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  1. Picked up a nice pair of ladies outside the Bournville Police Station named Tess & Claire and set of to meet up with the Bs at Bidford. Got the timing right and arrived there just before them. We all pushed on via Long Marsden and up the final climb to Hidcott Gardens. As John mentioned a little chilly sitting outside but the tea & cakes went down well, Forgot i had the camera in my pocket until we came to leave. Still got a few shot leaving and on the return ride home. Mick H seems to have swallowed something, Hopefully two new recruits. Claire on the left, Tess on the right. A bit of catch to do down the drive away from the gardens. L A well behaved group waiting to head down the lane opposite for the Littletons after coming up from Pebworth. John Shelley trying hard to catch the others. Girl power after turning up Moira's shortcut to Tardebigge. . Almost dropped the camera again but a good underarm shot of someones drive. Another good day on the bike a bit cool to start but nice when the sun broke through on the way back. Tess, Claire and myself covered 75 miles for the trip. A well done to Claire her first ride for a couple of months. Well done also to Tess having not ridden for two week after fallen of her bike damaging her shoulder.
  2. As John Shelley has already posted, its time to enter this sportive. Tommy was a president of the club one time and the money raised goes to the Hospice where he spent his final days. Only 100 K's starting from Solihull it would be great to have a good turnout with everyone in club tops. So put your name down. Entries close midday Wednesday 20th September..
  3. Not the best day for 100 mile tour of the Cotswold. With the early start and the sky fairly bright thought I might get half way round before the rain would catch me up. Unfortunately by the first feed stop at Cropthorne village hall near Evesham after 35 miles it was time to cape up and keep it on the rest of the ride.Surprisingly there were places where the roads were dry. At Broadway the route split to take the longer challenge up Snowshill and on a loop round and down Stanway before returning to Broadway then tackling Saintbury Hill, Dovers Hill and Camden Lane out of Ilmington to complete the climbing for the day. It was nice to see Susan ( Eddie & Mavis's daughter) at the start ready to tackle the 100K route which also went up Dovers Hill. The start from Umberslade Farm Tamworth in Arden. The forecast didn't put many off. Queuing for release in smaller groups. !st feed stop Cropthorne village hall. The approach and climb of Snowshill. Back round to Stanton and the view across to Bredon. Then up Saintbury Hill just as bad as I remember. . A check point at the top of each climb to record who'd been up. 2nd feed stop at Willersey village hall. This is what happens when you try to descend the side of Saintbury climb to fast. Then National hill climb territory Dovers Hill gets the heart thumping. A look back to see who's coming. A glimpse of the top another checkpoint. One of the helpers pleased to see me. The crew send us on our way. Finally Camden Lane rather a sting in the tale after the previous climbs. A quick look back at the road dropping away. Then on upwards to another checkpoint. Last feed stop Meon Vale village hall this is the site built on the old Long Marsden RAF station. This leaves about a 20 mile last leg back to the finish. Caught up with Susan again at the finish she'd successfully completed her ride. Still plenty of riders still out on the roads as I left. If the weather had been like Saturday it would have been a special ride, but once used to the soggy shorts and squelching socks it was still an interesting and enjoyable day out.
  4. Started with the intention of joining the same route as the Bs from Bidford through Offenham to meet them at Evesham cafe. But after crossing the river at Bidford and with warm sun and blue sky's couldn't resist going straight on to Broadway before dropping down to Evesham. A sunny day in Broadway. Still managed to catch up with the Bs looking very relaxed and refreshed. Heading for home again somewhere near Bishampton. Nice picture of a hedge. Was trying to get the view across to the Malvern from the rise up to Flyford Flavel. This is what I meant. With instructions from John S. Moira can go up hills. Why can't all Sundays be like this makes you want to keep going all day.
  5. A few pictures from today's ride. Spot the place. A test of local knowledge not competitive no prizes. Have you been looking where you are when out for a ride. Clue started by heading out to Evesham. 1) This is where i'm heading what's the area called? 2) One for the steam train spotters. Where's this? 3) Bike awaits a little climbing to be done. Whats this hill called? 4) After the top road keeps rolling up and down. A National Trust House not far away. Whats that called? Thought Mr Shelley was taking the Bs to find lavender. Not a B insight. 5) A stopping place for refreshments hidden behind the trees. Where are we now? This might help we usually approach the other way. 6) Name the landmark? 7) Whats the village in the distance? Another clue. 8) Just turning for home. Whats this village called and what treats are available at this hotel? What a great day for getting a few miles in. Did catch up with Chris T by the cemetery at the top of Primrose Hill fortunately he'd only punctured. . . . . . . . . . . .
  6. A big well done to Mike H & Julie for the success of Saturdays event plus Hannah computer expertise. A good turnout from club members helping with marshalling etc. Plus the ladies with plenty of cakes and refreshments. A few pic's from the day. A very young but rather fast lady. NOTE THE SHINY NEW FIESTA. Kevin R on his new TT machine. . Speedy repairing for a great return on his fixed machine, Speedy shoots of into the distance. Back at the HQ for post race chat.
  7. Managed to make Blackminster before the early arrivals departed. With Moira's help got a few pictures before we left. Chris Poole's grandson 13 don't know what they've been feeding him on. Reminds me of Chris Kent's Jack when he used to come out. A surprised Mr Shelley. A very cheeky Moira. This looks like a nice couple. Makes a change being the other side of the camers. . Of we go on the return via Honeybourne, Welford etc. As John said no rain good turn out and another great ride.
  8. A few pictures from last nights skittles and fish & chips evening. ....
  9. Yes the Clee is just as hard as I remember. But well worth it for the views on a sunny summer day No bicyclists in the Cleobury cafe today. Clee Hills in the distance. Start of the climb from Hopton Wafers. The top in sight. Still continues after the steep section. Well this is the top. The view looking across to The Malvern. Back down the climb. Oops nearly dropped the camera again. Start the decent after turning for Tenbury Wells. Not much going on in Tenbury on a Sunday morning. Just made the cafe in Bromyard as the Bs were about to set of for home. Moira wants her smiley face on before we head for the Ankerdine climb. The rest of the party ready for the challenge View looking back to Bromyard from tho top of Ankerdine. John Shelley waiting just over the top. His great idea to come this way. Bev making it look easy after another holiday in the Alps. Moira don't like hills but still managed OK. . As I mentioned met John again to finish the day of up the Lickey Hills. A great way to end the day putting the world to right with friends.
  10. Decided to take a ride up the Clee Hills while i can still make it then join the Bs at Bromyard if I get my timing right. Pictures to follow but have to meet John Shelley first up the Lickeys note up again.
  11. To late to make cafe stop at Upton. So with camera in pocket decided to do a tour of South Warwickshire. Passing through Wellesbourne spotted some Beacon riders setting up camp outside cafe in the village. Thought i would have a look at Edge Hill where the Women's tour went up last week,haven't climbed it for years. First obstacle the climb up to the Fosse Way heading for Kineton. Dropping down the other side Compton Vernney NT place. . Edge Hill on the horizon. Seem to be lots of motorbikes about today and reaching Sunrise Hill found it was the annual Vintage weekend for climbing the hill. I think i qualify for the younger age category. Its been a few years since I raced up it. A great day for Cycling albeit a bit warm. Best to make the most of it doesn't happen very often. Even saw Sean near The Westmead Hotel on the way back he was looking a little flustered.
  12. Sorry no pictures today couldn't make the cafe. But good news while heading out Hallow direction bumped into Tony Lowe. Had been of the bike for a few weeks with a virus. Today was his first ride for 6 weeks, he looked a little hot and flustered as he was returning from a Bromyard run. We stopped for a short update on club riders before going our separate ways. He sends best wishes to all.
  13. Set out to meet John Shelley and co. at Broadway Tower. Weather rather unsettled and much cooler. On arrival thought i was going to be the only one there. But following in behind me were the other riders having come via Chipping Camden. John showing Mick H the way. Tea and cakes as usual. Plus in depth conversation. Rain tops added for the chilly descent of Saintbury Hill at the start of the return trip. Quality only out today being Mick H, Dave S; John S; Moira B and Chris P. Unfortunately John managed to ride into the back wheel of Moira on the way up to Tardebigge. A little shaken but after some deep breathing remounted the bike and continued for home. Some skin missing but will soon repair no lasting damage to the bike. All in a days ride even got wet to finish.
  14. Problem posting pictures. Better late than never. After a mornings ride everyone enjoyed the plentiful supply of food laid on by Mick & Julie. Fortunately the sun shone all day. . burgers or hot dogs ? For those who didn't make it these are the goodies you missed. These are the LEGS which give Mick H lots of pain on Tuesdays. The top half of the legs. A great day had by all a big thanks to Mick and Julie for getting it together. And a thanks to rest of the team who donated food.
  15. Managed to catch up with the Bs at Warwick. They had already sorted out the table arrangements when I arrived. Must have a word with Michelle if a colour combination of Orange & Red are acceptable. Bev refuses to accept any responsibility. Plenty of dirty plates and empty tea pots. All present and ready to go after a trip to the Loo. Not many in the main square. Showed the group a nice short cut up Fordehall Lane back of Ullenhall on the way home much appreciated by all. John Shelley leads the way. Bev in full flight the full English has given her plenty of strength. Chris T taking the advice.I give to Michelle don't look up. Then speeds by. Moira don;t like hills.