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  1. I went to a Christening ... can't understand why when Holy water was applied to me it sizzled. Rovi I like the resurrection of the chat room . Perhaps the odd laugh !
  2. Sounds like the non plan we planned.Look forward to it .
  3. Rather than face the wroth of Rovi I am available.
  4. As always an enjoyable evening . Thanks to all who made it possible . Especially Hillary and Chris.
  5. New Chinese rider today Won-Wing-Li. I thought he was a cracking chap !
  6. O.K.
  7. Enjoyed the day thanks to all .
  8. Loved the pictures thanks.
  9. Good idea . Need to speak with you re hospital lift Monday .
  10. Happy Birthday Chris hope you had a good day .
  11. Kevin Thanks for all your help at Speeds you will be a massive loss to the shop . I will miss your kind and friendly help . As for cycling well you'll get back and I hope enjoy it again. Sure you will succeed in your new job. All the best . Leigh
  12. Have fun
  13. Happy Birthday Dave ...all the best with the studies.
  14. Forgot to say cannot come next week . Lynda is doing the memory walk / run Arrow Valley and as she doesn't have a free friend to do it with she says she supposes I will have to do !!! Damned by faint praise or what .
  15. OK