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  3. Happy birthday Tess, hope you are having a good day. Ann and John, πŸΊπŸΊπŸŽ‚πŸΊπŸΊ
  4. Happy birthday to Tessa Oelofse ( known as Tess). Many happy returns of the day and best wishes for many happy hours of cycling in 2020. Chris and Hilary.
  5. Wandered late into a spinning session at the gym . Video screen full of muscled, fit (that was the women) . Tried to emulate their efforts in a pathetic way . Feel if I had started at the beginning there would have been another Sad News item with my name on it . Time to grow old or continue as a late adolescent?
  6. Belated birthday greetings Phil
  7. Belated birthday greetings Bev
  8. Belated birthday greetings Chris
  9. Happy birthday Gordon, have a great day. Ann and John. πŸŽ‚
  10. Happy birthday to Gordon Leworthy. Have a great day today and many happy days of cycling in 2020. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
  11. Highly recommended. Thanks Chris and Alan for providing an excellent cafe stop at short notice and an informative discussion on electric bike technology and tyre's. Also to Moira for her perseverance, leading in adverse conditions as well as assisting Chris in the Kitchen and photography
  12. Indeed a truly excellent cafe Food and drink superb service par excellance wonderfull venue not so sure about the opening hours though sombody said β€œit’s owned by CYCLISTS” oh well; it was jolly good for us.
  13. Well done all of you, considering every thing went wrong. Moira, you have got the job. πŸ˜πŸ’‹
  14. On opening the curtains this morning it was dry and sunny, so off to the shed to get my bike out and to set off . As soon as I stepped out of the house it started to drizzle, no problem I thought, it's not heavy . Luckily I had put my waterproof on as within a mile of setting off the heavens opened with very heavy rain I pressed on questioning my sanity . On getting to TB I resembled a drowned rat and surprisingly no one else was there but it had stopped raining. Set off to meet the Philpotts and Barry was there too. They were bone dry no rain their way, amazing. We pressed on, did a loop round to The Vale Golf Club only to find the cafe had closed 5 minutes prior to our arrival . Back up the drive we saw Ivor at the Raindeer Cafe which we'd missed on the way in but that was closed too !!!! Bishampton was shut too with the front windows boarded over but we found a lovely new cafe called Philpott Towers excellent service you might even recognise the girls serving. They even provided dry socks and slippers for my wet feet and plastic bags to put over dry socks for the way home. Highly recommend this place they serve baileys too . A lovely stop got warm excellent food and service. The boys did allot of talk about electric bikes as Alan's was in the hall. A few photos below.
  15. Hope to see you on the road between Priest Bridge and Flying Horse lane 10.20 ish.
  16. Ok stedy edie if that’s the plot and it’s dry iam up for a policed ride
  17. See you at 10-00am weather permitting
  18. John has asked me to post the rides for the next two Sunday's as he isn't out giving the rest of us a chance to get some extra points on him 😝 The venue will be The Vale Golf Club near Bishampton apparently it has been done out and the you don't have to go into the golf house to get to the cafe. I will be leaving TB at 10 am (prompt ) and will be doing a steady ride to meet Mr Philpott at the junction of Flying Horse Lane at the Saltway at approx 10.20 am. Alan and I will be doing a steady loop round toThe Vale so if there are fast boys out wanting to go faster we will see you there that way we can all go at the pace that suits us . So hopefully will see some of you in the morning . 🚴
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  20. Yes another sad loss to the cycling world. If those wishing to attending the funeral can let me know, as the Beacon would like to have an idea of numbers to cater for.
  21. It is with sincere sadness that I need to inform you of Trevor SHIPWAY’s passing. He had been the Beacon’s President for 20 years and his funeral service is to take place at 13.15hrs on Thursday the 23rd January at Redditch Crematorium.
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    Easy peasy thanks Chris
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    Wow Chris didn't know you were a technophile.
  24. Twisted Spoon! One of my favourites. No margarine, Soya Milk and poached Eggs. Mine picks my up and cooks Sunday Lunch!
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    Hi Ivor Top right hand corner of the page a bell and next to it an envelope. Open the envelope and in the top right hand corner click compose new which opens message page.
  26. Happy Birthday Phil.
  27. Happy Birthday Bev . Hope you had a great day.
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