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  1. Well done Terry, That raised the tone of our "General Chat " as well as giving us something to think about, Those of us of a certain age can easily identify with most of your observations, but the beauty of our countryside, the sunrise and fresh air of an early Sunday morning is surely a feeling that resounds with all of us AHHH........
  2. Thank you gentlemen for another very pleasant ride. Another exciting stage on the tour, it seems to entertain every day, One thing you can be sure of with the tour is that you just don't know what's next. Why did they boo Froome ? Just because he's not French? Perhaps we should send Dr. Who over there. (or Leigh perhaps)
  3. Reward is.....Watching the Specsaver adverts. Punishment is ....Watching the Money Supermarket adverts Sorry it's not funny
  4. Will do
  5. I quite agree John I went ten pin bowling yesterday, I still need more practice to score more than 100 what's different?.
  6. I don't think anyone chats anymore What about today's stage then. How ancient is Jim? Why didn't Leigh turn up last week? Etc. etc. Etc.
  7. All the best Jim Ivor
  8. Thank you Tony Barry Chris, another good ride. Good to see the Phillpots and the Mitchells at Dormiston. We left before the arrived.uj Also good to see some of the senior Beacon and Solihull riders including Paul Carbutts widow. Back in time to watch the Tour(shame about Thomas) Havea good week. Ivor.
  9. 9-45 it is
  10. Thank you once again gentlemen, for another delightfull ride through lovely countryside, in excellent company. MEMORIES the corners of your minddddd......... ....
  11. See you at 9-45
  12. Too far for me but see you at 9-30 anyway Ivor
  13. If you can possibly make it John's funeral is atLodge Hill at 11-30am As far as we know John had no immediate family so theSaracen might be the only congregation. Please turn up if at all possible. Ivor
  14. Sorry Chris,too hot for me. I shall try to get out early for a shorter run. Safe journey, Ivor
  15. Happy birthday Chris. What a lovely day for it All the best Polly & Ivor.