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  2. What a loss to humanity & most importantly his family David’s passing represents! Unfortunately I only got to know him in the more recent years following the resurrection of the Club & monthly meetings by Ivor, Chris & Eddy! His racing years were long before mine. It soon became apparent that he & Judith were a significant building-blocks of the Club’s very foundations. The welcome that was afforded the membership by the annual or bi-annual opening of the Jones’s family home over a number of years was kindness personified. David’s knowledge of club events & the good Old days was second to none. A Gentleman par excellence without doubt whom I never heard speak ill of anyone. Another elder statesmen of the Saracen has so suddenly left the Club’s ranks & his family with an unfilled void.
  3. Last week
  4. Very nice Julie. Well done roger & John. That’s not your Range Rover behind you is it😜
  5. You must be bonkers going out in those temperatures. But I admire your commitment. Trees up! I couldn't get upside down to work 🙃
  6. I was deeply saddened to get this news today. I had the pleasure of serving with David on the committee for a couple of years and his devotion and commitment to the Saracen Road Club was nothing short of passionate. I send my sincere condolences to Judy and family.
  7. It wasn't much warmer inside, Chris!
  8. After a quick chat with Roger we decided to step out into the fridge and do a couple of hours. Plenty of winter woolys on. Rode out towards Droitwich before turning at Wychbold and heading round to Rowberrys. Having left home with the Garmin reading -0.8 it felt quite warm as we turned into the lanes. Upon reaching Rowberrys positive figures +2.0 But we decided not to enter and cool/warm down and not be able to get going when we left. Hope all inside had a good morning. Not to bad a ride better than the turbo.
  9. Chris and I will not be joining you this morning. Our hall has finally been plastered and almost dry so will be preparing for the decorating phase. Enjoy your cuppa and a chat.
  10. Love the upside down tree. Might have a go at that. 🙈🤣🤣
  11. Sorry anticipated the conditions, made other arrangements. Enjoy your social meet.
  12. Sorry I would have joined you but I’m of to see mother. rap up stay warm & I’ll see you all soon. X I may have found the answer to inclement weather. 🖕 I did my tree last night Julie.
  13. Good call boss and deputy it's bitter out there. I won't join you on this occasion I'm going to put my Christmas tree up instead!
  14. Would have been nice but I wasn't coming this week anyway as we're celebrating my little boy's 40th Birthday. How did that happen?
  15. That will be nice for a change, see you at Rowberry's. 🚲 🚗
  16. Surprisingly I’m not going out tomorrow so if anyone fancies a ride feel free to post the details . Having just walked the dog it’s bitter and the temperature isn’t set to rise tomorrow having spoken to John we intend to meet up for a cup of char at a Rowberry’s Nursery Chaddesley Corbett about 11 am so if anyone else would like to join us that would be nice .( Partners too )
  17. What's the dress code, Ivor? Ties, club tops, by bike?
  18. Funeral arrangements for David. 16th. December at 11-00AM At the Vale Crematorium WR10 2QR. the crematorium is on the A44 west of Evesham, (just down the road from Craycombe, towards Pershore) R.I.P. David.
  19. Having just heard the terrible news of David’s passing, Owen and I wish to pass on our condolences to David’s family and friends. David always struck me as a gentle soul, kind, considerate, courteous. An articulate and intelligent gentleman, committed to documenting and safeguarding the club’s past, and actively working on the committee to secure the club’s future. David always made an effort to say hi at social events, and ask us how we were doing. We only knew him for a brief period compared to many other Saracens, but I have no doubt he will be greatly missed by many.
  20. What a friend. what an intellect. what a gentleman. what a friend and support to the sport of cycling. I will miss you Dave. love and condolences to Judith and family. ivor and Polly
  21. Very Sad and shock news, I echo Tony's words. I only met David a few times and was very impressed with his knowledge. It was clear to me that he was one of a few who held the club together and the provider of some very informative information. My sincere condolences to his family.
  22. Sad news, a fine gentleman and stalwart of the Club who will be much missed. Sincere condolences to Judy and family.
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  24. It is with great sadness that I have to announce the sudden death yesterday of David. He has been a long time member of the Club with his wife Judy. Over the past years he has been the club secretary and tried to keep us informed with any news, by producing a letter or two each year. Our thoughts go out to Judy and the family. Chris and Hilary
  25. Rather a cold day must be winter. Our trio set off as usual but were soon held up at Barnt Green where Roger puncture. This is how our 75 year old changes a tube. Unfortunately after settling in the warm inside the cafe forgot to get the camera out again. Although it was busy we did enjoy the tea cakes. As we were about to leave a masked waitress came up and asked if all was ok. Looking closer I recognised who it was, only Aunty Rita from the cafe at Flyford. which has been closed for sometime. She has taken on the Reindeer Cafe opening from Tuesdays to Sundays. I then realised Barry who was doing the cooking also cooked at the Flyford Cafe. As already mentioned the return trip home was cold and rather windy.
  26. Sounds like a nice ride out and a good sing in the cafe but not sad I missed the headwind home .
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