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  1. Hope to see you.
  2. Glad it turned out well for you. Although sounded like hard work .
  3. Well if the world doesn't listen its only got itself to blame when things go wrong! Sean get your priorities right Bikes before whatever. Leigh Fridgeraider.
  4. Thanks for posting . All being well see you and the motley crew at Tardebigge.
  5. Even I might be able to overtake you .That is if there is room . Good to see you all having fun .
  6. Happy Birthday Mike hope you had a great day . See you when the sun returns .
  7. Enjoyed the day . Coffee 1 almond croissant and Portugese tart . Oh ! plus good company . Bit cold must have been the speed we were going forcing the air through . View of the peloton even in the neutral stage was fleeting . Waved at Cav but he was preoccupied so didn't see me.
  8. Sounds good to me .
  9. Made Stourport alone only sign of cycling life was the rider who rode past me as if he was a lost team Sky member . Went via Pig Hill thought the old ticker would pack uip in protest . They say with age comes wisdom , not yet.
  10. Weather met office now says poss rain 3.00 pm so hope to see you 9.45
  11. Ah you have great wisdom
  12. Is it 9.30 ? Unusual early start (for me anyway!) Surprised only info re C run everyone else on strike .
  13. Cannot compete with John ,but There was an old cyclist called Fidgit Who only had one big bit !! Whose only claim to fame was his belly Which is why he's so much slower than Shelley.
  14. Very pleasant ride and company . Thanks.. Wife made me do washing up and then go a walk, explaining I'd been cycling and was tired only got the response ,well that's your fault isn't it.
  15. Happy Birthday Kay sighting of you have been a bit rare so far this year . Get out there girl .