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  3. Leigh

    Senior run 18th Aug

    On the basis I don't know the way to anywhere I didn't notice. Enjoyed the day thanks to both. So glad the Lord was with you Mrs Davies did he help on the hills? Oh just realised it was a spelling mistake !
  4. Happy Birthday Pat hope you had a good day. Leigh
  5. I was 6mins late (saw Leigh)! Barnt Green closed, trying to get through on foot. Then I dithered whether to go East or West. It was a god ride anyway.
  6. Well done to John for the new cafe. Went there many years ago when it was a lean to on the side of the antiques barn. Just remember it being raining and the roof leaking. Did a round about trip via Stratford and Ilmington getting to join the others before they had finish eating. Dropping down from Ilmington looking out across to Stratford and down to Quinton. Feeding time again. Getting prepared for the windy ride home. Having jumped the lights at Welford Moira disappears into the distance up the Binton climb. Looking out towards Stratford after the top of Binton climb. My fellow riders. Next climb up to Astwood Bank from Sambourne. Moira takes a welcome rest when the lights turn to red. Almost summer again a little chilly in places and rather windy on the way back.
  7. A friend has some Thule roof bars and bike racks to dispose of Let me know if you are interested and I will put you in touch Ivor
  8. rovi

    Senior run 18th Aug

    What a great ride with two good friends Chris and Leigh Thankyou both sorry about the senior navigational moment
  9. Let me think, five started off from Tardebigge in our group, Moira, Gordon, Phil, Alan and me. Gordon turned off at Inkberrow to do a shorter ride. The rest of us then picked up Barry near Hillers. It was a nice day, but a bit breezy, the wind slowly got stronger as the day went on. Took a pleasant root to Long Marston, where we went to Espresso Barn cafe, I hadn’t been there before, it seemed very nice, once they sorted out exactly what we wanted, we seem to have a lot of problems at cafes just lately, is it us or is it them ? Anyway Chris P. turned up then, and that was the full compliment for today. On the way home Moira nipped through the traffic lights 🚦 on red to try and get up the hill first (that’s an ex-copper for you) which she did. We all go home safely after bashing into that headwind. And that was today’s ride. 🚲
  10. Happy birthday Pat, and many happy returns. Ann and John. πŸŽ‚πŸ·
  11. Today rider Pat Haddon has a birthday. Many happy returns of the day Pat. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
  12. Epstein look out! 9:30 Tardebigge
  13. Mr Sarashell some of us , not many I admit in the club , are still well under the age of 60 so I like to think of myself as a younger senior 😝 See you in the morning xx
  14. I shall indulge in a gentle potter to De Beers Weather permitting All welcome to join Rovi
  15. Like a natter, a catch up & a laugh whilst riding. Push my guts up in an FTP Session 4 times a week. Conversational Pace! Club Run! Glad to be fit & well laughing in each other’s company.
  16. We are all seniors. πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ
  17. Yes ok Barry, we’ll try and get the timing right this week. 🀞
  18. Hi John Can i meet you at the same place as last week, by the small house on the bend just before Hillers. Hopefully no mountains to climb!!?? Barry
  19. Espresso Barn at Long Marston. Weather forecast is much better this week. 9:30 Tardebigge. πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸ½
  20. πŸ₯΄ I had a lovely 3hour non Stopper! Kept coming across wet patches but seemed to be riding in between them. No buzzards this time.
  21. Earlier
  22. Well apologies to eveyone I was CONVINCED I had to be out for 9-30 what a p. att!! i finally got to Lord Mortons tea room axperiencing the same sort of weather as you all as Chris says there is always next week
  23. Started of with good intentions no rain about fairly warm bright sky. Upon reaching Belbroughton shower started, I could see a front wheel sticking out of the bus shelter opposite The Talbot Inn where two riders were hiding but i managed to squeeze in. Only a short shower so set of again on my way. Roads dry just around the corner. BUT getting closer to Chadersley Corbett could see the sky closing in. Found an old Oak Tree to shelter under the rain soon came through, should i continue into the village.. OR return home. I chose the latter. And it rained all the way back only to have the sun break through as i reached the front door. Ah well just one of the pleasures of riding bikes. May be better next week ?
  24. It was one of those days ..Chris and I were late ,my fault managed the climb up Copyholt to join the others only to ride back down again . Ivor bottles out on his hot date with a young lady (might not get another chance at your age Ivor) .Then we exhaust the poor girl . Then it rains and Chris dives for cover unbeknown to the rest of us.Then we stop to get rain jackets on which I had difficulty with and was left behind despite saying I was stuck and balling out at the disappearing backs of my club mates . I then thought they were going to Stourport which they were not . I carried onto Bewdley via the lumpy way and had a solitary break whiilst Chris managed to rejoin the others at De Beers. Alls well that ends well.
  25. Well, chaos rained, and the rain was chaos. Six met at Tardebigge, one being Hellen, a young lady who Ivor had been talking to and he had told her about our Club Run. So off we went, Hellen, Moira, Barry, Roger, Gordon And me. Then just down the road came Chris K. and Leigh. Now there eight. We going quite steadily because Hellen wasn’t too fit, she had only been out a couple of times this year. A little further on Hellen decided to go home, she was having trouble with the pace (we were only going steady, honestly). Now down to seven we carry on but the rain started, not too bad at first, but slowly got worse, stopping to put on wet weather gear, it was decided to do a shorter ride and go to De Beer’s. Off we went but somehow we lost Chris and Leigh. At the cafe Moira sent a message to Chris and Leigh rang me, Leigh had actually got to Bewdley, then Chris turned up at the cafe, he had been sheltering from the rain. Well that was about it no problems riding home. If I have any of the facts wrong, please shout up. Another wet day out. 🚲🌧🚲
  26. See you there weather permitting Ivor
  27. Indeed the breakfast could entice Mr Kent but we had a long wait last time if you recall but no doubt it will be better this time . I think the wind may be more of a problem than rain . Fingers crossed see you in the morning on a lovely August Sunday 😎
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