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  1. Weather looks kind, fancy going a bit further afield? e.g. Upton?
  2. Plus missing in action (though seen on the road) TonyS and PeteC Null points!
  3. A curtailed run today owing to fear of headwinds, fear of big mileages and, above all, a start line invitation to take tea and toast at Philpott Towers. Sighs of relief all round, only a short ride but far enough for some with plenty of insults and laughter thrown in. Usual suspects were ChrisK, Barry, Colin, Left-foot and Tony. Sean was last seen walking backwards to Christmas after failed attempt to unstick his frozen bits. He may soon enroll on a Shimano repair course. Thanks to Alan and Chris for hospitality.
  4. Glad you got home OK Sean. Are you sure it goes in there? The crank is splined but the piece is threaded? Here you go (attached) Hollowtech_II_Crank_Installation.pdf
  5. You might be blessed with me too, Chris. Not having been out much (or far) since February, I might just about be able to manage Hillers or Craycombe at a slow pace.
  6. And for those of you with Catchup TV, this is well worth a look - the story of Raleigh bikes, including Reg Harris and Eileen Sheridan footage.
  7. Had a long chat with Ken yesterday evening. Obviously still affected by the anaesthetic but in good full voice and looking forward to some proper exercise.
  8. Quick post on behalf of Pat to let all know that Ken had his op yesterday and should be back at home later today. All's gone well and he's already asked when he can get back on his bike. Please give both Ken & Pat some space whilst he rests and recuperates.
  9. We have been advised that the funeral for Lynne Todd will be held at 11.45 am on Thursday, 9th February at Redditch Crematorium, Bordesley Lane, Redditch, B97 6RR. Any donations in memory of Lynne to go to cancer research.
  10. Should've gone to Specsavers . Actually, good job you didn't go to Whitlenge as they're in middle of refurbishment and not much room plus limited catering. Ken and i walked five miles in light drizzle , that was enough for me!
  11. Just heard that Lynne Todd, wife of Birmingham RC stalwart Richard, died yesterday. She'd been suffering from cancer for some time but bore her illness very stoically and made the most of the life she had left. She was an ex colleague and friend of mine from Cadbury days. I'm sure the rest of the Saracen will join me in sending condolences to Richard and their family.
  12. Sad news. My condolences to Pat and son Richard.
  13. You have the C run to look forward to now, Chris
  14. I agree with Ivor about the road through Burcot. A discussion about start point is welcome, After fewer folk met at Rednal and others requested pickup en route, Tardebigge became start point almost by default, even when rides are going westwards. I understand that Tardebiigge doesn't give much flexibility on outward roads and the lanes can be slippy in the winter. Moving the start place to the Forest might provide some initial flexibility between lanes and main roads, but the reality is that only the A38 will have minimum risk of ice, at the expense of greater risk from traffic. At some point, unless main roads are used for a considerable distance, the run will have to enter lanes or other minor roads where frost and ice are just as likely. Also if the place and time is being changed to allow for darkness or frost, 15 minutes doesn't make that much difference, especially to folk who still have to come from Rubery or Bournville. I know I'm not a regular Sunday attender these days, but my vote is for C runs to start at 10.00 in winter and, at least until a better start point might be agreed for them, to continue to meet at Tardebigge. p.s. it's now gone 11.00, it's still below 4C and the frost on my pavement has only just gone!
  15. Wimps left Tardebigge after Stars but strangely were caught up by Stars just before Rous Lench. Wimps went to Craycombe. Present were ChrisK, ChrisT, LeighF and TonyS. A good ride was enjoyed in usual good company.