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    All sorts of things I like to do,
    Like riding bikes, the same as you,
    My motorbike I like to ride,
    Out to places far and wide,
    When weather's bad I'll read a book,
    Or bake a cake, I like to cook,
    I sometimes play on my guitar,
    Although I'll never be a star,
    And so with Ken and Dave and Mike,
    I think I'll go out on my bike.

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  1. Well, what a nice day it was after all the rain we've had. 8 of us went to Warwick, and 1 met us there. We even had quite a few out in shorts, things are looking up. Today's riders were:- Moira Bev Kevin R. Kevin Y. Mick H. John S. Dave S. Chris T. Chris P. 😜
  2. Let's go to Warwick, we haven't been there for a while. The weather will be good 😊 ,should be a good crowd out. See you 9:30. at the Forest. 🕤🚴🏽
  3. Happy birthday Terry, many happy returns. Ann and John. 😃
  4. Cobhouse Fishery, might be a bit of rain later but the wind will blow us back home. 9:30 The Forest. 🚴🏽🚴🏽🚴🏽
  5. Happy birthday both, and many happy returns. Ann and John. 🎂
  6. Happy birthday Chris, and many happy returns. Ann and John. 😃
  7. Happy birthday Mavis, have a lovely day. Ann and John. 🎂
  8. Speedy, you can't just not come out on the club runs we need you, and anyway what else is there to do on a Sunday morning? Having said that, we had a good if a bit blowy ride today, Chris brought two of his girl friends with him, lovely girls, very fit. So today's riders were :- Dave S. Tim B. John S. Chris P. Tess Claire 😜
  9. This week I thought we could go to Croft Farm Waterpark at Brendon's Hardwick. It could be a bit windy. 9:30 at the Forest. 🕤
  10. Nice day out today, the weather was on our side, the cafe at Lavender Hall was very welcoming. I did 68 miles at 16 mph, not bad tor an old person. And today's riders were :- Moira B. Bev. A. Kevin R. Mike McC. He's back again Dave S. Chris T. Tim B. John S.
  11. Had to change plans, had my arm twisted (I was nagged). So we are going to go to Lavender Hall Fishery, and return via Hampton in Arden (near to Catherine-de-Barnes). 9:30 The Forest. 🚴🏽🚴🏽🚴🏽
  12. Happy birthday Owen, have a lovely day. Ann and John. 🎂
  13. Sorry. 😐
  14. Good ride out to Helfpenny Green today, but I'm sure the wind was against us all the way there, and all the way back. Today's riders were :- Moira B. Dave S. Tim B. John S. Chris T. Owen H. Mick H. Kevin Y. Chris P.
  15. We haven't been to Halfpenny Green airport for a while, and the wind 💨 will be coming from that direction on Sunday, so I thought we would give that a wizz. 9:30 at The Forest. 🚴🏽😃