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  1. Thanks for the ride Barry had a puncture( that's where we were) Then a 2nd later on We coped well (on our own) A lovely day for a GROUP ride. Lookforward to the next one with Leigh Findit?
  2. I'm up for Stourport See you 9-45
  3. Channel 37 10-00pm.each night. Enjoy.
  4. Had a gentle ride out to Stourport (where else) with Brian Brookes Brian suggested that we try the cafe at Stourport Sports Centre. (Where the cycling circuit is.) A good cafe with good prices albeit a slightly limited menu. A large quiet, venue.
  5. Just back off hols. Went for a short ride through the lanes just after the rain. Aren't we lucky....countryside at its best, that lovely aroma of humid vegetation. Oh to be a cyclist.... Cow Parsley lining the verges ,May blossom hanging in the hedgerows aaaaahhhhh..... Anyway now that the May is out we can all cast our respective clout's. By the various road signs it looks as though we are in for plenty of SURFACE DRESSING i.e. GRIT!!! I managed to miss most of the Oil Seed Rape pollen, and all the lovely DRY weather. See you on the road soon. Ivor. P.S.How on earth did Leigh find his way to the Mailbox???
  6. On our way to Southampton Have a safe ride Weather is good down here Ivor
  7. Happy birthday I bet it's like riding a Belgian classic every day cheers Ivor
  8. Where was the rain they promised us for days, Still gift horses I suppose. Anyway a good ride,caught up on some old routes. Thanks for your company and the extensive discussion in the cafe.
  9. Might see you at Belbroughton but DO NOT Wait Cheers Ivor
  10. Which way will you go Chris?
  11. Keep it going Kev well done
  12. Have a great day Hilary
  13. Another lovely Sunday Thanks for your company everyone. Zzzzzzzzzz! Don't forget the ladies Sean
  14. Hillers for me
  15. If you missed Line of Duty WOW!! Catch up quick don't miss it.