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  1. Jagodina (Serb) to Durdevo (Serb)

    [font=arial][size=4]Well the storm broke in the late afternoon today and boy what a spectacular storm it was. Riding through it with bolts of lightning hitting the road ahead of me and igniting a small stumpy tree to my right I couldn't understand how it wasn't me being hit as nothing was higher than me on this road.[/size][/font]
    [font=arial][size=4]I thought of how I had escaped with my life so many times on this tour from being run off the road and managing to grab on to the top of a tree before going over the precipice of a cliff, the incident in the marijuana plantation, camping in a mine field etc. I began to feel as if the Angel of Death was oblivious to my existence. I stopped in the driving rain of the storm and but my earphones in and listened to the Rolling Stones Gimmie Shelter on repeat as I rode through it surrounded with lightning flashes[/size][/font]
    [font=arial][size=4]Never did the lyrics of that first verse seem so apt[/size][/font]
    [font=arial][size=4][color=#474747]Oh, a storm is threat'ning[/color]
    My very life today
    If I don't get some shelter
    Oh yeah, I'm gonna fade away[/size][/font]

    [font=arial][size=4]As I sit in my tent now with the storm quietly rumbling into the distance, I think of the difference between the first part of the day and the latter part and how I had pushed my bike through a river crossing in the warmth of a sunny morning.[/size][/font]

    [font=arial][size=4][img]http://www.cheevie.webspace.virginmedia.com/Photos/Cycle%20Tour%206/P1000955.jpg[/img][color=rgb(0,0,0)]I stopped here to take off my shoes and socks to push the bike through the river[/color][/size][/font]