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  1. Big thanks to Mick and the great lady volunteers .Although I couldn't stop long I still managed 2 teas and an assortment of goodies . Probably a good job I couldn't stop long as there probably would have eaten far too much.Actually no probably about it! Smashing atmosphere and good company thanks to you all (especially the ladies).
  2. Happy Birthday . Hope John dug deep !!!
  3. Great venue . I have to be back for 2pm so may have to cut off at some point . Disappointed, not able to take advantage of Mick's generous hospitality.
  4. Found it but not sure what to do with it . No smut please !!!
  5. I will happily go with majority . That said as we have started to build up miles will manage a bit further than Stourport say Bewdley railway station via Stourport ..
  6. Plus to enjoy your company . Now I know why you kept sniffing my saddle .!!!
  7. Ok
  8. Happy Birthdays to you both.
  9. Great weather and ride thanks to Chris Pathfinder Kent . Cafe was excellent ,.
  10. OK . Could you arrange for wind assistance ...both ways please
  11. Well Chris if you and I were not such food munchers perhaps we might !!! Kev chin up just keep going out with your friends and enjoy.
  12. Sorry you didn't make it Sean .
  13. And me .
  14. Happy Birthday Owen all the best to you both in the Savage North land of rain ,wind and cold and Northerners ... you are so brave !!! Have a good one ..
  15. For those of you who haven't yet been made aware Ribble have opened a display shop ground floor of the Mail Box in Birmingham . They stock the full range which is far larger than a winter bike please . Well worth a visit ... free coffee etc . (sold me).