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  2. Ivor. I would go ahead and speak with Mick H as I’ve no idea when I will get mine yet Rog
  3. Hi Ivor, if Roger can't help I have one hardly used and I have the riser for the front wheel rather than using a brick or encyclopedia. Give me a call.
  4. Hi Ivor. Glade to hear that all is getting better after such a massive ordeal. you are a real inspiration for us all any way back to your request I may be able to help but not immediately as my replacement is out of stock at most places but I will keep you in mind Roger
  5. We wish you all a happy birthday, have a lovely day. Ann and John. 🎂🎂🎂
  6. There are three birthdays today. Twins Yvonne Carbutt and Edwina Hazlewood and Polly Myttion. Many happy returns of the day to you all. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
  7. Hi John, hope you had a Happy Birthhday..😊
  8. A friend of mine (just got keen on the bike) is looking for a turbo Anybody got one for sale? Ivor
  9. Happy Birthday ol' fella. Another 25 and you could get a special card from the palace. 🍺cheers. Ann and Alan
  10. Best wishes on your special birthday John. At 75 you can now look forward to life on the bike getting harder, welcome to the 75+ club !! I look forward to the end of lockdown and our group riding together again. Best regards Barry.
  11. Today John Shelley has a special birthday. John is 75 today, the first of several members who are also 75 this year. Many happy returns of the day John. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
  12. Due to Covid restrictions limiting numbers attending funerals. Alan's family have already allocated all the places allowed at the crematorium. If you would like to follow the service in the virtual world on the Web go to the Saracen Members Private Room where I have posted the details and the link. Or just give me a call..
  13. Happy Birthday both . Gordon hope your house move is/was on track.
  14. Happy birthday Gordon, and many happy returns for yesterday. Ann and John. 🎂 Happy birthday Tess, hope you enjoy a special day. Ann and John. 🎂🍺🍺🍺
  15. Best wishes Tess, hope you have time off to enjoy your day.
  16. Some good news at last. Firstly my apologies to Gordon Leeworthy who had a birthday yesterday. We hope you had a great day. Secondly Tessa Oelofse, known as Tess, has a special birthday today. Congratulations on your 50th birthday today. Best wishes to you both, Chris and Hilary.
  17. My clothing consisted in the main of old football & rugby kit supplemented with knitted wooden jumpers. I think football socks over jeans completed the outfit! I cannot remember the destination (other than out in the Banbury direction) or indeed any details of a stop for food & drink but I do remember vividly being dropped again between Warwick & Knowle on the old Warwick Road. Dave came to the rescue not for first time, waiting for & encouraging me to keep going until we could find somewhere open in order to replenish in the inner man, who for a number of miles had been sending emergency signals to my grey matter to get some grub down-here! We came upon “the cat in the window” Café’/ hostelry, where with his assistance, as I don’t remember having sufficient if any funds to my name, I filled my boots 🥾 South Birmingham & home was still distant but David ignored my pleas to “leave me, leave me” until he’d shepherded me to a location that I recognised! This wasn’t a “one-off” & on further occasions when I’d struggled David selflessly came to my assistance without hesitation! I progressed from school to work & racing which included Wednesday evenings @ Salford Park track league in Aston. David was a regular competitor there & source of encouragement to my continued efforts. Work commitments later caused his relocation to Chandlers Ford, Hants & the end of racing years after joining WM Police & marriage to Christine in 79. We became good friends of David & Beryl whom he had met & married in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Such was the kindness & generosity extended towards us that for a number of years throughout the 80’s that we would stay with them over extended bank-holiday weekends on numerous occasions. He had continued to compete in “the race of truth” but if not racing we would enjoy social cycling outings, sometimes with a number of his new cycling pals including the relocated Tim CRUMPTON. In the early to mid 80’s David organised annual group cycling trips to Majorca for the benefit of others & as any organiser will know often with scant thanks but the endemic moans & groans. I became the midland link for these trips which I believe extended over the thick-end of 10yrs, usually with a change of resort & venue most years. B’ham RCC, Saracen RC & Solihull CC members were regular participants with such characters as:- Tommy GODWIN, Paul & Peter CARBUTT, Bob JONES, Alan LLOYD, BOB THOM, Roy MEDDINGS, Harry REYNOLDS, Nick SELIBAS, Mick WRIGHT & Richard TODD with the Hampshire contingent including Dave CARTER, Ray PALIN & Colin CHRISTIE to name but a few! I seem to remember that on one occasion that we were 39 in total, no mean feat to organise for as I’m sure many of you will appreciate! An individual time-trial also organised by David was a regular feature. David put himself out & no doubt incurred significant stress on an annual basis for THE BENEFIT & ENJOYMENT OF OTHERS, such was the mark of the man! In conclusion he continued to race till as recently as 18mths ago, working hard & giving of his best despite failing health! Distance, location & circumstances have precluded regular contact in recent times; something I will always regret & wish I could have given support to David & Beryl in their time of need. It was only in March last year that he finally received a definitive diagnosis & began a series of chemotherapy sessions, which he would update us of over the following months! HE NEVER MOANED, GROANED or COMPLAINED OF EITHER HIS ILLNESS OR TREATMENT DESPITE THE ULTIMATE PROGNOSIS OF WHICH HE & BERYL WERE WELL AWARE OF! So that’s it he bore his illness, suffering & inevitable mortality with DIGNITY aided by his belief , character but principally BERYL HIS “ROCK” WHO WAS WITHOUT DOUBT THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED IN HIS LIFE!🙏 I miss him dearly as a very special friend whom I was privileged to have known & will never forget! GOD BLESS DAVID HANBURY🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍
  18. Well where & how does one begin to relate an account of such a thoroughly good, decent, genuine & generous person I was privileged to have known: the beginning I can hear you all already muttering under your breath fearing a KENT style rant or diatribe rivalling War Peace:- So it’s circa 68/69 yours truly has met up with a large group of cyclists on a Sunday morning at the Maypole pub car-park, one of the many long gone land-marks in the Birmingham suburbs. It’s Autumn/Winter time & there’s a variety of local clubs represented (the B’ham RCC, Solihull CC, MC& AC)across the whole spectrum of talent & ability. I’m on my trusty Sun massed-start, 5 speed sports bike with bolt-on 26”x 1 3/8” wheels & tyres. It was my only steed & I thought it was the DOG’s B xxxxxxx S, albeit still being paid for 10/- a week in cash to Mr NASH @ Cotteridge Cycles. TO BE CONTINUED WHEN I’VE WALKED CHARLIE.🤔🐶
  19. Such very sad news,had a good chat with Dave at last club dinner,another club personality gone.our thoughts are with his family RIP Dave Dave and Maxine Watkins
  20. Truly a sad day, Dave will be missed by the more senior members of the club. We rode together in club runs, road races and time trials, and Dave was quite a good rider on the track at one time. Dave also invited some of us down to his house for weekends, some times just for rides, and some times to race. I remember once riding a 25 with Dave on his tandem, I don’t know how we did it but we came third. Chris mentioned that he was his best man at his wedding, I was the chauffeur driving Dave’s own car, witch was a nicer car than he could have hired. So sad. Our thoughts are with Beryl. Ann and John.
  21. Unfortunately more sad news to report. My long time friend Dave Hanbury (aka Handbag) died this morning after a years long battle with pancreatic cancer. Although he moved to Southampton many years ago, he has always maintained contact and membership with the club. I'm proud to say I was best man at his wedding to Beryl and Rebecca was a bridesmaid. They celebrated their 33rd anniversary last year. There are many stories of Dave's riding mishaps. One time as a young lad on a club ride to Bridgnorth, he thought he could descend the quickest from the top town and trying to negotiate a left hand corner disappeared over the wall on the opposite side of the road. Or the last club Audax we rode together. He needed the loo as we set of, I pottered on from the start but no sign of Dave catching me up. After many phone calls to him I realised he'd started out following his Garmin in reverse of the route. I have to admire his Time Trial performances as a veteran over the past decade although found the talk of power meters beyond me. Many will remember him as one of the first organisers of training trips to Majorca. I'm sure we will have lots of memories to share over the coming years. Out thoughts go out to Beryl at this sad time. Chris and Hilary
  22. Happy Birthday Bev . Hope you have a good year ahead.
  23. Happy birthday Bev, and many happy returns. Ann and John. 🍷🎂🍷🍷
  24. Today Bev. Abbots has a birthday. Many happy returns of the day Bev. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
  25. Hi Phil , Happy Birthday. Best wishes . Leigh & Lynda.
  26. Many happy returns Phil, all the best. Ann and John. 🎂
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