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  2. Points up to the end of February. Roger Bick. 4 John Shelley. 4 Alan Philpot. 3 Barry Lucas. 3 Chris Pardoe. 3 Phil Carbutt 2 Mick Hazlewood. 2 Kevin Young. 2 Ivor Myttion. 2 Gordon Leworthey. 2 Moira Blackburn. 2 Chris Tompson. 2 Chris Philpot. 1
  3. Tim


    I think we'll have to form a car washing club !!
  4. Leigh


    Turned into a man who washes the cars on a Sunday...what next will afflict me?
  5. Well, we stuck to the plan, four of us turned up at Tardebigge and went for a short steady ride to Crowle. It is a very nice cafe that we hadn’t been to before, run by the locals, the only problem is that it closes at twelve on a Sunday, but we just made it in time. The wind was very strong today, and that made it quite hard work ( ask Moira ) but it rained luckily only while we were in the cafe. So at least we got a ride in. Moira, Chris T. Chris P. And Me. 🚲
  6. Sounds like a plan John let's hope the rain stops by 9 am πŸ™
  7. Have you got the date for the 2020 Tommy Godwin Challenge in you diary? It's Sunday 22 September and there are only 14 days to go until entry opens on 1 March.A limited number of discounted Early Bird entries will be available for the 100km and 73km routes. Once these have sold out normal entry rates will apply.We are very excited because we will be celebrating some significant milestones this year:. Tommy would have been 100 years old. We expect the total raised for the Hospice to exceed Β£100,000 . The Olympics are being held in Tokyo, and the last time it was held there, in 1964, Tommy was Manager of the GB Cycling Team. The Organising Team
  8. I’ve been looking at different weather forecasts and they’re all different, so reading between the lines, I think the best thing we can do is go out half an hour later and hope for the best. Then I think a shortish ride ( because I’m not very fit ) would be a good idea. So 10:30 start, just a one off, and a steady ride to Crowle village hall cafe. 10:30 Tardebigge. πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸ½
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  10. Happy birthday Yvonne, Ed and Polly. And many happy returns, Ann and John. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ XXX
  11. Happy birthday to the twins, Yvonne Carbutt, Ed. Hazlewood and also to Polly Myttion. Many happy returns of the day to all of you. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
  12. I think, an hour on the turbo. Try again next week.
  13. Went to Crowle yesterday Not a bad ride but bβ€”β€”y cold
  14. Decided not to go out, being sensible.
  15. Not too optimistic about this week’s run, the weather forecast is diabolical. However, try and be optimistic, just do a short ride to The Shop and Cafe at Crowle. 10 o’clock at Tardebigge. 🀞🚴🏽 πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ
  16. Just read my Cycling UK magazine.An article about Steven says that as a teenager (now 59) he was a Saracen Junior best all rounder 1975 and 1976 . Apparently he of latter years went some what to seed 20st ,high blood pressure ,and borderline diabetes . Back on the bike ,halved his weight and done a 23.20 10 trial time . Hope this was of interest . Do wonder if I went to 20st and got on my bike would I do a 23 ten?
  17. Glad you had a descent ride Hopefully see you next week Ivor
  18. Sorry Barry, miscalculation, it was about 11 when we got there, I’ll give you a point. Six of us started out ( a bit late ) Gordon, Roger, Kevin Y. Mick, Chris T. and me. Gordon turned off and went his own way. The rest of us went on to the cafe where Alan P. had already arrived. Rode home together, and there were a few aching legs. 🚲
  19. Happy Birthday. Keep turning those pedals.
  20. Waited at Radford and rode up and down the road back towards Inkberrow to the Worcester Rd from 10.20 until 11??? Then did a Billy/Barry no mates solo Senior ride..
  21. Thanks John, Radford it will be.2 mile from home.
  22. It will be Priest’s Bridge, Radford, about twenty minutes after starting. 🀞 ,
  23. Happy Birthday old fruit and many more to come. All the best, Alan and Ann.
  24. Hi John Subject to weather can i meet you somewhere and at what aprox' time. Do you cross the Worcester road and at which point or suggest a place i may know, clearly i don't expect you to wait, just ride through and i hope i can be there to meet you. Or will you go via Priest bridge going towards Alan P's house and onto the Worcester Rd, i can be between those two points.
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