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  1. After making a complete numpty of myself in previous post I will just like to thank Julie & Mike particularly for hosting our marvellous get together today so ably assisted by Hilary & Barbara. Also thanks to our leader EL CAPITANO MYTTION, Brian, Barry & Leigh for their riding company!! GREAT RIDE, DAY, VENUE & COMPANY!!! WE ARE SO LUCKY 🍀 TO HAVE THE HEALTH & FITNESS TO BE ABLE TO ENJOY SUCH!!!!!!!
  2. Dear All potential 'C'-Run participants if the weather is still favourable & subject to the view of the majority on Sunday morning I would like to head for the Wyre Forest Country Park on the A456 Tenbury Road via Stourport & Heightington!
  3. How about you Leigh Frillyknickers? Where or who do you fancy??😀😀👏
  4. 09.45 @ Tardebigge & heading for De-Beers or Stourport!
  5. I see that I've been credited with the all important point so now convinced that the above, almost missing breakfast & then being surrounded by people, most if not all of whom are tea-total, eating toast & little else more were just elements of that nightmare scenario!!!!!!!!
  6. Sean I'm sure that I was there or has it all been a bad dream which featured all of my companions going of course on several occasions despite the outward & return routes having been used on numerous occasions + Leigh "FISHNICKERS" staying with me nearly all the way home to prevent any alcoholic excursions!!!!!
  7. Well having been out on my first Thursday ride since Autumn of 2015 I was concerned by the no-show of Leigh, Ivor, Barry & several other "notorious members" whose names I can't presently bring to mind! I was very pleased by the presence of Peter who both Richard & I struggled to follow before the "Big-Hitters" caught us @ Dunnington!
  8. Dear All:- Ditto re John's suggestion with an 09.30 meet in order to beat the 11.30 cut-off for breakfasts! If weather is inclement earlier than forecast we could adjourn closer to home:- De-Beers, Cutnall Green!!!!!
  9. Tardebigge depart 09.45 for Kenilworth.
  10. I knew there was something else that I needed to mention:- Kevin I was saddened to read your post, your company, experience, strength & fitness is already & will be greatly missed. Please reconsider or enrich our numbers with your presence once more very soon!!!😀😀😆😆🚴🚴🚴🙏
  11. Very pleased to hear that Sean got back safely & my feelings of guilt for not going back to transport him home were quickly overshadowed by the awful news of Alan RICHARDS tragic recent passing of which I had not been aware!!!! Sean was missed but the short ride was still enjoyable in good company with the highlight of the morning being the hospitality afforded to us by Mr & Mrs P. Great to see Colin B. again who will always be a most welcome addition to our little group. I sincerely hope that Ken did manage a short sedate ride with Pat and great to have Toney with us & apparently well on the way to a full recovery!
  12. Very well done the 'B's & particularly the new welcome additions Claire & Tess! Oh that I was fit enough to join you "mile-munchers"! 😀😀😀😀🚴🚴🚴👏👏👏👏👏👏
  13. Tardebigge 09.45 with the intention of going to the Railway Carriage @ Milcote.
  14. Tardebigge for 09.45hrs intending to go to Coffee 1 @ Pershore in order to please our persistent participant Leigh Fishfilleter! It won't be too far for Ivor as he's on holiday!
  15. A great turn-out for the 'B's & pleased to hear from John that it wasn't just me who thought it was a headwind both out & back!