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  1. Happy birthday Ted have a good day Mavis and eddieEddie
  2. Many happy returns of the day mike love from Mavis and eddie
  3. IT is with sadness that l announce that Barry Quinton passed away peacefully at 5.30 am on Monday 31 July 2017.He was 82 on the 15th June . Barry had been for some time in a care home in Uttoxeter suffering from dementure. Barry was one of our oldest members he started riding with the Saracen in the latter part of 1950 .His name appears (paid up) on the membership list of 1951. He was mainly a club run and social man but I did hear that during my national service that he had done a 1-2-? in a 25 mile event. His first wife wife was the niece of our first club chairman Sid Pinches Maureen also a club member they had 3-4 children.Barry was followed shortly after by his younger brother Tony a lifelong member until his death some 4 years ago. Following Tony's serious accident in1987 Barry was appointed by the court of protection as Tony's "receiver (administrator) .Many of you will remember Barry coming to club nights in the early part of this century and also the Christmas lunches at Kings Norton Golf Club along with Tony himself. Goodby Barry and GOD BLESS.
  4. Happy belated birthday Hilary Missed you last night hope you enjoyed your night out love mavis and eddie
  5. Happy belated birthday Chris. We did not realise that you were THAT old. Eddie and Mavis
  6. Congratulations Chris. and Hilary on an excellent evening . Wonderful food good company and atmosphere.It must have been a lot of work for you but it could not have gone better.Anyone who wasn't, there missed a real treat. Looking forward to next year.
  7. Happy birthday Ivor and how old are you today I've got it written down all I've got to do is find the piece of paper Loto of love Eddie and Mavis jŷ
  8. Many happy returns Hannah. Have a good day. With our love Mavis and Eddie.
  9. Many thanks to all the ladies who contributed cakes we had a wonderful display. Also thanks to Judy Ruth and Chris for helping in the kitchen . It all went very smoothly. MAvis
  10. Congratulations to ERic and jean on their 60thwedding anniversary on the 6th august. Also to David and Judy on their Golden Wedding on the 30th July. MAvis and Eddie
  11. WEll done Dave .Nice to hear someone having a go on the track again .We will try to get there on Friday night Perhaps a few more will give it a go MAvis and Eddie
  12. Many Happy returns Hilary . Thank you for all you do for us. Have a good day love Mavis and Eddie
  13. Anything that I can find with a bit of tread on. It. Eddie