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  2. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Eddie Here's wishing you a wonderful day
  3. Club Runs Points Tables for 2017

    Up to and including 22nd October 2017 44 – John Shelley 40 - Chris Kent 38 - Moira Blackburn 35 - Tim Brueton 34 – Leigh Fidget 28 – Mick Hazlewood 27 - Ivor Myttion 27 - Barry Lucas 26 – Chris Pardoe 26 - Dave Sexton 25 - Sean Barker 24 - Bev Abbots 23 – Chris Thompson 18 – Tony Shardlow 18 - Kevin Young 17 - Kevin Rogers 17 - Pete Cooper 14 – Kevin Sargent 11 – Dave Mitchell 10 - Chris Philpott 9 – Alan Philpott 9 – Ruth Sexton 5 – Mandy Mitchell 5 – Richard Keytes 4 – Mick McClure 3 – Brian Brookes 3 - Richard Kent 2 – Dave Cunningham 2 – Kay Davies 2 – Owen Hazlewood 2 - Alan Townsend 2 – Colin Bradley 2 – Dave Jones 2 – Tess
  4. Club Runs Points Tables for 2017

    Up to and including 15th October 2017 43 – John Shelley 40 - Chris Kent 37 - Moira Blackburn 34 - Tim Brueton 33 – Leigh Fidget 27 – Mick Hazlewood 27 - Ivor Myttion 26 - Barry Lucas 26 – Chris Pardoe 25 - Sean Barker 25 - Dave Sexton 23 - Bev Abbots 22 – Chris Thompson 18 – Tony Shardlow 17 - Kevin Rogers 17 - Kevin Young 17 - Pete Cooper 14 – Kevin Sargent 11 – Dave Mitchell 10 - Chris Philpott 9 – Alan Philpott 8 – Ruth Sexton 5 – Mandy Mitchell 5 – Richard Keytes 3 – Brian Brookes 3 - Richard Kent 3 – Mick McClure 2 – Dave Cunningham 2 – Kay Davies 2 – Owen Hazlewood 2 - Alan Townsend 2 – Colin Bradley 2 – Dave Jones 2 – Tess 2 – Debbie Stock
  5. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    Could have been worse you could have watched Barry's rear disappearing at least a dozen times as you battled the wind alone!
  6. Birthday greetings

    Happy Birthday Mr Chairman hope you enjoy the day.
  7. Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Eddy. Where has all the time gone? Keep riding. regards Terry Dunsby
  8. Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Eddie, and many happy returns. Ann and John. πŸŽ‚
  9. Birthday greetings

    Club Chairman Eddie Smith is 85 years young today. Many happy returns of the day Eddie. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
  10. Last week
  11. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    Well , the best laid plans ....... Overslept till 8-30. Didn't get out till after 10 Temmperature only 8deg. All the winter gear on. Whit Lenge into the wind.. Back home with 35 miles in. What a change from last week.
  12. Club Run 22nd October 🐝🐝

    Very windy today, sometimes we were flying along, and then other times we almost stopped. Nice ride though, there were a lot of cyclists at the cafe, there were ten of us. Nice tea and cakes 🍰, good company. It didn’t rain until just after I got home, hope the others were as lucky. And today’s riders were, ladies first:- Bev A. Moira B. Ruth S. Dave S. John S. Mike McC. Chris T. Kevin Y. Tim B. Mick H. Not too bad on such a windy day. πŸ‘
  13. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    Where are all the Seniors ???, only myself and a junior, Leigh, made the ride, challenging in the wind but worthwhile and we didn't get lost. We met Ken and Pat at the cafΓ©. So Mr points administrator, 1 point each for the 4 of us please, then I will have caught Ivor on the line.
  14. Club Run 22nd October 🐝🐝

    On my way. 10C !!!! Dave
  15. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    Bromsgrove are going to Auntie Ritas . Bit crowded . Maybe Kinver or Stourbridge .
  16. Senior run 22nd Oct.

    9-45 at Tardebigge. Let's see what the wind is like Flyford looks fair.
  17. Majorcan trip 2017

    The Stuart Hall twitter feed has quite a few pics. A few of the pics include Kev, Bev & Moira
  18. Club Run 22nd October 🐝🐝

    Hope to be there at 9.30.
  19. Majorcan trip 2017

    Just returned from a great trip to Majorca with Moira and Kev. The weather was great and the rides were good. Moira and i managed to avoid the big hills this trip, though we did do the Selva and Orient climbs. Kev had a great time with the faster group and on his last day he joined two of the staff from Stuart Hall cycling and two other clients in a trip around the island. They set off at 6.30 am and did the mountains first then carried on to Palma then the south coast. They arrived back in the dark at 8.30 pm after having done 328 km. He then had to pack up his bike to leave early next morning.
  20. It’s going to be windy tomorrow, so a suggest that we aim for Croome Park. 9:30 πŸ•€ at The Forest, πŸš΄πŸ½πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ
  21. Gorilla Coffee / Cycle CafΓ©

    Afternoon everyone. Hope you are all well. A good friend of mine works at a new and very popular Cycling Cafe / workshop in Kings Heath. They are having a tea party on the 21st October and there is free tea and cake! Its a brilliant cafe which is scoring top of Trip Advisor and is perfectly set up for cyclists. Offering free to use locks for the purpose built bike lock things outside. Cake, coffee and even beer! Would be great if some Saracens could pop over and show our faces. Lots of local clubs have been invited too. Ask away for more details / location
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  23. β€˜C’ Run Sunday 15th October

    Yes, a great ride and cafΓ© debate, we should be MPs, made even better with Chris joining us and Ivor's excursions. Thanks
  24. β€˜C’ Run Sunday 15th October

    Thanks to all. I returned via Shrawley ,the lakes, Astley , Holt Heath ,Worcester and home. Either the hills have got steeper or I'm not the man Iwas ! Some say not a bad thing at that.
  25. β€˜C’ Run Sunday 15th October

    Another lovely day Thankyou gentlemen for your excellent company and scintillating conversation.I am suitably refreshed/knackered for the week ahead.
  26. β€˜C’ Run Sunday 15th October

    A steady undulating ride out to the Riverside Cafe’ @ Bewdley with Ivor, Barry & Leigh via Catshill, Fairfield, Belbroughton, Churchill, Cookley & Wolverley. Brexit, North Korea πŸ‡°πŸ‡΅, Iran and other Worldly issues were set to rights over hearty hot food πŸ₯˜ & tea before the return leg with a lengthy off-road sector as directed by our esteemed leader also taking in a lap of the Stourport criterium circuit! Sublime Autumn πŸ‚ sunshine β˜€οΈ & a favourable wind πŸ’¨ in great company made for another memorable Sunday SARACEN sojourn! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸš΄πŸš΄πŸš΄πŸ™
  27. Club Run 15th October 🐝🐝

    Caught up with the Bs at Raphael's sitting outside enjoining the autumn sun. A view from the new patio looking out over the river. Struggled with the bread & butter pudding so thought better about the carvery. One for Chris Kent I think. Got passed by V-sprint riders at Priest's Bridge on the way back but Mick H and I decided not to take them on didn't want to get to sweaty. A nice steady wind assisted ride home.
  28. Club Run 15th October 🐝🐝

    Three of us started out and five of us came back. The three were Mick H. Chris T. And John S. Then two more turned up at the cafe, Pete C. and Chris P. After refreshments and of course putting the word to rights, we rode back home with the wind. And it stayed dry. πŸ‘πŸŒŽπŸ€ž
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