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  1. See you in the morning John like the sound of Warwick x
  2. Good choice see you in the morning.
  3. Come on Speedy Kev stop being silly and get yourself out with us next Sunday as the others have said what else will you do on a Sunday morning and we will all miss you .
  4. Yes see you in the morning x
  5. Yes a great day and good pictures thanks to those who did all the organisation but can't believe no one has mentioned Kevin Rogers who was rearing to go after recovering from his bad back who forgot his shoes and helmet but he did get a ride in but on his own what a shame he missed a good day. And a special thanks to Mr Speedy Shelley and Mr Pictures Pardoe for looking after Bev and I and sitting on the front for the majority of the way Xx
  6. Well done to you we also rode along the road with the start on heading up to the Ridgeway we must have just missed you as number 23 overtook us on his warm up . Did you eat all of that cake ?? And we saw number 36 believe it or not I actually overtook him on the base of the hill think he was stopping to turn round for the start !!
  7. See you all in the morning. Good luck with your TT Speedy πŸ€—
  8. As long as if it isn't raining I'll be there hope you all watched the rugby England 61 - Scotland 21 🏈
  9. Right Ho as not many got out today I thought I'd give you a report on the rugby instead of a bike ride ! But I must say I did see Mick Hazlewood sneaking out in the sunshine at 11.30 as I was giving the dog a quick walk around the block . 12 noon in the pub for lunch unfortunately I was the nominated driver yet again I don't mind really as I can't do day time drinking it makes me fall asleep. Arrive at the ground 2.30 pm a large crowd is already there as it is a relegation game. I manage to squeeze into a small gap on the railings and so have a front row standing position according to my husband you can only watch rugby standing up with a pint in your hand. I go for a hot chocolate at half time with a nip of brandy in it just to keep warm. First half well first minute Worcester have scored a try and we are all over them going in at half time 31 - 10 . Second half we come out fighting normally Worcester concede a few points in the first 20 minutes of the second half but not today. Final 41 - 24 a great game and a good win for Worcester fingers crossed we will stay up.
  10. Well done you but what a scary face your pulling !!!
  11. l am suffering with yet another cold and can hardly breath so won't be out in the morning. It's my own fault didn't put a waterproof on when it rained on Tuesday so got very wet and cold. Plus it's the big relegation game for Worcester Warriors against Bristol who ever loses and hopefully it won't be Worcester ( fingers crossed ) will go down . So I will be enoying lunch in a dry pub before the game. For those that do venture out have a good ride and hope you don't get too wet. Also Speedy Kev enjoy your hills on your event. See you all next week.
  12. Now Kev are you sure there was 101 tractors and not 103 !
  13. I agree you must be an idiot for entering but you do love those up hills so good luck you mad bugger x
  14. Nice to see some pictures Chris shame I look like a smiling idiot on them ! A good ride despite the wind but roll on summer. And it was good to see a few more out this week as numbers have been down the last few Sundays. Sean you've posted the points on the wrong page you must be suffering with that tooth hope to see you next week.
  15. I'm glad you've changed your mind as the forecast is quite windy especially later morning so we will have to get there extra fast And never leave . See you in the morning πŸŒͺ