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  1. Ivor, ChrisK, Barry, Sean, Fingermajig and TonyS - the usual suspects - attended Hillers tea salon where they were given a private table as far away from other customers as possible. Polite (and reasonably quiet) conversation was enjoyed (is this a first?) Fingers bagged more beans having scoffed his first portion with only half his toast, but no waitresses were annoyed in the process. Steady progress was made both there and back and a good day out was had by all. PeteC was present at the start but disappeared on his own ride and was not seen again.
  2. I wrote to Steve to thank him on behalf of the club. In return, he thanked us for going and says the amount collected for Manisha UK from all attendees will be around £1000. Did anyone forget to donate?
  3. 9.45 from Tardebigge, roundabout route to Steve Tonry's charity cream tea bash in aid of Nepalese school. Don't forget to bring your generous contributions to the charity and to the efforts made by the tea and scone makers!
  4. Cracking day, Gromit.
  5. Darren has been informed of our impending arrival so the C's SHALL go to the ball
  6. A party of three experienced riders left Tardebigge and proceeded at a steady pace, with a small added loop but without any route hesitation, to Aunty Rita's tea rooms in Flyford. Return was via Philpott Towers (no sign of life) and Droitwich. No one got lost, no one got dropped. A lovely day out. Ivor, ChrisK and TonyS present and correct. Fishnet attended start in car, taking wife on Sunday outing. Sean sent apologies.
  7. Should be out. Either destination, provided I can get 50 miles in. Do we need to check seating available at either destination? Heads up for 9th July, Steve Tonry's charity cream tea run.
  8. Weather looks kind, fancy going a bit further afield? e.g. Upton?
  9. Plus missing in action (though seen on the road) TonyS and PeteC Null points!
  10. A curtailed run today owing to fear of headwinds, fear of big mileages and, above all, a start line invitation to take tea and toast at Philpott Towers. Sighs of relief all round, only a short ride but far enough for some with plenty of insults and laughter thrown in. Usual suspects were ChrisK, Barry, Colin, Left-foot and Tony. Sean was last seen walking backwards to Christmas after failed attempt to unstick his frozen bits. He may soon enroll on a Shimano repair course. Thanks to Alan and Chris for hospitality.
  11. Glad you got home OK Sean. Are you sure it goes in there? The crank is splined but the piece is threaded? Here you go (attached) Hollowtech_II_Crank_Installation.pdf
  12. You might be blessed with me too, Chris. Not having been out much (or far) since February, I might just about be able to manage Hillers or Craycombe at a slow pace.
  13. And for those of you with Catchup TV, this is well worth a look - the story of Raleigh bikes, including Reg Harris and Eileen Sheridan footage.
  14. Had a long chat with Ken yesterday evening. Obviously still affected by the anaesthetic but in good full voice and looking forward to some proper exercise.
  15. Quick post on behalf of Pat to let all know that Ken had his op yesterday and should be back at home later today. All's gone well and he's already asked when he can get back on his bike. Please give both Ken & Pat some space whilst he rests and recuperates.