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  2. Roger and I managed to reach Philpott Towers before closing time. Many thanks to Chris for the refreshments', A belated thanks to Alan for being home on Thursday and having a replacement rear gear cable as mine broke near Priest Bridge turn. Thus saving a struggle .for the ride home, Ivor seems to be enjoying himself, Alan has the job of flushing the loo, Where has everyone gone leaving the washing up, There seems to be a rush to get away, Moira and Julie want an easy ride home. Looks like I'm last man and a chase ahead to catch up, Just about latch on to the E train. Then Steve takes the right turn for the short trip home, Must get onto the back of Ivor and Pete before they turn the power up, After passing Broadacres and turning up Moira's favourite land we get caught by Kevin Young returning home. When the steepness increases Ivor and Pete turn to full power Kevin manages to hang on but Roger and I are left gasping for breath. Fortunately they stop at the top for a gentleman's break. We push on while we can giving me a chance for a catch up with Kevin on his nice new bike, Roger and me take our usual route to the top of Rose Hill then zoom down to the island We thought we had left the E power duo well behind but turning up to the amusements who's at the top of the hill only Ivor the survivor. Must be much shorter via Barnt Green , Once again many thanks to Chris and Alan,
  3. It was nice to have you all visit and thank you for the compliments. Hopefully I'll be back on the bike by mid June.
  4. Realised what was in front just in time went straight on to Hillers and home ,very tired . Missed a treat at the Philpots obviously .
  5. Many thanks for the “Philpotian” experience a quintessentially English afternoon May your garden grow and your pipework flow Thanks Ivor.
  6. Great ride and excellent cafe stop. I echo the comments of others in thanking Chris and Alan for all their hard work in feeding and watering us and making the occasion one to remember. Many thanks and I hope you are both soon back joining our little gang on the bike. A Big THANK YOU again. I even enjoyed the kiss from the hostess, she obviously recognised a good looking, fit for anything old man. My quickie was a kiss which is more than other men were given! I won't say what happened in the kitchen, but it solved a big problem I had? But I'd used up all the Testosterone on the bike.
  7. Great write up Moi and great pics. Ivor and Pete caught me up just after you left me. So I had a bit of company to barnt green. And yes a big thank you to Chris and Alan. One of the best pop up cafes I've ever been to. THANK YOU BOTH.
  8. An excellent turn out this morning must have been the promise of the pop up cafe at Philpott Towers . Starting from TB Julie , Leigh , Tim , Kevin Young and me . We met Barry and Steve at the traffic lights on the Ridgeway they both bottled out of going up Astwood Bank they had some complications with road closures having to get off there bikes so they have should have come our way up the hill 🤪 I had a momentary navigation fail in Sambourne as we were going the opposite way to normal and it confused me I’m only a simple sole 🤔 luckily Kevin was there to shout up the right way. A good ride towards Purity Brewery makes a nice change not to be last up the hill . I’d forgotten how nice that road was. We turned right at the pub into Alcester . Leigh left us and went up the hill at Arrow not sure if he realised exactly where he was heading . We continued into Bidford and then a little loop to Grafton Flyford . Julie and I both thought that the boys ( Steve , Barry , Kevin and even Tim ) all had testosterone for breakfast as there was a lot of change at the front continually they even abandoned us at one point to race up to the Philpott’s house I don’t know who won 🥇 On arrival at Philpott Towers Ivor ,Pete and Dave M were on the top table already tucking into tea and toast. Kevin and Tim had a quick pit stop and then raced off home together 😝 The comment of the morning was from Barry who wanted I quote “ I want a quickie “ he then disappeared into the kitchen with Christine and came out smiling 2 minutes later . Alan didn’t seem to mind he was on music . Alan was also trying to catch wasp with a child’s fishing net apparently so far this year it’s Alan 0 and the wasps 150 . I had a lovely tea cake with marmalade the table was all set and ready I was on table 2 . The service from Christine was excellent ( as Barry will confirm 😛🥰) She even had time between service to give Ivor a guided tour around her lovely flowering garden. Chris P and Roger then arrived and we all sat having a lovely chat . Alas time to go . Julie and I made a sharp exit as we saw Ivor and Pete on there electric bikes and Chris and Roger the fast boys were all going our way and we’d already had the testosterone 4 on the way there . We must have gone really well as they didn’t catch us maybe Christine slipped some of Testosterone stuff into our coffee . If she did it’s good stuff we’ll have some again 🤩 please . A very big thank you to Alan and Christine especially as she did all the work !!!! for hosting and making us very welcome and spoilt us I think it could become a regular cafe stop. A few photos below I especially like top table with the black and decker work bench .
  9. Yes Rovi see you there . Oh dear Mick get well soon x
  10. Sorry not out in the morning due to man flue🤧🤧🤒😷😩 see you all soon. I promise.
  11. Yes Steve, end of my drive next to the surgery 9.20ish for the 3mile drag up to Astwood lights via Holberrow Green.
  12. Hills? Hills? I don't do hills, particularly the 'little' hill from Feckenham to Astwood lights, without a mountain bike. I'll spread the load via a grovel up through Inkberrow/Holberrow Green and see you at the lights c10am. Barry, happy to meet you in Inkberrow, unless you're going via Feckenham mountain.
  13. Can we see you there? do they cater for older folk?
  14. I will be at the traffic lights in Astwood Bank 10ish, at the top of the little hill.
  15. Did someone use a four letter word there Moira??? Hill!! We don't do hills any more ..... Oh well I'll give it a go, but remember I'm not well 🤣🤣🤣🙈
  16. Well Moira, you are a changed person (love uphills), but I don't think you should have told them, they might not turn up. I am hoping to see you but will be in the car. 🚗 🚲
  17. Happy birthday Terry, hope you had great day, and many happy returns. Ann and John. 🍷
  18. Sunday’s venue is a new pop up cafe which apparently is excellent. It’s called Philpott Towers, Grafton Flyford aiming to be there 11.30 - 11.45 am . For a change we haven’t done it very a while John you will be surprised I’m going this way but what the hell I now love uphills 🤪 sorry Julie. Planning on going up Astwood Lane to the traffic lights onto the Ridgeway then through Spernal ( up Purity hill ) to The Mother Huff Cap into Alcester.. Barry / Steve see you at the junction of Crofts Lane at Astwood Lane ( bottom of that little hill ). Chris , Roger and Tess it would be nice to see you too the Chef will be there this time with her able bodied assistant ( me ) Leaving TB 9.30 an 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴
  19. Today Terry Dunsby has a birthday. Many happy returns of the day Terry. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
  20. Earlier
  21. Well got out Sunday first time for 10 days 27 miles in the sunshine was lovely hope to meet up soon ivor
  22. Mick 3 puncture’s that’s good going all on the same wheel ?? At least you bumped into Lee opps sorry Leigh so you had some company . It will be nice to see you next week . Chris that cafe looks nice as do the cakes 😋 Good write up as usual Julie hopefully more will be out next Sunday 🤞🏻
  23. Quite surprised to here there where any cakes left as you were in that queue
  24. What can I say I plucked up the Courage to come out to play dusted of the cobwebs from myself and the bike, got to the end of the drive and PUNCTURE 1 so sorted that but new I would miss the meet up so set of to café got to Flying horse lane and PUNCTURE 2. Sorted that then carried on heading for the cafe then bumped into Lee whoops sorry Leigh did a loop decided to head back to Lee’s whoops sorry Leigh’s house almost there when!!!! Guess what? PUNCTURE 3 I’ve never felt so….Deflated anyway the ride was finished of with a nice cup of coffee (no cake) at Lee’s sorry Leigh’s house 😂😂 hope to see you all next week. note to self:- must buy new inner tubes. TFN
  25. Julie it's Leigh not the common Lee . After I left the shelter of our two intrepid ladies I slowed down and then bumped into Micky D who made me speed up again . On the way home he had his 3rd puncture of the day (bit careless if you ask me . We then went back to my hone for a cuppa . End of the ride for me he still had to get home Hope he didn't get another puncture . I had previously had a puncture this week we believe they were caused by the chipping that have been laid down on so many roads.
  26. Looks like both groups were down on numbers today. Roger has been on the sick with the virus all week having caught it of his other half Di. Tess wasn't called out in the night so joined me to get a few miles in, hoping not to get caught in a shower. I decided to take her on a new adventure in an easterly direction into the wind. We headed out to Solihull not the best of routes on main roads. Leaving Solihull the roads got quieter as we passed through Hampton in Arden and up to Meriden. Surprised to find a mass of cyclists there on the Green as it was the memorial day. We had to detour through the lanes to reach Fillongley as the direct road was closed. We pushed on towards Nuneaton before turning right at Astley with the cafe a couple of miles down the road. For those keen readers this is the stop for you. It is called The Book Farm most of the site is full of books for sale with many old or first editions ( rather expensive ). The cafe is fascinating with signs and thing hanging everywhere. There is plenty of choice on the menu and the cakes are to die for. Tess went for the chocolate cake with strawberry's and cream and I had the apple pie and custard. On the way back found a place for old Saracen riders. Returned back via Balsall Common and Knowle with the wind behind us. Clocking up about 60 miles and avoiding any rain showers.
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