot of the clouds. Returning back we let this Beacon rider past us seemed to be in a hurry. We then sent Kevin Y up the road to show him how it should be done. Looking across to Abberly. A nice steady ride home in the sun shine.
  19. I didn't know downhill racing was popular in those days
  20. Thanks for the good wishes forwarded to me via Chris . There will be signed copies of the illustrated (full colour) book based on my heroic stoicism in the face of the horrendous medical onslaught upon myself.
  21. Ivor I can assure you there was some pain today as our beloved leader Mr S forgot to mention to get to Clows Top we had to go via Great Whitley !!! Made it up in normal position last Kevin R did stay back and helped to drag me up. We had a lovely descent on the way home via Bliss Gate. John forgot to mention that Roger was sporting his new Saracens top which looked good 😝
  22. Yes, Moira should be much fitter after today’s ride. It’s lovely countryside over there, around Clows Top. We went over one or two little hills on the way, but we also went down a few. Seven of us started from Tardebigge, Moira, Bev, Kev, Kevin Y., Roger, Chris K. And me. When we got to the visitor’s centre at Wyre Forest, there were two more Saracen riders already there, Tess and Chris P. It was a nice tea party that we had outside in the sunshine, putting the world to rights. So then we had to ride home. There were one or two aching legs, nice ride, and the sun was shining. 🚲
  23. Used to have one on the racing tandem. Unfortunately only 12 sprocket then - and that was specially made for us.
  24. Yes, I think you should both have a point. Well done, and I hope to see you both on Tuesday. πŸ‘
  25. Some teams in today's TTT are using 62T chainrings I want one it would make a good dinner plate
  26. Thank you Ivor. Well that was an interesting ride. Collected Christine on way to meet Barry. Ignored phone ringing cos it always stops before I answer it. Barry not where he said he'd be so checked phone, didn't recognise number and no message left. Put phone in pocket and it immediately rang. Barry had major mechanical and had finally got home via foot and car, too late to get to us. So Chris & I had a lovely non stop tour of the Chippings before getting back for our lunches. When I got home found three voice messages from Barry and his wife, don't ask why they weren't there earlier cos I have no idea! Apologies to Lesley for ignoring her and shame on Barry for not maintaining his bike! Is all that worth two Clubrun points for Chris and me? Sorry Kay, no buzzards encountered. Probably cos we were nowhere near Copyholt Lane.
  27. Remember Moira no pain no gain
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