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  2. Birthday greetings

    Happy birthday Alan, and many happy returns. Ann and John. πŸŽ‚πŸ·
  3. Birthday greetings

    Today rider Alan Townsend, who lives in Dorset, has a birthday. Many happy returns of the day Alan. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
  4. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    Yes a good 1st day out of hibernation Thanks for the ride and banter I shall look forward to the next one hopefully a bit warmer.
  5. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    Chris the guys might be fast but I was there anchor !!!
  6. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    Very well done to the fast guys,
  7. Lousy jokes

    Viagra, won’t make you James Bond. But it could make you Roger Moore. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  8. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    Seven of us were at Tardebigge, but three went off towards Stourport, and us four went off to Pershore. Bit windy again today, but we bravely pushed on. Just before we got to Pershore, we saw the Halesowen at some traffic lights, and wanting to get to the cafe before them, we put a bit of a spert on, but sadly they all came past us, ( must just say at this point, that they all looked a lot younger than us ), but happily they turned off at the next junction, thank goodness. The usual good standard at Coffee One, where Chris P. Joined us. Pleasant ride home with no problems, and Moira didn’t puncture this week, so that’s a plus. The five of us at Pershore were :- Moira B. Mick H. Chris T. Chris P. John S. 🚲
  9. Lousy jokes

    Whats the difference between a guitar and a fish....you can't tuna fish.
  10. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    Tim,Chris ,Ivor and Leigh went to Tardebigge to be sociable (we are like that.) Then went to Belbroughton and met Ivor . Tim went home ...must be something Ivor said !!! Not so . A very sensible discussion followed (obviously I didn't take part) and De Beers was decided upon as the club run . Ivor kept brushing dead leaves off and then I realised he;'d just come out of hibernation . We had the good fortune to see a really wet and windy 10 minutes when we were eating our victuals which cleared up in time for our departure. Enjoyed the day thanks to all. Leigh
  11. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    Myself & Leigh are there now Ivor!πŸ‘πŸš²πŸ‘
  12. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    sorry Ivor I'm in Bristol this weekend
  13. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    Anybody fancy a trip to Stourport 10-30 at Belbroughton
  14. Club Run 17th March 🐝🐝

    Dry forecast ,fingers crossed. Wind 15 mph . Hope to see you.
  15. Let’s see if we can get as far as Pershore this week. 9:30 Tardebigge. πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸ€žπŸš΄πŸ½
  16. Lousy jokes

    ... Brussel Sprouts and French Letters may also be at risk shock horror!
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  18. Lousy jokes

    Braking news. It’s feared that continental quilts will stop working after brexit. πŸ˜‚
  19. Birthday greetings

    Happy big birthday Rita, and many happy returns. Ann and John. πŸŽ‚
  20. Birthday greetings

    Today there is a member in our Club who has a special birthday. Rita, who was married to Lionel Onions who sadly passed away in 2014, is 90 today. Many happy returns of the day Rita. Best wishes from Chris and Hilary.
  21. Medium size frame and in good order for a used bike. Suit starter. Sensible offers
  22. Club Run 10th March 🐝🐝

    Nice to meet up well done the "hard men"
  23. Club Run 10th March 🐝🐝

    Thanks to John . I was cream crackered . Had to beg the other three to leave me to die in peace . Enjoyed the cafe and was loath to leave it . Still a hot bath a cup of coffee and was was still knackered !!!
  24. Club Run 10th March 🐝🐝

    Yes we did. Well had a nice route thanks to John good day out
  25. Club Run 10th March 🐝🐝

    Well done to you all for braving that wind . I've just got soaked in a snow shower walking the dog .
  26. Club Run 10th March 🐝🐝

    Well we didn’t get blown over, not quite, the wind was very strong though. Roger, Mick H , Leigh and me set out from Tardebigge, riding into the wind because I knew it would be stronger later on when we would be riding with it. That was the plan, it more or less worked as we got to the cafe in one piece, except for Leigh who took a short cut. At the cafe , in their cars were Ivor, Barry and Chris K. Leigh came in then followed by Chris T. and that was the lot. We had a very pleasant time eating 🍽 drinking and putting the world 🌍 to rights. And then we all went home. When I got home, I had done 45 miles, and I had just about had enough.
  27. Club Run 10th March 🐝🐝

    Met office is showing winds 0f 40 mph plus .Thats bordering on dangerous.
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