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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😊 have a great day. with best wishes from Ed, Phil and Yvonne.
  2. Happy Birthday Ann, hope you've had a good day. with very best wishes from Ed, Yvonne and Phil.
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hilary, hope your having a nice day. With very best wishes from Ed, Yvonne and Phil. 😊😊😊
  4. Happy Birthday Moira with very best wishes Ed x.😊
  5. Many thanks for your good wishes, we have had a lovely day, always try to spend it together! Happy Birthday Polly, hope you've had a good day too. Ed and Yvonne xxxxxx
  6. Wishing you both, Ken and Leigh, Happy birthday. Best wishes Ed
  7. Hi Chris Belated best wishes for your birthday yesterday I hope you had a good day. Ed xx
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eddie have a great day. Best wishes Edwina.
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sean have a great day.😊 Ed.
  10. Happy Birthday Pat, have a lovely day. Best wishes Edwina. Xx
  11. If I can be of any help let me know. Ed.
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris, have a great day. Ed x
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hilary Have a lovely day with love and very best wishes from Ed, Phil, Yvonne and Andy xxxx🙂
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAVIS Best wishes from Edwina, Yvonne and Phil.
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN ? Best wishes Ed