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  1. Well the whole world will run without any fluctuations whatsoever for at least 24 hours. The members of the C run put the "world to right" in no uncertain manner today . What a great ride excellent company good weather and something to talk about. Thanks friends. Ivor
  2. Sounds me
  3. Don't show Polly
  4. Happy birthday Mike Ivor
  5. Well done Chris you put the rest of us to shame.
  6. Well a bit of a gloomy day Not as bad as forecast Didn't quite get to Stourprt I'm afraid. Better luck next week.
  7. Early cus rain early
  8. If the weather holds I shall go for Stourport 9-30 at Belbroughton if any one is interested.
  9. There was a mileater called Pardoe Decided one day he would Fargo No one on he beach and the sea out of reach Home it was time To return go Turn left and right Quite out of sight Down round a corner Up steep hill what d'ya know It's back to Bournville.
  10. What is brown, lives at the bottom of the sea, and attacks young mermaids. Jack the KIPPER !!!
  11. Missed you on Sunday Sean How about a joke instead.
  12. There was an old poet Called Shelley........
  13. Indeed a nigh on perfect day One of my favourite lanes --Cutnall Green Post Office to Hartlebury . Thanks for the memories Chris Tony and whatsisname. Yes we must try to drum up some more support .
  14. Glad you all had a good day, including mileating Chris and "agility Moira"??? honest the mind boggles!!
  15. Said before John you missed your vocation ....OR...... Perhaps there's a hint of Ann's influence there ???? whatever, jolly well done