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Stage Fifty One - Thursday 19th July 2012

Sean Barker


Kovizla (Serb) to Brus (Serb)

A somewhat frustrating day. I spent most of the morning fixing my bike but it's still in a poor state, it is showing the war wounds of a long hard tour. Both wheels are well out of true and the rear wheel is hitting the brake-pads on every revolution.

I hit an overhanging branch today and scratched my right eye; I now find I can't see out of it properly.

My sore throat has gone full blown and I can't talk, it hurts to swallow and my neck is nearly as wide as my head.

I'm not sure which is in worse state me or the bike.

With the credit out on the phone I really do feel cut adrift.

At least now I feel as if I am back into civilisation though.


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